Of Servants fled Beasts strayed and things lost

The Signifier of the thing lost is the Moon, wherefore if you find the Moon applying to the Lord of the Ascendant, or to the Lord of the 12th from the Ascendant, or to the Lord of the house

The Resolution of of the Moon, the thing missing shall be found againe; [this principally concerns Cattle strayed] but if the Moon apply to none of these, nor abide in the ascendant nor in the 2nd house, the thing lost or miscarried shall not be found: if the Lord of the house of the Moon be in the 3rd, or in a Sextile to the Ascendant, there is some hope of finding the thing againe, during that aspect with the degree ascending: And againe, if he separate himselfe from the Lord of the 12th, 8th, or 6th house, and apply unto the degree of the house of Substance, (what aspect soever it be) there is hope to find it again; or if the Lord of the house of the Moon do behold Moon; but if you finde these Constellations contrary, judge the contrary; if the Moon be fortunate by any of the two Fortunes, the thing that is lost chanced into the hands of some trusty body, which keepeth the same, and would fame restore it againe; or if that Fortune apply to the ascendant, or behold the same, or the Moon behold the ascendant, that faithfull person will restore the same again to the owner.

The place where the thing is that is lost.

The Signifier of the place where the thing is at time of the Question, is the place of the Moon according to the nature of the Signe she is in, for if the Signe be Orientall, it is in the east part; if it be Occidentall, it is west, &c. Behold also the place of the Moon in the Figure, for if she be in the Ascendant, it is in the east, &c. if the Lord of the house of the Moon be in humane Signes, it is in a place where men use to be; if in Signes of small Beasts, as Aries and Capricorn it is where such kind of Beasts be: Also, look to the Moon, and see if she be in a fiery Signe, it is where fire is; if in a watry Signe, where water is &c. if the Moon be with the Lord of the ascendant in one quarter, and there be not between them more then one Signe, the thing lost is in the house of him that lost it, or about it; but if there be between more then thirty degrees, and lesse then seventy degrees, the thing is in the Towne where the owner is, but if they be not in one quarter, it is then farre from the owner.

How the things or Goods was lost.

If you will know how in what manner they were lost, behold from whom the Lord of the Ascendant did last separate, and if he did separate from Saturn, the cause of the lost thing was through forgetfulnesse of the owner, who knowes not where he laid it, or it is forgotten by reason of some cold or sicknesse which afflicted the loser, especially if Saturn be Retrograde, if he be separated from Jupiter, or in the house of Jupiter, then through fast or abstinency, or ordering of Lawes, or by his excesse of care of governing of things, or managing the affaires of the house, or else by some trust put upon him that carried it away or mislaid it. [This was Frierly Astrology and supposes somewhat lost in an Abbey or Nunnery.]

If he be separated from Mars, or in the house of Mars, it was lost through fear, or by some hidden passion, provoking the loser to anger, fury, fire, or for emnity, or upon a quarrell. If from the Sun or his house, then by the meanes of the King, study of hunting or pastime, or by meanes of the master of the Family, or a Gentleman. If from Venus or in her house, then by drinking, Cards or Dice, or making merry in an Alehouse or Taverne, or by pastime, or singing and dallying with women, &c. If from Mercury by reason of writing, or sending, or dictating of Letters, or going on a Message: If from the Moon, or in the house of the Moon, it was lost by too frequent use, and shewing the Commodity of thing lost, or the party made it too common, or some Messenger, Widdow or Servant lost the same. If the thing lost or missing be a Beast, and not a thing moveable, the signification in knowing the place, and the state thereof, is as the said significations of things not having life, but that it is needful to seek whether it fled away of it selfe, or some other drove him away, whether it liveth or no? and to find the cause of the death of it, if it be dead.

Whether it be stolen or no.

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