Of Commanders in Armies their abilities fidelity and whether by them Victory may be bad yea or not c

A Gain, consider well all the 12 houses and their proper Significators, and make the ascendant Significator of the Querent, and his Lord; let the 7th & his Lord shew the opposite parties or Adversaries who may come to relieve the Besieged; let the 8th be their Seconds or Friends, and the 9th their 3rd house, and so all the other houses in order,

An In-fortunate in the ascendant, or beholding the house with Square or Opposition, it notes, the Querent, or that side he takes part with, will not manage their matters well, or prosecute the Warre discreetly: an Infortune in the ascendant, or being Lord of the ascendant, argues no great justice on the Querents part, or that he hath no cause to begin the Warre or quarrell, but if either a good Planet be in the ascendant, or behold the ascendant with Sextile or Trine, it signifies a good ground or cause on the Querent's behalfe; if an Infortune be in the 2nd, and be not Lord of the 2nd (or have Exaltation in the Signe,) if he, I say, behold the 2nd with a Square or Opposition, it's like there will be not Warre, but if any be, the Querent shall have the worst; a Fortune in that house, or aspecting it, shewes the contrary, &c. If an In-fortune be in the 3rd, and Mars be that Planets, and be strong, the Querent is like to have good warlike Provisions; say the same if Jupiter be there: but if Mars be therein unfortunate, his Army is like to be composed of Thieves, Highway men, vagrant Fellowes, seditious, and such as will obey no commands,

If an Infortune be in the 4th, the place where the Warre is like to be, or where the Armies may engage, is like to be unfit for the Querent's Army: if it be mountainous, the places are rough, inaccessible not habitable, full of Woods, no passage for Armies; if the place seem to be described moyst, it's miery, dirty, full of standing waters, Bogs, Rivers and Brooks, not fit to marshall an Army in, or wherein an Army can doe any service: If Mars be in the 5th, well dignified, or the good aspects of the Fortunes irradiate that house, or a Fortune be therein posited, then it's like the Army or Souldiers on the Querent's part, will be good Souldiers, apt for fight, and obedient to their Officers; the Infortunes posited therein shew contrary qualities. If either of the Fortunes or North Node be in the 6th, the Carriage-Horse attending the Army, seems serviceable, high prized, and fit for the employment.

If Mars be therein well dignified, the Horse entertained or employed will be fierce, impatient and hard to be governed.

But if Saturn be in the 6th without dignities, the Horse are old, rotten jades, unserviceable, tyred, over-spent, slow, not fit for this service, diseased, &c.

If a Fortune be in the 7th, the instruments of Warre and Fortification, the Canons and great Guns of the Army are faire, sound, well cast, and well performe their work: and this position of a Fortune in the 7th, denotes, the Enemy is no foole; if an Infortune be there, or have the before-named evill aspects to the house, the enemy is weak, the Querent's instruments are nought, will performe no service, the Enemy will rather fight by policy, craft and treachery, then man-hood.

If Fortune be in the 8th, it's an argument no mortality or much destruction of men will follow, or will there be many men wounded, or their wounds difficult to cure; no great slaughters, fights, flights, or any set Battles will be betwixt the Armies on either part: but if Saturn be therein Retrograde, many prisioners will be taken, much ruine and destruction, much poverty and plundering will succeed.

If a Fortune be in the 9th, or have aspect to the house, the enemy is in a good posture, hopes to benefit himself e by some false reports, or by some false allarums or sallies, and that he intends to act much by such reports, and by witty inventions, for the Enemy is politick.

If a Fortune be in the 10th. or cast his Sextile or Trine thither, it's an argument, the Commander in Chiefe is a discreet man, understands what to doe in his place, and that the Officers of the Army are expert men, every one in his place being capable of what he undertakes: but if Saturn or South Node be therein, or Mars, any wayes unfortunate, the Officers and Captaines are very asses and buzzards, have no judgment, simple Fellowes, the whole designe is like to be overthrowne by their knavery, and want or discretion and judgment; I meane, the greater part of the Officers, &c. they are more fit for hanging, then to Command.

If a Fortune be in the 11th, it shewes, the Conductors of the Army are men of good discretion and sound judgment, expert men in the art of Warre, know how to command and order their affaires, are valiant and carefull, and understand in every particular when to charge or retreat; in a word, the Officers seem men of approved intregrity and judgment.

If an Infortune be in the 11th, the Conductor or Conductors may be men of fidelity, and assured Friends and Wel-willers to the cause they undertake, but they are unexpert, and not fit to undertake such a waighty imployment in hand, for they nothing understand the stratagems of Warre, whereby the whole cause is like to suffer.

If a Fortune be in the 12th house, those against whom the Army is to go, are well provided, and resolve to defend themselves; they agree well, feare nothing, will stand it out to the last: but if an Infortune be there, they suspect their owne abilities, are not capable of resisting, disagree amongst themselves, feare surprizall every moment: It is, notwithstanding, ever considerable, that if Mars be in the 12th house, the Querent may justly suspect trechery, and indeed you have just cause to feare the same if South Node be in the 12th. Now as you have considered the whole 12 houses on the behalfe of the Querent, so must you observe the same for the Quesited, and so every house in order: Which judgments rightly understood, will give great light to any manner of question propounded in this nature by any prime Officer or Commander.

If the Armies shall fight.

Behold herein the ascendant and his Lord, the Moon and Lord of the 7th, see if they be corporally joyned in any angle, then it seems the Armies will fight: if there be no Conjunction of the Lord of the ascendant and 7th, see if they behold one another by Square or Opposition, they will also then fight: if this happens not, see if any Planet transferre the light of one to the other by Square or Opposition aspect, with or without Reception; if such an aspect be, there will be a fight betwixt them: but if the more ponderous, of the two receive that Planet who transferres their lght, no fight will be, but all things will be composed lightly.

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