Viz A Woman being at my House in the country demanded if her Sonne were with his Master or at her owne House

In this Figure Venus is Lady of the Ascendant, and shall signifie her that asked the Question; the matter quesited after must be required from that house which signifies Children, and that is the 5th: I considered Jupiter who is Lord of the Signe Pisces, for Pisces is the house of Jupiter, and I found Jupiter, the Youths Significator, in the Angle of the East, or Ascendant; one argument, that the Party sought after was at home at his Mother's house at time of the Question: I observed further, that the Moon did apply to a Sextile Dexter of Saturn, Lord of the 4th, which signifies the house or dwelling place of the Querent; from which two testimonies, I judged the Youth was at his Mothers, and that she should find him there at her comming home, as indeed she did: now had I found Jupiter, Lord of the 5th, in the 10th, because that is the house which signifies the Master, or had the Moon separated from Jupiter, Significator of the youth, and presently applied to a good or indifferent aspect of the Sun, and she, viz. Moon been in an Angle, I would have adjudged him at his Master's house, &c. I did further consider that the 25 of July following, at two hours after noon, Jupiter and Venus being both their Significators, viz. both the Mothers and the Sons came to a Trifle aspect, and therefore I judged she should see him that very day, but hardly any sooner, or before; (and indeed she stayed in the country till that very morning; but when the strength of the influence grew powerful, and as well her Significatrix, as his, were so neer their perfect aspect, she could not be induced to stay any longer, and so (volens nolens) went away, and it was about three in the afternoon the same day before she could get home, where she found her Sonne in her owne house, abiding her comming; for usually about that day when the Significators came to a Trine or Sextile aspect (which you may know by your ephemeris) it's very probably you shall have a Letter, or newes of the Party quesited after (if the distance of places betwixt you can afford it,) but if the Party enquiring, and Person inquired after be not farre asunder, without question they meet

The Resolution of that very day, though neither of them formerly thought any such matter.

Had this Woman enquired, if she should have found a Neighbor or Brother or Sister at home, or not;

You must have taken signification from Jupiter, who is Lord of the 3rd house; for you may see in the signification of the houses, pag.52, that the 3rd house signifies Brethern, Sisters, Kindred and Neighbors; you might safely have adjudged, she should have found any one of these at home, because Jupiter their Significator is in an Angle,

But if she had enquired, whether she should have found a Party at home, yea or not, to whom she had no relation, but as to a stranger; then Mars the Lord of the 7th; had been his Significator, whom I find to be in the Signe of Sagittarius, and in the 2nd house of Heaven, for wanting more than 5 degrees of the Cusp of the 3rd, he is not admitted to have signification in that house. In the first place therefore, I find Mars in the 2nd house, and in a Northerne quarter of Heaven, (for the Cusp of the 4th house to the Cusp of the 5th, or Ascendant, is so, as you may see pag. 48) next I find Mars, who is Significator of the Party with whom she would speak with, is in Sagittarius, which is an Easterly Signe, (as you may see pag. 97.)

Being Mars is not in an Angle, I say he is not at home; the 2nd house wherein he is being Succeedant, I say he is not far from home.

The quarter of Heaven wherein at present he is, is North-east, for so Signe and quarter import.

His distance from home may be a Furlong, or a Close or two, because his Significator is in a Succeedant house,

The quality of the place or ground where you may expect to find him, must be judged from the Signe wherein Mars his Significator is, viz. Sagittarius, a Fiery Signe; what manner of place that signifies, see in pag. 98 , and you shall there find, it represented in the Fields, Hills, or Grounds that rise a little:

so that the Party enquired after being absent, you must direct a messenger to find him, in such or such a Ground, or part of the Ground, as is of the nature and quality described, and butting or all manner or QUESTIONS

lying to that quarter of Heaven, as is formerly directed, viz. North-east,

But had it been so, that you were informed, the man was in a Towne, and not in the Fields, then enquire in the Towne neer to some Smiths or Butchers shops, or the like, being North-east from his house, for you may read Mars delights in such places,(see pag. 68)

