Of Marriage

If a Question be asked of Marriage, behold the Ascendant and the Lord thereof, and the Moon, and the Planet from whom the Moon is separated, and give those for the Significators of the Querent; and the 7th house, and the Lord thereof, and the Planets to whom the Moon applieth, for the Signifiers of him or her concerning whom the Question is asked. If it be a man that asketh the Question, joyne the Sun and Moon with his Significators, and make him partner in the Signification; and if it be a woman, joyne Venus and Moon, and make them partners: afterwards, behold what application the Lord of the Ascendant or Moon hath with the Lord of the 7th, and what application that Planet hath from whom the Moon is separated, with the Planets to whom she doth apply, or Sun with Venus; for if the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon apply to the Lord of the 7th house, it doth signifie the Querent shall have his or her desire, yet with many petitions, solicitations and prayers: and if the application be by Square or Opposition, and with reception, it signifieth that it shall be brought to passe with a kind of slownesse, labour and travell: but if the Lord of the 7th apply to the Lord of the Ascendant, or the Planet to whom the Moon doth apply, unto the Planet from whom she is separate; or if the Lord of the 7th be in the Ascendant, the matter shall be brought easily to passe, with great good will of the man or woman quesited after; chiefly if there be an application by Trifle or Sextile aspect.

Aphorismes of A L KIN D U S Touching MA R RIA G E.

When the Lord of the ascendant doth apply to the Lord of the 7th, or if the Lord of the 7th apply to the Lord of the Ascendant, it's an argument the Marriage shall be preformed and done. Also, if the Moon doth apply to Venus, and she strong, increasing in her motion, and in some of her owne Dignities, and the Moon likewise, the Marriage shall be concluded: if Venus doth behold the Sun, and the Sun have any dignity in the Ascendant, and behold the Lord of his house, viz. of the Signe wherein he is, it doth signifie likewise the Marriage shall be concluded; but if the Planet applying, and he to whom he doth apply, be cadent from the angles, and especially if their Lords doe not behold them, it doth signifie there shall be good hopes at the first, but by dallying and tracting the time, there shall be trouble, and no Marriage at all performed: Also if Moon, Sun, Venus and Lord of the 7th, and Lord of the Ascendant be in angles, and they beholding one another, or if their Lords behold them, though with Square or Opposition, yet it signifieth the matter shall be first in despaire or suspended, but afterwards it shall by the will of God, be brought to passe, and finished by the consent of all parties.

Of Marriage, whether it shall take effect or no?

Give unto the Querent the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon and the Planet from whom the Moon is separated; and to the party enquired, the Lord of the 7th, and the Planet to whom the Moon doth apply; and if the Querent a Man, then adde the Sun, but if a Woman then adde Venus. Then behold what application there is between the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 7th, for if

The Resolution of the Lord of the 7th be in the Ascendant, or apply to the Lord thereof, it will willingly be consented to by the party desired; If the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon apply to the Lord of the 7th, or be in the 7th, the Querent shall obtaine his purpose by his owne labour; but if none of these happen, yet if there be translation of light between them, then it shall be effected by the meanes of Friends or Acquaintance; also the Moon in the 10th signifieth the same, also, the application of the Moon with Venus effecteth the matter, but by mediation of friends: also the application of the Sun and Venus, especially when Sun hath dignity in the 7th, idem: if the Lord of the 7th be in the Ascendant, or with the Lord of the Ascendant, or behold him with a good aspect, it doth give great encouragement for effecting the matter.

Of Marriage.

If a man aske, his Significators are; First, the Lord of the Ascendant: Secondly, the Moon; Thirdly, the Planet the Moon is separated from; Fourthly, Sun, the naturall significator of men.

The Significators of the Woman are; the Lord of the 7th, the Planet the Moon applieth to, the Planet in the 7th, Venus the naturall significatrix of women: the like judge for the woman if she aske the Question, (mutatis mutandis) that is, the Ascendant and other significators, and Venus; the question asked by the woman, the 7th and his Lord, the Planet the Moon applies unto; these are for the man, the Ascendant and his Lord, the Planet the Moon is separate from, the Moon and Venus, so the Querent hath three Significators, the party desired hath also three: It shall be, if the Lord of the Ascendant or Moon be in the 7th; secondly, if the Planet the Moon separates from, applies to the Planet the Moon applies to, thirdly, or the Sun and Venus apply to each other; fourthly, the Lord of the 1st in the 7th, or 7th in the first; fiftly, any translation of light from the Significators, or Reception of the Significators, or any collection by a more weighty Planet, it shall be, viz. one in Termes, the other in the Triplicity of the Significator, or the like. The signifiers in interchangeable Dignities, the Moon in all manner of QUESTIONS.

the 7th giving vertue to the Lord of the Ascendant, or Lord of the 7th.

