Of Theft

It was the received opinion of Master Allen of Oxford, a man excellently versed in Astrologie, that the true Significator of a Thiefe is that Planet who is in an Angle or 2nd house, and beholds the 7th house: if no peregrine Planet be in an angle or the 2nd house, then the Lord of the 7th shall be Significator of the Thiefe, if he behold the 7th house: otherwayes that Planet to whom the Moon applyes, if he behold the 7th house; the rather, if the Moon separate from the Lord of the ascendant, And he saith further, that a peregrine Planet on what angle soever, shall not be Significator of the Thiefe, unlesse he behold the 7th house, or have any dignity in the degree of the 7th; yet if one and the same Planet be Lord of the hour and of the ascendant, he shall signifie the Thiefe, though he behold not the ascendant:

The truth is, I have ever found that if a peregrine Planet were in the ascendant, he was Significator of the Thiefe: next to the ascendant, I preferred the angle of the South, then the West angle, then the 4th house, last of all the 2nd: many peregrine Planets in angles, many are or may be suspected, justly if they all manner of QUESTIONS.

are in Conjunction, Sextile or Trine; not consenting, if in Square or Opposition: ever prefer that peregrine Planet for your Significator, who is neerest to the cusp of the angle he is in.

Money lost, who stole it? if recoverable?

Judgment upon this Figure.

Scorpio here ascends, and partly represents the Querent's person, Mars his mind and disposition, who being in Square with Mercury and Saturn gave sufficient intimation unto me of the inclination of the Querent, who was sufficiently ill conditioned, arrogant, proud, wastfull, &c.

Mars is here in the 25 degr. and 2 min. of Leo, is angular, and but two minutes enters his owne Termes, yet being in his Decanate I refused him for Significator of the Thiefe, and that justly, nor indeed was he.

In the next place, although Saturn was in the angle of the West, yet did I find him in his own Terms, and Decanate; I also passed by him, In the next place, I found Mercury in 24.42.Taurus, lately separated or rather in Square of Mars, and now almost in partill Conjunction with Saturn; him I found truly peregrine, viz. having no essentiall Dignity where he is, therefore I adjudged Mercury to be Significator of the Thiefe,

But whether Mercury signified Male or Female, was the dispute, as also the corporature, quality, &c.

The angles are part Masculine, part Feminine, no certaine judgment could therefore arise from thence, the Moon was in a Masculine Sign, applied to a masculine Planet in a masculine Sign,and Mercury usually is convertible in nature, according to the nature of the Planet he is in aspect with: he is now in aspect with Mars, and in Conjunction with Saturn; hence I judged the Sex to be Male.

And said it was a young Youth of some fifteen or sixteen: young, because Mercury ever signifies Youth; but more young, because the Moon was so neer the Sun, and scarce separated from him, I said he was of reasonable stature, thin visaged, hanging Eyebrowes, a long Forehead, some blemish or scarres in the Face, because Mars cast his Square dexter to Mercury; bad Eye-sight because Mercury is with evill fixed Starres, of the nature of Mars and Moon; a sad Haire, because of his neernesse to Saturn; but of a scurvy countenance, one formerly a Thief or suspected for such knaveries: in regard Mercury the Youth his Significator was in Conjunction with Saturn Lord of the 3rd & 4th, I judged he was some Neighbours child; and as the Moon was in Gemini and Mercury in Taurus, I conceived he dwelt either opposite to the Querent or a little Southwest; and because Part of Fortune was in the ascendant, and disposed by Mars Lord of the ascendant in the 10th, and the Moon applyed to his Sextile aspect, and was within four degrees of the aspect: I judged he should not onely heare of, but have his Money within four dayes after the Question. He beleeved not one word I said, but would needs perswade me, that a Woman-servant signified by Mars, was one Theef, and Saturn was another; but I stood firme to the true rules of Art, and would not consent unto it, because both these Planets were essentially dignified. The event proved directly true as I had manifested, both as to the person described, and to the day of the money returned, which was within three dayes after.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

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