Of a Thing Suddenly Happening, Whether Good or ill, Resolution Thereof by the Last Figure,

Let us admit the figure preceding to be set upon such an occasion; the Sun is the Lord of the Signe wherein he is; Jupiter is Lord of Pisces, the Signe wherein the Moon is, Venus is Lady of the Ascendant, or house of Life; Venus is most powerfull in the Ascendant, Libra being her house, and she having a Terme therein, and casting her Trine Sinister unto the Cusp of the house; as also, being in Trine with Jupiter, and he in the Ascendant; from hence one might have safely judged, had this been the very time of a sudden accident, or thing done, that it could not have redounded to the Querent's disadvantage, but rather good: Now had Venus been neerer to the Opposition of Mars, he being in the 2nd , which signifies Riches, I should have judged the Querent would have received some losse shortly; and so of the rest or some falling out about Moneys.

What Marks the Querent Had.

I find the 25. of Libra Ascending, and Jupiter in the Ascendant; which as I aquainted you, signified the Face; this Querent had a Wart or Mole on the right side of her Face, neer her Mouth, for Jupiter is masculine, so is the Signe Libra; and as the later degrees of Libra ascend, so the Querent confessed a Mole on the lower part of her Reines, towards the Haunches; Aries being the Signe of the 6th, shewed she had one on the Fore-head, neer the Haire, for you see the Cusp of the house is but 4 degrees; Mars Lord or Aries, being in a Masculine Signe, viz. in Sagittarius but under the earth, shewed a Mole on the right Thigh, towards the middle of it, on the back part, or that part which is not

The Resolution of visible; the Moon being in Pisces, viz. 26 degrees 43 minutes in a Feminine Signe, and under the earth, I told her she had one Mole under her Foot, towards the extremity of her left Foot.

The Quesited Party being her Sonne, had Pisces in 9 degrees for his Ascendant, which denoted a Mole on the left side of his Cheek; and as Pisces signifies the Foot, so he had one on the left Foot, a little below the Ancle, for you see few degrees ascend. The 6th house from the 5th, is the 10th in the figure, where you see Leo 4 degrees, which signified, that neer his right Side, below his Breast, he had some Scarre, Mole or Mark, &c. follow these Directions, and they are sufficient Instructions in this kind of Judgment.

Whether One Absent be Dead or Alive, by the Preceding Scheame of Heaven.

In the Figure abovesaid, let us admit the Question to have been demanded for one absent:

The Ascendant Libra, Jupiter therein, Venus and Moon are Significators of the absent Party.

The ascending Signe manifests his Stature, Jupiter gives comliness unto it, Venus, Jupiter and Moon argue his Conditions.

Neither is the Moon or Lord of the Ascendant joyned to any Planet in the 8th by Conjunction but are all free from the malignant and aspects of the Lords of the 8th or 6th, or is the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon in Opposition with the Lord of the 8th.

Or is there translation of light from the Lord of the 8th to the Lord of the Ascendant, or is the Lord of the 8th in the Ascendant, but a Benevolent planet, or is Moon or the Lord of the Ascendant in the 4th house: I should therefore pronounce the absent in health; but because Venus Lady of the Ascendant, had not many dayes before been in Opposition with Mars, who is Lord of the 2nd and 6th; I should adjudge he had been lately discontented for want of Money, and also inclinable to a Feaver; but by Jupiter his positure in the Ascendant, and his Trifle to Venus, I should judge Medicine, or such a one as Jupiter had relieved him: and because Mercury Lord of the 11th, applies to a

Square of Jupiter in the Ascendant, both of them being in Signes of long ascention, which is equivalent to a Trine, I should judge the Querent to have newes of the absent about 10 weeks from the time of the Question, because Mercury wants 10 degrees of the Square of Jupiter; if the absent be known to be at a neer distance, I would have said in 10 days they should heare of him, because the Signes are moveable.

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