Which love most, or desire it most.

The Lord of the 7th in the Ascendant, the party desired loveth best: The Lord of the Ascendant in the 7th, the Querent loveth best; and so with the other significators, for those that apply argue most love, &c. The Lord of the 7th in the 7th, especially in one of his owne houses, the party desired is free from love, hath little mind to Marriage, and her Portion is knowne, or the mans.

The significators of the party desired, not beholding the Significators of the Querent, noteth the love of some other more then the Querent, or an aversnesse to the party now enquiring.

The application of the Significators frustrated, notes the Marriage to be broken off, by such person or thing as that Signifier noteth, which you may know by the house he is in & Lord of, viz. if by the Lord of the 2nd house, want of Riches; if Lord of the 3rd, by the Brother, &c. contrariwise, the Marriage being presaged by translation of light, or collection, it shall be furthered by such a one (as above mentioned) viz. if by the Lord of the 2nd, by some friend promising Dowry; 3rd, a Brother; 10th, a Mother; 5th or 11th, a Friend; 6th, an Unckle, Aunt, or a

Servant: Where note, that Marriages promised by Conjunction Square or Opposition, note performance with much adoe; Trine or Sextile, easie; with Reception, best of all.

What shall be the occasion of hindring the Marriage.

Having carefully observed, that although there seem great probability of effecting the Marriage enquired of, yet you find just cause to judge, it shall not either really be acted, or much obstruction will be before it can be done; and you are desirious to know from where the impediment shall come, the better to prevent it; consider what evill Planet it is who doth hinder the Reception of the disposition of the Significators, viz. of the man and woman, or who frustrates their aspect, or prohibits them, or interjects his Rayes betwixt the Significators; if he be the Lord of the 2nd, they break off on the Querent's behalf, Money or

Fortune being wanting on that side, or poverty objected: if it be the Lord of the 3rd, the Querent's Kindred, Brethern or Sisters, or some untoward Neighbor, or some Journey &c. if the Lord of the 4th, the Parent will not agree, he will part with no Lands, no House, Houses or Tenements, will settle no Estate: if the Lord of the 5th, Children may be the occasion (if either party have any;) or if a Batchelour propounds, perhaps it's objected, he either is not capable of getting a Child, or that he hath had a Bastard, or is scandalized about such a thing, or that it's feared the party will be wanton, or given to luxury, too much to his pleasure and pastime, &c. vary your rule, and it serves if a woman propounded, &c. If it be the Lord of the 6th, either some of his Fathers Kindred, viz. some Unckle or a Servant, or the like, or some infirmity or sicknesse in the Querent may be the cause impediting.

If it be a Planet in the 7th, some other he or she Friend will impedite, or a publick Enemy, or one he or she have formerly had variance with, or a Law-suit, &c.

If it be the Lord of the 8th, it may be feared Death will bereave the Querent of Life ere the Marriage, or the quesited hath not a sufficient Portion, their Estate is disliked, it gives no content, it will not be accepted.

If the Lord of the 9th, one or other of the quesited's Kindred or difference in Religion, or some busie-headed Priest, or by reason of some Journey to be undertaken by the querent, &c.

If the Lord of the 10th the Father of the Quesited, or Mother of the Querent, or some principall man, Officer or Magistrate.

If the Lord of the 11th, the Friends of both parties dislike the Match, or such as at first brought on the matter, will now endeavour to dissolve the match.

If the Lord of the 12th, then there is some under-hand dealing and much juggling in the businesse, the matter shall be much retarded, and the Quererit shall never know by whom; the Querent is much slandered, or some scandall privately insinuated doth much wrong, and will quite break the matter.

As you have notions whereby you may understand what may be the obstacle in any Marriage, so by the same rules, rightly varied, you shall find who will afflict or befriend the Querent in his suit, or will endeavour to do him good therein; I have herein dealt very candidly, and expressed the whole truth.

Whether a man shall Marry.

