Of turning the course of Rivers or bringing Water into ones Ground or House either by Conduit or Pipes

In this manner of judgment, you must principally consider the position and strength of Saturn and the Moon, and in what aspect they or either of them are in, either with Jupiter or Venus; for if you find Saturn Direct, Swift in Motion, Orientall, and the Moon in the 3rd, 11th or 5th house, without any aspect either good or evill to Mars, it's an argument, the Work that is to be undertaken will have good successe, be brought to a good conclusion, and that the Querent will have prosperity and credit by it, and the matter easily performed; and this the rather, if the Moon apply to that Planet who is Lord of the Signe wherein she is, and he receive her in any of his Dignities; and if that Planet who is receiver of the Moon be a Fortune, and is ascending in his latitude, and in a fixed Signe, the Querent shall not need to feare, but that there will be water enough, and that it will run plentifully, and the Water-course will long continue: if there be in the 10th house either Jupiter or Venus, but especially Jupiter, it's a sure argument the River, Channel, Conduit, Pipe or Water-work shall remaine many a yeer.

In further consideration of this judgment, if you find Saturn in the 11th, very strong and potent, and the Moon in Sextile or Trine unto him, and the Dispositor of the Moon in a fixed Signe, or a common one, or the Moon her self e in one of those Signes producing Raine, which are Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces.

All these arguments, that in the work you are in hand with, you shall have a good Current, and plenty of Water; but if you find an infortunate Planet in the 10th, it's probable your Pipes will break, your Water-course be subject to ruptures or breaking downe of the Banks, the Water will not run constantly, that the Plot is ill laid, nor is there any successe promised to the undertaker or undertakers, by that present imployment.

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