Of a Ship and Whatever are in Her Her Safety or Destruction

The Ancients do put this question to those concerning the 9th house, and I conceive for no other reason, than because it must be granted, that all Ships are made for travel and journeys: however, in regard the most part of the judgment concerning its safety or ruin is derived from the Ascendant and his Lord, and the Moon, I thought fit to place this judgment as belonging to the 1st house.

Generally, the Signe ascending and the Moon are Significators of the Ship, and what goods are in her: if in the question demanded you find all these unfortunate, that is, if a malevolent Planet by position be placed in the Ascendant, he having dignities in the 8th; or if you find the Lord of the Ascendant in the 8th, in any configuration with the Lord of the 8th, 12th, 4th or 6th, or the Moon combust, or under the earth, you may judge the Ship is lost, and the men drowned, (unless you find reception betwixt themselves) for then the Ship was casually Shipwrecked, and some of the sea men did escape: but if you find the preceding Significators all of them free from misfortune, both men and goods are all safe; the more safe if any reception be. But if the Ascendant and the Moon be infortunate, and the Lord of the Ascendant fortunate, the Ships like to be drowned, but the men will be saved: Some for better knowledge and discovery of what part of the Ship was like to be freest from danger, have divided the several parts of the Ship, and have assigned to every of the twelve Signes, a part or place of the Ship, by which if any damage was to come to the Ship, they could or might better prevent it.

Unto Aries they give the Brest of the Ship.

To Taurus what is under the Brest a little towards the Water.

To Gemini the Roother or Sterne of the Ship.

To Cancer the Bottome or Floor of the Ship.

To Leo the top of the Ship above Water.

To Virgo the Belly of it.

To Libra that part which sometimes is above, and sometimes below the Water, or betwixt Wind and Water,

To Scorpio that part where the Seamen are lodged, or so their Office. To Sagittarius the Mariners themselves, To Capricorn the ends of the Ship. To Aquarius the Master or Captaine of the Ship. To Pisces the Oares.

At the time when the Question is asked concerning the well or ill being of the Ship, see which of these Signes, or how many of them are fortunate, or hath the Moon or the Lord thereof fortunate, it's an argument those parts of the Ship so signified, will have no defect, or need repaire thereof, or the Ship will receive any detriment in those parts: but which of these Signes you find unfortunate, or in what Signes you find the Moon or Lord of the Signe where she is, unfortunate, in that place or part of the Ship assigne impediment and misfortune, and thereof give warning.

But when the Querent shall demand of any Ship which is setting forth, and the state of that Ship ere she return, and what may be hoped of her in her voyage, then behold the Angles of the Figure, and see if the fortunate Planets are therein posited, or falling into Angles, and the infortunes remote from Angles, Cadent, Combust or under the Sun Beams, then you may judge the Ship will goe safe to the place intended, with all the Goods and Loading in her: But if you find the infortunates in Angles, or Succeeding Houses, there will chance some hinderance unto the Ship, and it shall be in that part which the Signe signifies where the unfortunate Planet is; if the same infortunate be Saturn, the all manner of QUESTIONS.

Ship will be split, and all the men drowned, or receive hurt by some bruise, or running a ground: but if it be Mars, and he in any of his Essentiall Dignities, or behold a place where he hath any Dignity or be in an Earthly Signe, he shall then signify the same which Saturn did, or very great danger and damage to the Ship: But if the Fortunes cast their benevolent rayes or aspect to the places where Mars or Saturn are, and the Lords of the four Angles of the Figure, and especially, or more properly, the Ascendant, and the Lord of that house or Signe where the Moon is in be free, then it's an argument, the Ship shall labor hard, and suffer much damage, yet notwithstanding the greater part both of Goods and Men shall be preserved. But if Mars does afflict the Lords of the Angles, the Dispositor of the Moon; the Mariners will be in great fear of their enemies, or of Pyrates or Sea-robbers, shall even tremble from feare of them: and if there also unto this evill configuration chance any other affliction in the Signes, there will happen among the Mariners Blood-shed, Controversies, quarrelling one with another, theeving and robbing each other, purloyning the Goods of the Ship; and this judgment will prove more certaine if the unfortunate Planets be in the Signes which fall to be in the Division of the upper part of the Ship, towards the height or top of her.