If the Moon behold the Sun or Venus by a good aspect, or the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 7th, or the Lord of the 7th in the Ascendant, or either of them behold other with a good aspect, it signifieth Marriage to the Querent.

I observe, if the Significators be in Prolificall Signes, or Dignities of Venus, the party enquiring doth marry.

The time of Marriage.

The degree of the application of Moon to Sun or Venus, or Lord of the Ascendant to the Lord of the 7th, or Lord of the 7th to the Lord of the Ascendant; if it be in moveable Signes, Dayes; in common Signes, Moneths; in fixed Signes, Yeers; according to that time the Marriage shall be performed.

This must be understood when you find strong testimonies of Marriage, and that the Significators are swift.

How many Husbands a woman shall have.

Behold from the degree of the 10th house to the degree of Mars, and so many Planets as you shall find between them, so many Husbands shall she have; but if Mars be in the 11th house, then look from Mars to Jupiter, and judge accordingly: some judge from Mars to the Lord of the 10th; these rules are Arabicall: plurality of Husbands is best adjudged from the Lord of the 7th and Sun, Mars being in common Signes, or many Planets in the 7th, or Sun in Sextile or Trine to many Planets in the 7th, argues plurality, or more than one.

The Resolution of

From what part one shall Marry.

If the Lord of the 7th be in the 9th, he shall marry a Stranger, &c. if the Lord of the 7th and of the Ascendant be in one quarter of Heaven, or in one house or Signe, usually the party marries one neer to the place of his own abode: consider the Signe of the 7th, the Signe and quarter of Heaven the Lord of the 7th is in, and judge by the major testimonies, from what part of Heaven the party shall live whom the Querent shall marry; as if most concurre in South testimonies, the South; mix the quarter of Heaven and Signe, preferring the Signe before the quarter: but this will be best explained upon an example.

What manner of person he or she is.

For the man, note the Planet the Moon is with; as if with Venus, say she is faire, slender and pleasant; and for the woman, judge by the Planet the Sun beholdeth; Sun in Trine or Sextile of Saturn, wife and painfull; Sun aspecting Jupiter, honest; and so of the rest; the Sun and Moon in Square or Opposition, note contention, separation and discords.

Whether man or woman be more noble.

If the Lord of the 7th be in an angle, and the Lord of the Ascendant in a succeedant house, the woman is best descended; and so if the Lord of the Ascendant be in an angle, judge accordingly; in like manner one may judge of two Companions, or any one else: A most assured way is, by observing which of the Significators is most superiour, and most potential in essentiall Dignities; if no such thing be, who is best placed in an angle, is most noble; and this will not faile.

Who shall be Master of the two.

Behold the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon; if the Moon or the Lord of the Ascendant be received in an angle, and he that is the receiver be an heavy or ponderous Planet, the Querent shall be Master; and whether Significators shall be found weak, ill dignified, or in cadent houses, that party shall be subject.

Whether she be rich or not.

If a man ask, see the Lord of the 8th, or Planet in the 8th, for if they are strong, or Moon applying to the Lord of the 8th by a good aspect, then she is wealthy (&c., e contra, poor;) if the woman ask of the man, and of his estate, judge after the same manner. (eadem est ratio.)

Whether the MARRIAGE be Legitimate.

If the Significators of them, either of the man or woman be vitiated or joyned to Saturn or Mars, and they not Significators in the Question, or if they be with South Node, it sheweth unlawfull Marriage, viz. there hath been some wrangling or claime laid to the party by some former man or woman.

How they shall agree after Marriage.

If the Figure performe Marriage, note if the Lord of the Ascendant and Lord of the 7th aspect each other with Trine or Sextile, they agree well: Moon beholding her Dispositor, or Lord of the Exaltation of the house wherein she is, with good aspect, idem: The Lord of the 7th more weighty, and in an angle, she will be Master, or strive for it: if neither the Lord of the Ascendant, or of the 7th be in angles, then note the weightier, for that party signified by him, shall be Master; Sun impedited, worst for the man; if Venus be impedited, worst for the woman; if the Moon be impedited or unfortunate, is ill for them both.


The Lord of the Ascendant and Lord of the 7th in Square or Opposition, Lord of the Moon impedited beholding the Ascendant, or Saturn, Mars or a Retrograde or Combust Planet in the Ascendant, doth note contention ever by the Querent, &c. e contra, judge the like if the Lord of the 7th suffer the same afflictions, that then the Quesited shall be the occasion of strife: the Moon in her fall, or at Square or Opposition with Saturn or Mars, or any Retrograde Planet, if the Moon then behold the Ascendant, noteth brawling ever moved by the woman; Saturn, Mars, South Node in the Ascendant, idem., if the question be asked by the man.

