Of the Profession Magistery or Trade any one is capable of

Country people many times have not the time of their childrens Nativities, yet being desirious to know what profession such or such a Sonne is fittest for, they may repair to the Astrologian for satisfaction herein: Upon the time of their demanding the Question, erect your Figure, and therein consider the ascendant and his Lord, the Lord of the 10th and 10th house, and especially the places of Mars and Venus; for these Planets are the Significators of Magistery, Trade or Profession: take which of the two you find most powerfull, and see in what Signe he is, if he be in Aries, consider the four angles, and whether you find a Planet in either of them, and if that Planet be in a fiery Signe, or of the nature of Aries, you may say, the Boy will prove a good Cart-maker, Coach-maker, Shepheard, Grasier or Drover to deale in Cattle, a good Groom, or Master of Horse, or Farrier, succesfull to deale in four-footed Beasts, or a good Butcher, Brick-maker, Smith, &c. but if Mars have any dignity in the place of the Significator, or the Sun, he will prove excellent in any Profession where fire is used, or of its nature: if the Significator be in his Exaltation, it's pity the Child should be of any servile Trade, as aforesaid, he may doe better in serving the King, some Nobleman or Gentleman: After this manner consider in all those Signes which represent the shape of four-footed Cattle, according to the Angles, Aries, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, for these five signifying Fowle, or such like; but if no Planet be therein, then they import any thing of the nature of water .

all manner of QUESTIONS.

But to the purpose, observe if the Significator of ones Profession be in Taurus, then Husbandry may be best for him, or planting Trees, Gardening, buying and selling Corne, or grazing Cattle, dealing in Oxen, Cowes, Sheep, Hogs, or he may be of such a Trade as hath affinity in Womens matters, or Huswifry, he would prove a good Soap-maker, a Fuller of Cloth, a Whitster, &c.

If the Significator be in Gemini, he will make a Scrivener, Clerk, Arithmatician, a Baily to gather Rents, a Geometrician or Surveyor, Astronomer, Astrologer, Painter, &c.

If the Significator be in Leo, he will make a good Serving-man, or to be of any Trade that useth fire or hot things, a good Hunts-man, a good Leech for Cowes or Cattle, a good Rider or Horse-courser, or Coach-man, or a Smith, Watch-maker, Glassemaker,

If the Significator be in Virgo, he will make a good Secretary to a King or Nobleman, a Schoolmaster, an Accountant, a Stationer, or Printer, he will be an excellent Politian, a good Astrologer, and of a divining Soule.

If the Significator be in Libra, he will be a good Poet, a good Orator, a Song-man or Musitian, a Silkman or Linen-Draper, a good Pedagogue, or fit to redeem Captives.

If the principall Significator be in Scorpio, he may prove a good Chyrurgion, Apothecary or Physitian, a Brasier or Founder, a Brewer, Vintener, Water-man or Maltster.

If the Significator be in Sagittarius, he will make an excellent man to buy and sell Cattle, to study Chymistry, or to make a Church-man, or he may be a good Cook or Baker.

If the Significator be in Capricorn, he will prove a good Chandler, Victualler, Farrier, Cow-leech, Jeweller, Farmer, dealer in Wool, Lead or Country-commodities, a good Husband-man.

If the Significator be in Aquarius, he may be an excellent Ship carpenter; and if any Planet out of the watry Signe aspect him, he may prove an excellent Saylor, or Master of a Ship, a Trimmer or Painter of Ships, a good industrious Merchant.

If the Significator be in Pisces, he may be a Jester, Singer, a Gamester, a Brewer or Fish-monger; but for the most part in such like cases, the Genius is dull, and the child proves a moor Sot.

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