Of Treasure lying hid in the Ground or to be digged out of the Earth

The resolution of this Question is various, according to the nature of its propasall, or according to the nature and quality of the thing enquired after, viz. whether Money, Plate or Jewels, or things easily movable, or for Treasure long since obscured or hid, the Querent not knowing what it is: or if it be, whether there be any Mine of Gold, Silver or Iron, or any other minerals in the Ground, Mannor or Lordship now questioned; then it is requisite to know whether the Querent did hide or obscure this Treasure now enquired after, or whose it was, or what relation the party that did so had unto him, or whether that he aske in a generall way of Treasure hid, not being able to discover either when, where, or whose, or what it is?

If the Querent did hide his own Plate, Money or Jewels in any part of his Ground, or in his house, and hath forgotten whereabouts, you must herein observe the Signe of the 2nd house, the Lord thereof, what Signe and quarter of Heaven he is in, as also, the Signe of the 4th and his Lord, and what quarter of Heaven they signifie: the Lord of the 2nd and of the 4th in Angles, the Plate is still in the house, or in the ground, and not removed; but if these Planets be not in Angles, but an Infortune, without dignities, be either in the 4th or 7th, there's then either part of it, or all removed and made away; and if your Figure promise, that your Goods are not removed, to find in what part they are, have recourse to the first Chapter of this house concerning things hid, &c.

If the question be concerning Treasure absolutely, without knowledge whose or what it was, viz. whether there be any in the place or ground suspected, yea or no; observe in the Figure whether Jupiter or Venus or North Node be in the 4th house, there's then probability of Treasure being there; if they be there and in their owne houses, the matter is without dispute, and you may be sure there is Treasure, or something of value in the house or ground suspected; or if you find either Saturn or Mars in any of their owne houses, Direct, and without Impediment, and in the 4th, there is also Treasure, or if you find Venus in Taurus in the 4th, not labouring with any misfortune, it's probable there is Treasure there, for you must know there is no Planet unfortunate, when he is in his owne house, or essentially dignified, and a Significator.

If you are ignorant of the nature and quality of the Treasure, or thing obscurred, then see to the Planet who signifieth the Treasure, and consider if he be Lord of the 7th house and examine his nature and property, if he be so; if he be not Lord of the 7th, joyne the Lord of the 7th in judgment with him, so frame a mixture for the quality of the thing.

But if that Planet who is Significator of the Treasure be not Lord of the 7th or have affinity with him, then absolutely take the Lord of the 7th to signifie the nature and Species of the Treasure; who if he be the Sun, and he in his house or exaltation, there is Gold there, or precious Stones or Jewels of that colour, or neer to the colour of the Sun.

And if the Question were, Whether there were a good Mine yea or no? the place considered, it's like there is; if the Sun be not so well dignified, and yet signifie the Treasure, it's then somewhat very precious, and neere to Gold in goodnesse.

If the Moon be in her owne house or exaltation, and be Lady of the 7th, the Treasure is Silver, Plate, Crystal or Jewels &c. of the colour she is of, &c.

If Mars be the Lord of the 7th, and so dignified, he shewes, the thing sought after may be Brasse or Glasse, or some Curiosities or Engine of Iron &c. but if he be weak, perhaps you may find some old rusty Iron, Candlesticks, Kettles &c. If the Question were about the Iron-stone, it's probable it will prove good Iron-

all manner of QUESTIONS..

stone, and make good Iron. If Saturn be Lord of the 7th, and fortified as before specified, there's some Antiquities of great account, or ancient Monuments of men long since deceased, some Urne, &c. or there are some things wrapt up in old blacke Cloaths, or woodden Boxes: and if the Question were concerning any Mine or quarry of Stone, then it's very probable there is a rich Mine of Coles, if the Question were concerning Coles, or of good Stone, if the Question were of it: but if Saturn be weak, and ill dignified, then neither is the Mine a rich one, or can it be wrought without much expense of Treasure; whether it be full of water, or what may be the impediment, you must require from the Signe he is in, well considering what was formerly said in this Chapter.

If Jupiter be Lord of the 7th and essentially fortified, there is Silver or very rich Cloth, and great store of it, or Tyn, &c.

If Venus be Lady of the 7th, she intimates curious Householdstuffe, costly Jewels, or that fine Linnen is there hid..

If Mercury be Significator, he prenotes some Pictures, Medals, Writings, Books, some pretty Toyes are obscured, or are the Treasure looked after..

If the Querent shall obtaine the Treasure hid.

If the Planet who Signifies the Treasure or thing hid, doth apply to the Lord of the Ascendant, or if there be mutuall reception or translation, or collation of light and nature between them, it's probable the Querent shall obtaine the matter sought after; if the aspect be by Square or Opposition, then not without difficulty and much labour; and the more assuredly, if they be in a fixed Signe, and posited in the Querents 2nd house, or in the Ascendant, either of the Luminaries placed in the Ascendant and not unfortunated, gives great faculty in the Work; but if neither of them be in the Ascendant, or behold it, but be both in cadent houses, there remaines little hopes in the matter: When Part of Fortune is in the Ascendant, and also his Lord or Dispositor, it promises acquisition of the Treasure: but if the Lord of Part of Fortune be cadent, and both the Lights, especially the Moon, and have no aspect to the Part of Fortune,

The Resolution of or the Lord of the Ascendant behold not the Ascendant I can give the Querent then no hope of obtaining the Treasure or thing hid: Alkindus giveth this generall rule concerning Treasure, or anything obscured in the ground; Erect your Figure aright, consider the severall aspects of the Planets, if there be in the Ascendant, or in any Angle a Fortune, say, there is Treasure in the ground, and that the thing hid is still in the ground, the quality, price, esteem thereof, shall be according to the potency, vertue or debility of the Fortune.

If you find the thing hid to be unremoved, then he proceeds and saith, behold the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, if there be any good aspects betwixt them, and that Fortune which signified the Treasure to be there, viz. a good aspect and reception, he that demands the question shall then have the thing enquired after, &c. He further says, that fixed Signes shew the thing is hid in the Earth, common Signes in or neer a Wall, moveable Signes on high, or in the covering of houses: whether it lye deep in the earth or not, consider if the Planet Significator, be in the beginning, middle or neer the end of the Signe; if he be newly entered the Signe, the Commodity is not deep, but shallow, neer the upper part of the earth; the further the Planet is in the Signe, the deeper, when you would dig, let not the Infortunes be angular, but if possible, the Significators applying by Sextile or Trine to the Lord of the 2nd house, and the Moon seperating from the Significator of the Treasure, and applying to the Lord of your Ascendant all manner of QUESTIONS.

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