Who shall be the cause of their Strife, or the author of their Good.

If the Lord of the 3rd be that Planet who doth afflict or impedite, and he in the Ascendant or 7th house, it shall be by Brethern or Kindred; an Infortune in the 10th, notes brawling, and continuall chiding and wrangling: In the 4th, either a Divorcement or a willingnesse to it, or hinderance in Dowry; the Moon infortunate beholding the Ascendant, note brawling, separation and dishonest living: ill Planets in the 10th and 4th, ill persons make contention, or their Parents; no application between the Planet the Moon separates from, and the Planet unto whom she doth apply, notes contention alwayes: if the Moon doth aspect, or be in conjunction with Saturn or Mars, one of them shall dye quickly, or have some misfortune; if this conjunction be in the 10th or 4th, in a masculine Signe, the man shall suffer; if in a feminine Signe, the woman: The Moon in Trine or Sextile good Planets, declares gifts from Friends; Moon in Square of good Planets, by dead men; Moon in conjunction of good Planets, promises good by their owne industry and labour; if the Moon aspect Saturn or Mars, or be in the 12th or 8th, or voyd of course, they shall have both troubles, griefes and sicknesse; in angles, notes a probability of separation or long disagreements.

That the Marriage shall be broken, and the cause thereof.

Behold the Planet who receiveth the light of the Significators, if he be a heavy Planet, and be hindered by Square or Opposition of an ill Planet, or be Cadent, the intended Marriage shall be broken off againe, though at present it is very feasible. Behold whether parties Significator is strongest, that party shall first marry after this dissolution.

If the ill Planet that hindereth the Marriage be Lord of the 2nd or 8th house, it is for matter of Dowrey; if Lord of the 3rd, Brother; if Lord of the 4th or 10th, it is the Father or the Mother, or such like; and so judge for the rest.

If there be an ill Planet that carries the light between the Significators, it shall be by meanes of a Messenger; describe that Planet, and you may notifie the party.

That woman who doth depart from her Husband or become a Widdow, the Moon being between the 17th degree of Sagittarius, and the 1st minute of Capricorn, shall never returne or marry. (An Arabic Aphorism, not overmuch to be credited without consent of other Significators.) Whoso is Espoused to a Wife the Moon being in the first 12 degrees of Capricorn, shall lose her before marriage, or dye within 6 moneths, or live in discord with her.

Whether a Man or his Wife shall dye first, and the time when.

Behold the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 7th, and see which of them goes first to Combustion, and if the Lord of the Ascendant, the Querent shall dye first; if the Lord of the 7th, the Quesited: The Lord of the Ascendant Retrograde or Combust, or in his Fall, or neer the Lord of the 8th, the Man; the Lord of the 7th in the, like case, the Woman: Sun unfortunate, the Man; Venus unfortunate, the Woman.

Usually I observe, whose Significator is first Combust, and in what Signe; if he be Combust in Tropick Signes, as Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, it portends death in a short time; If in common Signes, viz. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, the time is longer: in Signes fixed, viz. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, it will be a longer time ere the party dye, &c.

Which of the two shall live longest? Behold the Lord of the Ascendant, and of the 7th, which of these two are in the best place of heaven, best dignified, and in good aspect with Fortunes, and more remote from the presence or ill aspect of the Lord of the 8th house. That person shall live longest: Where you must observe, as to the Lord of the 7th, the Lord of the 2nd in the Figure is his 8th house, and so Lord of, or Significator of death.

Whether she be a Maid, or Chaste, of whom the quere is.

Look if the Lord of the Ascendant Venus and the Moon be found in fixed Signes, good Planets beholding them, then say,, she is a Maid, and chaste: But if in place of the Fortunes there be Infortunes, say she is neither a Virgin, nor chaste: especially if Mars be there, and he in the house of Venus without Reception: Also, if Moon and Sun behold themselves and Mars, she is no Maid; but if the Significators be in moveable Signes, Infortunes beholding them, say then she desireth a man very much, and that she refraines and restraines her concupiscence very much, and casts off her Suitors; yet, it is not to trust alwayes to this judgment, because the nature of women is changeable.

