Of the Part of Fortune and How to Take it Either by Day or Night

Ptolomy doth not more consider a Planet then the Part of Fortune, it hath no aspect, but any Planets cast their aspects unto it.

The greatest use of it, that hitherto I have either read or made of it for, is thus; That if we find it well placed in the Heaven, in a good house, or in a good aspect of a benevolent Planet, we judge the Fortune or estate of the Querent to be correspondent unto its strength, viz. if it be wel posited or in an angle, or in those Signes wherein it's fortunated, we judge the estate of the Querent to be sound and firm, if Part of Fortune is otherwayes placed, we do the contrary.

The Manner Either Night or Day to Take it is Thus:

First, consider the Signe, degree and minute of the Moon. Secondly, the Signe, degree and minute of the Sun.

Thirdly, subtract the place of the Sun from the Moon, by adding 12 Signes to the Moon if you cannot do it otherwise; what remains, reserve and add to the Signe and degrees of the Ascendant; if both added together make more than 12 Signes, cast away 12, and what Signes, degrees and minutes remain, let your Part of Fortune be there: For example in our present Figure:

The Moon is in 21:18 of Virgo, or after 5 Signes, in 21 degrees 18 minutes Virgo. The Sun is 00 Signes, 4 degrees 18 minutes of Aries. Set them together thus: Place of the Moon 5s 21d 18m

Place of the Sun 0s 4d 18m

I subtract the Sun from the Moon thus: I begin with minutes, 18m from 18m, remains nothing.

Next I subtract degrees, 4d from 21d, reflects 17 degrees.

Then 0s from 5s, remains 5s: All put together, there does rest in Signes and degrees as follows:

5s 17d 00m

To these 5, Signes 17degrees, I adde the Signe ascending which is 4 Signes 23.degrees, 27.minutes, or the 23:27 of Leo.

The Resolution of

Sig Deg Min Then it is thus: 5 s 17d 00m (distance of sun from Moon) _4s_23d_27m (Signes/degrees of the Asc.)

Added together l0s 10d 27m they make:

Viz. 10 Signes, 10 degrees and 27 minutes, which direct you to know, that after 10 Signes numbered from Aries, you must place the Part of Fortune, viz. in 10 degrees and 27 minutes of Aquarius, for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn are 10 Signes, etc. and Aquarius the 11th in order.

Whether your Figure be by day or night, observe this Method; for how many degrees the Sun is distant from the Moon, so many is the Part of Fortune from the Ascendant; but because this may not be thoroughly understood by every Learner upon a sudden, let him observe this generall rule, the better to guide him.

If the Part of Fortune be taken upon a New Moon, it will be in the Ascendant.. If upon the 1st Quarter, in the 4th house. If upon the Full Moon, in the 7th house. If upon the Last Quarter, in the 10th house.

After the change, and before the 1st Quarter, you shall ever have her in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd house.

After the 1st Quarter until the Full Moon, in the 4th, 5th or 6th house. After the Full Moon until the Last Quarter, in the 7th, 8th or 9th house. After the Last Quarter, either in the 10th, 11th or 12th house

So that if the Learner doe mistake, he may by this method easily see his errour; ever remembering, that the more dayes are passed after the Change or Quarter, &c, the more remote the Part of Fortune is from the Angle preceeding.

Some have used to take Part of Fortune in the night from the Moon to the Sun; which if you doe, you must then make the place of your Sun your first place, and adde the Ascendant as in the former method. Ptolomie, day and night takes it as above directed, with whom all practicioners at this day consent.

Here follows a Table, by help whereof you may examine the strength of the Part of Fortune in any Figure you erect.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

The Part of In the Taurus, Pisces 5

Fortune is Signs Lib,Sag,Leo,Cancer 4

strong and of Gemini 3

fortunate Virgo (terms Jup. 2

or Venus )

If in Conjunct.. w/Jup or Venus, has Dignities 5

In Trine with Jupiter or Venus 4

In Sextile with Jupiter or Venus 2

In Conjunction with North Node 3

1st or 10th, has dignities 5

strong in 2nd or 5th 3

In Conjunct with Regulus(24:34 Leo) 6

with any of with Spica Virginis(18:33 Lib) 5

these Fixed not Combust, or under Sun Beams 5


The P.O.F. is Vir,Cap,Aqu (dibilities) 5

weak in: Aries (neither gets or loses) 5

Conjunct Saturn or Mars (dibil.) 5

Conjunct South Node 3

P.O.F. is weak Opposition Saturn or Mars 4

by conjunction Square of Saturn or Mars 3

or aspect.. In Termes of Saturn or Mars 2

In the 12th house 5

As also by being In the 8th house 4

in Houses, viz. In the 6th house 4

With Caput Algol in 20 degrees 54 minutes Taurus 4

Combust 5

There are many other Parts which the Arabians have mentioned frequently in their Writings, of which we make very little use in this Age: I shall, as occasion offers, teach the finding them out, and what they said, they did signifie: Sometimes the Part Of Fortune hath signification of Life, and sometimes of Sicknesse; which occasionally I shall teach, as matter and occasion offer, addhereing to the true observation of the Ancients: but I am little hitherto satisfied concerning Part Of Fortune its true effects; intending to take paines therein hereafter, and publish my intentions..

The Resolution of

The Preceding Figure Judged by a More Short Method.

1. The Ascendant not afflicted, Lord of the Ascendant Essentially fortified, the Moon Trine with both the Fortunes; Signes of long life..

2. Jupiter and Venus in the South Angle, in Taurus, a Southeast Signe; Sun in Aries, an Easterly Signe; Moon in Virgo, a Southern or South-west Signe; best to travel Southward, or a little East.

3. Jupiter and Venus in the Midheaven, North Node and Sun in the 9th; his younger years are most full of pleasure..

4. Sun Lord of the Ascendant, lately separated from good and ill aspects; Moon also separated as well from Opposition of Mercury as Trine of Venus; shew both good and ill had happened of late; Good, because of the good aspects: ill, by reaction of the malevolent: but the evill aspects being more in number than the good, and signified by superiour Planets; augment the evil and lessen the Good..

5. Moon applying to Trine of Jupiter the Sun Lord of the Ascendant in Exaltation promise Preferment..

Moon weak in the 2nd, and after her trine with Jupiter going to Opposition of Mars; shows, after a little time of Joy, great danger.

6. The small distance of degrees between the Trine of Moon to Jupiter, and he Angular; denotes a present happinesse or fortune neer to the Querent.

Her greater distance from Opposition of Mars, shew his miseries to succeed some yeers after his times of honor are expired, &c.. In such a nature I ever contract my Judgment..

I with all young Beginners at first to write down their Judgments in length, and the reasons in ART, as fully as they can, and afterward to contract their opinions into a narrow compasse: by following these directions, they will have the Rules of ART perfectly in their memory: I also wish them in delivering their Judgment to the Querent, to avoid termes of ART in their Discourse, unless it be to one understands the ART..

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