If Saturn in the like nature doe afflict, as was before recited of Mars, there will be many thefts committed in the Ship, but no bloodshed; the Goods of the Ship consume, no body knowing which way.

If the unfortunate Signes (viz. those which are afflicted by the presence of Saturn or South Node) be those which signifie the bottome or that part of the Ship which is under Water, it's an argument of the breaking and drowning thereof, or receiving some dangerous Leak: if the Signes so unfortunate be in the Midheaven, and Mars unfortunating them, it's like the Ship will be burned by fire, thunder or lightning, or matter falling out of the Aire into the Ship; this shall then take place when the Signes are Fiery, and near violent fixed Stars.

If that Signe wherein Mars or the unfortunate Planet be the Signe of the 4th house, it notes firing of the Ship in the bottome of her; but if Mars be there, and the Signe humane, viz. either

Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, that fire or burning of the Ship shall proceed from a fight with Enemies, or they shall cast into her or shall teare the Ship in pieces in grapling with her, and the fire shall in that part of the Ship first take hold, signified by the Signe wherein an Infortunate was at time of asking the Question.

If Saturn instead of Mars does denunciate dammage, and be placed in the Mid-heaven, the Ship shall receive prejudice by contrary Winds, and by leaks in the Ship, by rending or using of bad sailes; and this misfortune shall be greater or lesser, according to the potency of the Significator of that misfortune, and remotenesse of the Fortunes.

If the same Infortune be in the 7th house, and he be Saturn, the latter part of the Ship will be in danger of misfortune, and the Sterne of the Ship will be broke.

Moreover, if any infortune be in the Ascendant, some losse will be in the fore-part of the Ship, greater of lesse, according to the quality or strength of the Significator thereof; or if the Lord of the Ascendant be Retrograde, the Ship will proceed forward a while, but either returne or put into some harbor within a little time after her setting forth; and if the Lord of the Ascendant be in a Moveable Signe and Retrograde, and the Lord of the 4th also, viz. Retrograde, the Ship will returne againe crossed by contrary Winds, to the very Port from which she first set out: and if the Lord of the Ascendant have no other impediments than Retrogradation, there will be no losse by the returne of it; but if to Retrogradation some other misfortune happen, the Ship returnes to amend something amisse, and was also in danger.

Besides, if the Lord of the 8th shall infortunate the Lord of the Ascendant, especially if the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 8th, there will come hurt to the Ship according to the nature of the Planet afflicting: as if the same Planet that is Lord of the 8th house doe impedite the Lord of the house of the Moon, the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, it imports the death of the Master or Governour of the Ship, and of his Mate and principall Officers of the Ship: and if the Part of Fortune and the Lord of the 2nd house be unfortunate, it pronounceth losse in sale of those Goods in the Ship, or ill venting of them, or that they will not come all manner of QUESTIONS.

to a good market; but if either North Node, Jupiter or Venus be in the 2nd house, or Lord thereof, or Dispositors of the Signe the Part Of Fortune is in, there will be good profits from the Voyage of that Ship, and sale of Goods therein the more the Significators are essentially strong, the more profit may be expected.

If the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the house of the Moon be slow of course, and those Planets that dispose of them, then it's probable the Ship will be slow in her motion, and make a long Voyage of it: but if the aforesaid Significators be quick in motion, the Ship shall make good speed to the Port intended, and will returne home again in shorter time then is expected.

And if it happen that there be an Opposition or Square aspect betwixt the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of that Signe who disposeth the Moon, and this aspect be without reception, then will there be much discord among the Saylors, and much controversie betwixt the Merchant and them; wherein, he shall prevaile that is most dignified; that is, the Sea-men if the Lord of the Ascendant be strongest; the Merchant, if the Lord of the house where the Moon is be best fortified.

If the lord of the 2nd be removed from his 2nd (that is, if Taurus be the cusp of the 2nd, and Venus further removed then Gemini) or if the Lord of the 2nd be removed from the 2nd house wherein the Moon is in, (as if she be in Virgo, and the Lord of the 2nd not in Libra, or if the Disposer of the Part Of Fortune be not with it, then the Ship-men will have scarsity of Provisions of Victuals and Food: if these Planets or Part Of Fortune be in Watry Signes, want of fresh water will most annoy the Saylors: if the Significators be in Earthly or Airey Signes, want of Food, Victuals and Fire will oppresse them: This is the manner by which the Ancients did judge of the good or ill successe of a Ship, concerning her Voyage at her first going forth.