The Significatrix of the woman in her owne essentiall Dignities, or in Trifle to the Sun or Jupiter with any Reception, or the Moon and the Significatrix in Trine or Sextile, in Reception, out of any mutuall Dignities, or Venus in Leo not afflicted, or the Moon in Aquarius, free from Square, Conjunct, or Opposition of Mars, I judged honesty, and I found it ever true.

Whether A Damosell be a Maid or not.

Behold the Ascendant and his Lord, and the Moon, and if thou findeth them fixed and well disposed, it signifieth she is a Virgin; but if they be in common or moveable Signes, or evill Planets be in fixed Signes beholding them, or aspect them any way, it is a doubt of Legerdemain; also Scorpio Ascending, argueth she is, or would be too familiar.

In many things I dissent from the Ancients, and so in this; for if Mars be in Leo, and Scorpio ascend, the Querent is suspected and tempted, but yet is honest.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Whether a Woman be honest to her Husband.

The Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon or Venus in fixed Signes, in aspect of the Fortunes, she is chaste; these being in aspect of the Infortunes, not chaste, chiefly with Mars; Sun or Moon beholding Mars, she is meretrix; Sun and Moon in no aspect, nor Mars with them, she is suspected a privy Harlot, rather privately wanton.

I must change all sonnes of Art to be sparing in delivering judgment upon these queries, rather to be silent; for as men we may erre, and so by delivering an unlucky judgment, be authors of much mischiefe.

Of a woman whether she be corrupt, or has a Lover besides her Husband or sweetheart.

Behold the Ascendant and his Lord, and the Moon, and see if they be both in angles or fixed Signes, then say the Maid is a Virgin, and they lye of her, or what is reported is false: if the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Moon be in fixed Signes, and the angles be moveable Signes, she was tempted, but gave no credit or admittance to the Temptor. If the Moon be joyned to Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun corporally by aspect, so that there is between them but 5 degrees or lesse, she is tempted of someone who has the effigies of that Planet to whom she is joyned; but if the Moon be joyned to Venus or Mercury, she is tempted by some woman for a man, but she makes not reckoning of the old or young Bawds words, but she laughs her to scorne: If the angles be fixed Signes, and the Lord of the Ascendant or Moon in moveable or common Signes (for in this judgment the common are of lesse importance) she hath been attempted, and is still tempted, but she is honest; and hath been formerly deluded, if she be with the North Node: but if then the Moon be with South Node, she has formerly offended, and is still guilty, nor will she amend hereafter; the same may be said of Mars, if he be in place of the South Node; yet Mars imposes not so much malice on the woman as South Node: generally the Moon in any Question with South Node, imports mis—reports of the woman, you may call them slanders.

The Resolution of

Whether a woman is honest. *This where suspition of the quesited's honesty will hold true.

The Moon in the last face of Gemini, the woman seems to be corrupt, if the Ascendant be a moveable Signe, or common, or if the Lord of the Ascendant or Moon be in moveable or common Signes she is no Virgin; The Lord of the Ascendant combust in a moveable Signe, the woman has been tempted and made a harlot by violence, or she was unwillingly drawn to lewdnesse; the Lord of the Ascendant in a fixed Signe, and the Ascendant fixed, though the Moon be in a moveable Signe, she is still a Virgin and honest; the Moon in the Ascendant with Saturn, the woman was abused by force, and not by her concent: If the Ascendant be a fixed Signe, and the Lord of the Ascendant in the 5th, or the Moon in the 5th, or the Lord of the 5th in the Ascendant, or both of them corporally joyned in one Signe, it seems the woman hath newly conceived, or was lately tempted; but if they be separated asunder by 3 degrees, it seems the woman is delivered, or free from the party she was lately in fear of.

Whether A Woman Trades With Any But Her Husband.

*These judgments must be carefully observed and well considered before judgment be propounded in the negative, viz. that she is not honest.

Behold the Ascendant, his Lord, the Moon, and Planet from whom the Moon is separated, these are Signifiers of the Querent; the 7th house and his Lord, the Planet to whom the Moon is joyned, are the Signifiers of the woman: see to whom the Moon and Lord of the 7th is joyned, which if they be both joyned to the Lord of the Ascendant, whether with Reception or Conjunction, say, the woman is not faulty, but honest: but if the Lord of the 7th, or the Moon or either of them is joyned to the Lord of the Triplicity of the Ascendant, viz. to him that is Lord of the Diurnall or Nocturnall Triplicity then ascending, or if any of them is joyned to the Lord of the 7th, and Moon is separated from the Lord of the Ascendant, it then seems she hath a Friend that she loves besides her Husband: the Lord of the 7th voyd of course, the woman hath no Friend.

