Of the Fourth House and the Judgment depending thereupon

This is the House of Parents, of Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Cities, Towns, Villiages, Farmes, Manours, Castles, Treasure-trove, or of any thing hid in the ground, &c.

To Find A Thing hid or mislaid.

Becareful to take your Ascendant exactly, and consider the nature of the Question, viz. whose Goods, or to whom the thing missing, or lost, or enquired after did appertaine; if the Goods be the Querents own Commodity, then see to the Lord of the 2nd; if it belong to the Brother or Sister, then have regard to the Lord of the 4th; if to the Father, the Lord of the 5 th; if to the Mother, the Lord of the 11th, &c. and so in order, according to the nature of the Party who proposeth the Question.

If you find the Lord of the 2nd in any Angle, you may judge the thing lost, hid or missing, is within the house of him that demands the Question; and if the Lord of the 2nd be in the Ascendant, or in the Sign wherin the Lord of the Ascendant is, or in one of his houses, you may judge the things is in that part of the house which he himselfe most frequents, or wherein he doth most abide, or is conversant, or where he layeth his owne Commodities, or such things as he most delights in; but if the Lord of the 2nd be in the 10th house, it's then in his Shop, if he be a Mechanick; if a Gentleman, in his Hall or Dining-room; if a Husband-man, in the ordinary common room of his house, or first room after entrance into his house: If the Lord of the 2nd be in the 7th, it's in that part of the house where his Wife, or his Maid-servants have most to do in: If the Lord of the 2nd be in the 4th, it's where the most aged of the house doth lodge, or formerly did most frequent, or in the middle of the house, or in the most ancient part of the house, where either his Father or some ancient man lodged: The nature and quality of the place is knowne by the Signes the Significators are in;for if the Signe of the 2nd be alery, or the greater number of the Significators and Signe wherein Part of Fortune is, doth concurre, the thing is his in the Eaves or top, or upper part of that house or roome where it is, or on high from the ground: and if the thing hid be in the Field, or in a Garden or Orchard, it's higher then the ordinary ground, or upon the highest hill or part of that ground, or hangs upon some stalk of a Plant or Tree.

If the former Significators be strong, and in watry Signes, it's in the Buttery, Dairy or Wash house, or neer Water.

If in fiery Signes, it's neer the Chimney, or where Iron is, or in, or neer the Wals of the house.

If in earthly Signe, the thing hid is on the ground or earth, under or neer some Pavement or Floor, and if you find the thing to be mislaid out of the house in any ground, it notes neer the Bridge or Stile where people come into the ground..

If your Significator be going out of one Signe and entering another, the thing is behind something or other, or is carelesly fallen downe betwixt two rooms, or neer the Threshold, or joyning together of two rooms, and is higher or lower in the place, according to the nature of the Signe, &c.

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