The Resolution of

An Example of A Ship At Sea.

In December 1644, a Merchant in London having sent out a Ship to the coast of Spaine for Trade, had severall times newes that his Ship was lost or cast away, there having been a little before very Tempestuous weather, in so much that many Shipps were sunk and Shipwrackt; he would have given 60 in the hundred for the assurance of her; but so generall was the report of her losse, that none of the Ensurance company would meddle, no not upon any termes. A Friend of the Merchants propounds the Question unto me, What I thought of the Ship, if sunk or living? whereupon I erected the Figure preceding, and having well considered what was requisite in this manner of Judgment, I gave my Opinion. That the Ship was not lost, but did live, and though of late in some danger, yet was now recovered.. My Judgment was grounded upon the Considerations in Art following..

In the first place, the Ascendant being the 11 degree and 33 minute of Cancer, showed the Bulk or Body of the Ship; there doth also ascend with these degrees of Cancer 3 Fixed Starres in our Horizon, wholly almost of the nature of Saturn: I find Saturn castest his Square Sinister out of the 11th house, but from a Cardinall Signe to, or very neer the Cusp of the ascending degrees, thereby afflicting it: after his Square aspect, I found the Moon in her Exaltation, casting a Sextile Sinister to the degree ascending, interposing her Sextile betwixt the Ascendant and the Opposition of Mercury and Sun in the 7th, which otherwise had been dangerous, for all opposite aspects to the Ascendant in this Judgment are dangerous.

all manner of QUESTIONS..

From the Ascendants affliction both by the Square of Saturn, and presence of fixed Stars of his like nature, I judged the Ship was much of the nature of Saturn, viz. a sluggish, heavy one, and of no good speed, or very sound; and Cancer being a weakly Signe, made me judge the condition, building and quality of the Ship was such; (and it was so confessed.)

From hence, and for that South Node is in the 9th house, I judged the Ship had been in some affliction or distresse in her journey, occasioned from such casualties as are signified by Saturn, viz. had received some such casualties as are signified by Saturn, viz. had received some bruise, leak, dammage in or neer her Brest; because Aries, the Signe wherein Saturn is, represents that part, thereby afflicting it.

But in regard the Moon, who is Lady of the Ascendant, is posited in the 11th house, and in her Exaltation, is no manner of way impedited, but by a benevolent aspect applying to a Trine of Mercury and Sun, and is by bodily presence so neer unto Jupiter, and all the Significators above the Earth, (a thing very considerable in this Judgment.)

Besides, I observed no Infortunes in Angles, which was one other good argument; for these considerations, I judged the Ship was not cast away, but living, and that the Saylors and Officers of the Ship were lively and in good condition.

The next quere was, Where the Ship was, upon what Coast, and when any newes would come of her?

Herein I considered the Moon was fixed, and locally in the 11th house; Taurus is a Southerne Signe, but in an East quarter of Heaven, verging towards the South: her application to a Trine of Mercury, and he in Capricorn, a South Signe and West Angle, made me judge the Ship was South-west from London, and upon our own Coast, or neer those which lye betwixt Ireland and Wales; I judged her at that time to be in some Harbor, because Taurus wherein the Moon is, is fixed, and in the 11th house, which is the house of Comfort and Relief; and that she was put into some Harbor to mend her Defects or Rents:(It proved true that she was in the West, and in an Harbor.)

Because the Moon applyed to a Trine of Mercury and Sun, and they in an Angle, and was her selfe as well as they, very swift in motion and did want but a few minutes of their perfect Trine; I

judged there would be newes or Letters, or a certaine discovery of the Ship in a very short time; the Significators so neer aspect, I said either that night, or in 2 days; (and so it proved:) And you must observe, that it gave me good encouragement when I saw Part Of Fortune Disposed by Mars, and Mercury to whom the Moon applyed to be in reception with Mars: as also, that the Moon, by so forcible an aspect, did apply to the Sun, who is Lord of the 2nd house, or of Substance, an argument, the Merchant should encrease his Stock, and not lose by that adventure: You shall also observe, that Jupiter has his Antiscion in the 9th of Leo, the very Cusp of the 2nd house, and Mars his Antiscion fals upon the very degree ascending: these were good testimonies of safety: Mars as being Lord of the 11th, and Dispositor of Part Of Fortune; and Jupiter as Lord of the 10th, viz. of Trade and Commerce.