The Lord of the 7th, the Moon, or both, separate from any other Planet but the Lord of the Ascendant, and he not separated above all manner of QUESTIONS.

3 degrees, the woman did love another, but she hath now left him: the Lord of the 7th with the North Node, the Woman is blamelesse, without he be in Conjunction with some other Planet, then she is worthy to be blamed not, was also in times past, and in times to come will be; for if she be not faulty in act, she is in her desires and affections.

The Lord of the 7th or Moon joyned with Mars, if the North Node be there, it seems the woman hath a Sweetheart whom she loveth, and that useth her company: If Mars be with South Node, and the Lord of the 7th be joyned as beforesaid, it minisheth the malice, and though the woman love some martial man, yet he cannot bring her under his Yoak, yet is the hard put to it, and much perswaded

If Mars be with the Lord of the 7th, or with Moon, or in one Signe in Conjunction, or with South Node, the woman hath a Sweetheart in contract, not farre from her house; and if they be in 1 degree, then he is in the house, and one of the familiars of the man that asks the Question, or of her owne Husband.

If the Moon or Lord of the 7th separate from Mars, or Mars from him, or that they be separated, perchance the woman had a Lover before she knew her Husband, but now they have one forsaken the other, or they have forgot each other.

Mars Lord of the 7th, or Moon Lady of the 7th, in Aries or Scorpio, and Mars beholding any of them, viz. either of the Signes, or Moon, or in Reception with one or other, viz. Moon and Mars, for if Mars did receive the Moon, she did a long time love one, but she hath little to do with him now: Moon Lady of the 7th, in Conjunction with Mars or Jupiter in any Signe whatsoever, the woman hath loved a certaine man, a Nobleman or a Bishop, viz. a man of better quality than her selfe, but if there be a mutuall Reception between them, they still love one another, or still some acts of kindnesse passe between them, and there wants nought but opportunity.

The Lord of the 7th or Moon joyned to Mercury, the woman seems to love a young Clerk, or a Merchant, or witty, nimble Fellow.

The Lord of the 7th joyned with Venus with Reception, with or without any aspect, or else by a Trine or Sextile, or Square

The Resolution of without Reception, the Woman cares not for men, but hath a friendship with women, or speaks wantonly, but is not naturally lewd or vitious.

The Lord of the 7th or Moon in Conjunction with Saturn, the woman loveth an Old Man, or a Religious man, or a Country-man or a man of plaine sober carriage.

The Lord of the 7th joyned to the Sun, she loveth at present, and did love a certain great person, according to the quality of the Demandant; if it be with Reception, he hath or may have, if he please, to doe with her; but if it be without Reception, he cares not for her, but hath quite forsaken her: But if more Planets doe behold the Sun as well as the Lord of the 7th, especially Saturn or Mercury, more men hath had to doe with her, nor is she yet amended, but somewhat tardy, &c.

If ones Lover or Wife hath a Sweetheart besides himself.

See if Mars be in the 7th house, so that he be not in his owne house, then she hath none; if Saturn be there, she loveth one but lyeth not with him; if Jupiter be there, she hath much adoe to be honest; if Venus, she is a merry wag, and is thought to be wanton, but is not: if Mercury, she had a Friend but hath not now; if Moon be in the 7th, she as yet hath none, but she will have, and will be common: if Sun or North Node be there, she is chaste and hath no Friend: After the same manner you may judge of Friends, or of the man, when the woman propounds the Question.

Hath she a Lover?

Any Planet in the 7th, (so he be not the Lord of the 7th) she hath one of his complexion, (if none be in the 7th, none;) thus doe for the man, but have relation to the 11th house: The Lord of the 7th voyd of course, she hath none; or with the North Node, idem: the Lord of the 7th or Moon joyned to Mars, she hath a Sweetheart, or one whom she is familiar withall, that she doth much respect, but I say not in any dishonest way.

If a Marriage shall be perfected or no.

Consider the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, these are properly Significators of the Querent; the 7th house and his Lord are for the Quesited.

If the Lord of the Ascendant or Moon be joyned to the Lord of the 7th, in any of the dignities of the Lord of the 7th, and in the Ascendant, 11th or 10th, hardly in the 7th, the querent shall obtaine the party desired.

