Judgment upon the preceding Figure

The Ascendant doth represent the shape and forme of him that asked the Question, with consideration had to Saturn Lord of the Signe; and as both the Signe ascending and Lord thereof are of a dry quality and nature, so was the Querent, leane, spare of body, and a reall Saturnine man, &c.

Taurus is the Ascendant of the 3rd House, and Venus being Lady of the Signe, did represent the absent Brother, or party inquired after: the Moon in regard she neither applyed to one significator or other, had not much to doe in this Question, I mean in description of the parties..

For as much as Venus significatrix of the Quesited is no manner of way afflicted either by Mercury who is Lord of the eight in the figure, or by Mars who is Lord of the eight as to the Ascendant of the quesited, and that the seperation of the Moon was good, viz. from a Dexter of Jupiter, and her next application to a Conjunction of Sun, upon the Cuspe of Medium Coeli, I judged the absent Brother was alive and had no manner of casualty happened unto him, but was in good health. Having judged the man to be alive, there needs no proceeding to judgment of the rest of the first Quere.

When Heare of him.

You see Venus is Lady of the 3rd, and Saturn is Lord of the Ascendant; if you consider the Signes they are in, and the severall degrees of each Planet in the Signe; you shall observe, that as well the Significator of the absent Brother, who is Venus, as Saturn Lord of the Ascendant doe apply to each other by a friendly Trine; for Saturn though a ponderous Planet, yet being Retrograde and in more degrees of the Signe then Venus, does by Retrogradation apply to meet her: a very good argument that the Querent should heare newes of his Brother very suddenly; and if you looke into the Ephemeris of Eickstadius 1645, Nov.7, you shall finde the true time of the Trine aspect betwixt Saturn and Venus to be at five of the clocke the same day the Question was asked in the afternoon; but with reduction to our London Meridian a little after foure: I therefore advised the Querent to goe to the Carriers of those Countries where he knew his Brother had been, and aske of them when they saw the quesited; for I told him, it was probable he should heare of him that very day; upon the reason onely because the Significators of both parties met by a friendly Trine, He has since confidently affirmed, that about the very moment of time, viz. about four, a Carrier came casually where he was, and informed him his Brother was in health and living.

Where He Was.

His Journey was into the West; at time of the question I find Venus the quesited his Significatrix, leaving Sagittarius a Northeast Signe, and entring Capricorn a South Signe: whereupon I judged he was in the South-east part of the Country unto which he went; and because Venus was not farre removed from the Ascendant, but was in the Oriental quarter of Heaven, I judged he was not above one or two dayes journey from London; and because Venus was departing the Signe Sagittarius, and entring the Signe Capricorn, wherein she has essentiall Dignities by Triplicity and Terme, I judged the man was leaving the country and place where he last was, and wherein he had no Possessions or Habitation, and was coming to his own house in London, wherein he all manner of QUESTIONS.

had good propriety; in regard that Venus wanted one degree of getting out of Sagittarius, I judged he would be at home in lesse then one week; for Sagittarius is a Bicorporeal, Common Signe, and one degree in that Signe, and in the nature of this question, might well denote a week.

But he came home the Tuesday following, when the Moon came to the body of Venus, she being then got into Capricorn to her owne Termes, and into her Diurnall Triplicity.

There being an amicable aspect betwixt the two Brothers Significators, viz. Saturn and Venus, these two Brothers alwayes did, and doe agree lovingly: This which has been said is enough concerning the judgment of this question; vary your judgment according to the position of your Significators and matter propounded, and by this method you may judge of anything propounded belonging to this 3rd house.

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