Besides, usually when the Moon applies to a good aspect of a Retrograde Planet, it brings the matter to an end one way or another speedily, and when least suspected: and it's a generall Maxime in such like cases, if the Moon apply to the Fortunes, or by good aspect to any Planet or Planets in Angles, then there is reason we hope well, etc.

The Ascendant free from presence of Infortunes, a good sign: Lord of the Ascendant above the Earth, and the Moon and their Dispositors, good signes: Lord of the Ascendant in 10th, 11th or 9th houses, good: Lord of the Ascendant in Trine or Sextile with Jupiter or Lord of the 11th, good.

Example of another Ship.

Here the Ascendant and the Moon are Significators of the Shippe, and those that saile in her: the Moon lately separated from a Square of Saturn, Lord of the 8th and 9th, then at time of the question voyd of course; but afterwards 1st applyed to a Trine of Saturn, then to Opposition of Mercury, Lord of the 12th and 4th; this shewed the Ship had lately been in danger (of Death) viz. Shipwrack: and as the Moon had been voyd of course, so had no newes been heard of her; because the Moon was last in Square of Saturn, in fixed Signes, tortuous or odiously and malitiously aspecting each other, and falling into Cadent houses, and then did not presently apply to the good aspect of any benevolent Planet, but was voyd of course, and then againe continued her application out of the 4th to Saturn, who is still Lord of the 8th, although it was by good aspect; and then after seperation from him, applyed to Opposition Mercury, and that Mercury her Dispositor was in Detriment, and entering Combustion, and Jupiter Dispositor of Mercury Subterranean and in Conjunction with Mars, and termes of an Infortune; and forasmuch as I found Mars in his Fall, upon or neer the Cusp of the 2nd house, I judged losse was at hand to the Merchant; Part Of Fortune being in the 6th house, disposed by Jupiter, and he Retrograde in the 2nd, not beholding Part Of Fortune; the Moon also casting her Square Sinister to the Part Of Fortune, and so Mercury his Dexter Square: by meanes therefore of so many evill testimonies of receiving losse rather than benefit; I judged that the Merchant should lose much, if not all that was adventured in this Ship, and so consequently I doubted the Ship was cast away; (and so it proved.)

Principal Significators under the Earth, ill: worst of all, if in the 4th, for that is an assured testimony of sinking the Ship.

Of the Time of Receiving any QUESTION.

it hath been disputed largely amongst the Arabians, who were excellent in the resolution of Horary Questions, what time the Astrologer should take for the ground of his Question, whether that time when the Querent first comes into ones House or Closet, or first salutes the Artist, whether that is to be admitted for the most proper time of erecting a Figure, and giving Judgment thereupon.

Though some have consented to this opinion, yet I could never be satisfied herein either with reason or experience; for let us admit one comes to demand a Resolution of me, and we converse together a good while; but in the end, some occasion intervenes, and we depart: I hope no sound Judgment will allow of this time to be the Radix of a Question (whenas none is really demanded) viz. at what time he first saw me, or entered my house and spake with me.

Without doubt the true houre of receiving any Question is then, when the Querent propounds his desire unto the Astrologer, even that very moment of time, in my opinion, is to be accepted: for let us suppose a Letter is sent or delivered unto me, wherein I am desired to resolve some doubts; perhaps I receive the Letter into my hands at 3:00 in any day of the week, but in regard of some occassions, doe not read it untill 4 or 5 hours after; that very hour and minute of hour when I break it open, and perceive the intention of the Querent, is the time to which I ought to erect my Figure, and from thence to draw mine Astrological

Judgment: This way and manner have I practiced, and found successe answerable: And whereas Bonatus and some others doe give warning that the Astrologian judge not his owne Question, and say he cannot tell how to accept of a question from himselfe; this I conceive was his reason, Because he thought the Artist would be partiall to himselfe in his judgment: Verily I am of a contrary opinion and have found by many experiments, that at what all manner of QUESTIONS.

hour the mind or intention of the Astrologer is heavily perplexed with or concerning the successe of any matter wherein himselfe is really concerned, I say he may with great reason accept of that hour for the true time of erecting his Scheame of Heaven, and he may (if not partiall) as well judge of that Figure erected by himselfe, as of any other; but herein I advise him to lay aside all love and partiality unto his owne Cause.

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