Of the agreeing of Friends

If one aske, If he shall joyne, and be at Concord and Unity with his Friend, or not? behold the Lord of the ascendant and the Moon, if you find them applying to the Lord of the 11th house, say they shall both joyne and agree together; if the application be by Sextile or Trine they shall agree and joyne together with respect, desire, joy and love: but if the application be by Square or Opposition, in their joyning there shall be brawling and strife, and the one shall be irksome to the other; and note, that the application which is by Opposition, is worse then that which is by Square.

Note, if any one aske for a thing secretly, saying, Look I pray you for me, If I shall obtaine the thing I hope for, or not: consider if you find the Lord of the ascendant and the Moon applying to Fortunes, and in angles or Succedants, then he shall obtaine it, otherwise not, But if the Querent shall manifest the thing and name it, then you must behold the thing in its owne proper place pertaining to the same House, and so judge of the hopes or not hopes thereof,

Of Love betwixt two.

If it be asked of the love of two, viz. If the one doe love the other or not? behold the Lord of the 11th. 7th and 3rd, and if the Lords of these houses doe behold the Lord of the ascendant with a Sextile or Trine aspect they love one another: but if the aspect be by Square of Opposition, they love not, or but teeth outward; chiefly if one of them be Lord of the 12th house; if neither of them shall have aspect thither, viz. to the 12th house or Lord thereof, the love of the two persons shall be the more firme and strong: if all three be there, viz. either in the 11th, 7th, or 3rd, or doe behold each other out of those houses, their love shall be the stronger, especially if the aspect be in fixed Signes.

The Resolution of

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