If both Significators behold each other with Sextile or Trine, out of the Ascendant and 11th, or 9th and 7th, or 7th and 5th houses, with or without Reception, no prohibition, frustration or abscission, or Retrogradation of the principall Significators intervening, the Match will be concluded if the querent please, (for we doe suppose a freedome of will in this , nature) if a Square or Opposition be between the Significators (and no Reception) the matter will come to nothing.

A Square aspect with Reception of Significators, perfects the matter, but with a little difficulty; if no Reception be, there's onely hopes, no grounds whereby to judge the thing shall be effected really.

Contrary to all the rules of the Ancients, I have ever found, that when the Lord of the 7th hath been in the Ascendant, the Querent hath loved most, and when the Lord of the Ascendant was in the 7th, the Quesited loved best.

If the Significators aspect not one another, but some Planet transferres their influence one to another, and this with a benevolent aspect, then shall the matter be brought to passe by one signified by that Planet, whose description you may frame according to the Signe wherein he is, and his quality from the house he is Lord of. A masculine and diurnall Planet denotes a man; a feminine, nocturnall Planet, or a man of a feminine construction, &c. sic e contrario.

If a Planet transfers the Significators disposition, observe who that Planet is, and to whom he commits his disposition, and whether he be not Retrograde, Combust or unfortunate or Cadent from his owne house, or in the figure, or in Opposition or Square aspect to an Infortune, without Reception; for then if no such thing be, the matter will be effected and continue, especially if he be a Fortune, and the Matrimony will take well, and the people love together.

Whether the Child conceived is the Sonne of him who is reputed his Father.

Behold the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, who signifie the Interrogant; then observe the Signe of the 11th and his Lord, these signifie the issue in Conception; if these Significators behold one another by Trifle or Sextile, with Reception or not, the Conception is legitimate; if they behold one another with Square or Opposition, with mutual Reception, and perfect aspect, or the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon in the 5th, or if the Lord of the 5th be in the Ascendant, without evill aspect of the Infortunes, or if the Fortunes one or both doe behold the 5th house or his Lord, the Child conceived is legitimate and true begotten, &c. but if none of these things be, but that Saturn, Mars or Mercury behold the 5th house, or Lord thereof, there may be just suspicion the Child is conceived in adultery, and the Mother was stuprated.

Of a woman living from her Husband, whether she shall ever live with him againe or not, or be received into favour.

This Question will as well resolve the doubt concerning a Mistris, &c. or Sweetheart.

If the woman her selfe propound the Question, who is absent from her Husband or Friend, &c. Whether she shall be received into favor or not againe?

Consider herein the Lord of the 7th, which is the Ascendant of the woman in this case, for the 7th is ever given to the banished or expulsed party; see if the Lord of the 7th behold the Ascendant so partilly, or with so true and good an aspect as himself doth, then without doubt she shall again return and come into favour; if the Lord of the 7th behold not the Ascendant, but another Planet who is not impedited, yet beholds the all manner of QUESTIONS.

Ascendant, the woman shall be received againe by the mediation of some person who shall interpose his friendship with the Husband or Friend, and reconcile them; if none of these things be, then have recourse to the Sun, the natural Significator of man, or the Husband, and of Venus, the naturals Significatrix of the woman; and if the Sun be above the Earth, and Venus behold the Ascendant with a pleasant Sextile or Trine the woman shall return to her house or Sweetheart with ease or without any great noyse.

If the Sun be under the earth, and Venus above, and behold the Ascendant with Sextile or Trine; the woman or wife shall be received, but with some importunity and delayes, with much adoe, and a great deale of labour, and all her Neighbours shall take notice of it.

If the Moon be encreasing in light, and in any good aspect to the Ascendant, she shall returne, but with much solicitation.

If the Moon be Decreasing in light, and in her 2nd or last quarter, and not neer the Sun beames, but beholding the Ascendant, she will returne with much ease and quickly.

Behold if Venus be Occidentall, Retrograde and hastening to Combustion, then of her owne accord the woman will returne to her Husband, fearing by her absence she shall offend him, and she is sorry she ever departed from him; but if she be lately separated from the Sun beames, then it repents the man that he gave occasion to his Wife to absent her selfe, or that he abused her; but the woman will be angry and malapert, and seems sorry that she shall returne, nor will she much respect her Husband after that time.

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