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You may see in the judgments appertaining to this house how to judge of this question; however, I did follow the Method succeeding, and considered onely the plurality of testimonies, Masculine or Feminine, of the proper Significators, and thereby gave resolution.

Arguments of a Girl

Virgo Capricorn Moon Mercury

Signe of Ascending Signe of 5th in a Signe Lord of Ascendant W/Venus, a Planet

Feminine Feminine Feminine Feminine

Significations of a Male Child


Lord of Ascendant


in a Signe


Lord of 5th, Planet



Lord of 5th, Signe



in a house



in a house



Lord of the House



in a Signe



Applying to Mars


His Square, and Mars

A Planet

You see here are 8 testimonies of a Male Conception, or of Being with child of a Sonne, and but four of a Female; I therefore affirmed, that the Lady was impregnated of a Man child, (and so it proved.)

The Resolution of

How long ere she should be Delivered.

The Signe of the 5th, viz. Capricorn, is moveable, so is Aries, wherein both the Lord of the Ascendant and 5th are posited; these argued but a short time: but because Saturn Lord of the 5th is a ponderous Planet, and of slow motion, I much valued him in this Judgment, so did I the Moon, because she was posited in the Signe of the 5th; I took their proper difference in degrees and minutes each from other:

Locus Saturn in 24:37 Aries Both Cardinal Signs

Locus Moon in 9:50 Capricorn

The distance of the Moon from the Square aspect of Saturn is, as you may find by subtraction of the Moon, from Saturn 14. degrees, 47. minutes.

I then subtracted Mercury his distance from the body of Saturn, because he was Lord of the Ascendant, and Saturn Lord of the 5th.

Saturn 24:37 Aries

Mercury 11:00 Aries

Distance 13. degr. 37.min. so that finding no greater difference betwixt the distance of the Moon to the Square of Saturn, and the Conjunction of Mercury with Saturn, then 1 degree and 10 minutes; I gave for every degree one week, and so judged, that about fourteen weeks from the time of the Question, she should be delivered.

The truth is, she delivered the 11th of July following, at what time Mars transited the degree ascending, and Mercury Lord of the Ascendant, the Opposite place of the Moon, viz. the 9th of Cancer: You may further observe that the Sun the same day is in 27.48 Cancer, viz. in perfect Square to his place in our Figure, and the Moon in Cancer in Conjunction with Mercury.

Of The SIXT House, and It's QUESTIONS.

Viz. Sicknesse, Servants, Small Cattle.


Judgment of Sicknesse by Astrology

That which I hold convenient to write of Sicknesses, is thus much:

That in the first place, we aught to carefully take the exact time of the parties first falling sick, viz. the house as neer as can be had, not that moment when first the patient felt a smatch of it, but that very time when first he was so ill, or so extremely oppressed, that he was enforced to take his Bed, or to repose.

Secondly, if that cannot be had, then accept of that time when the sick parties Urine was first carried to somebody, to enquire of the Disease, whether the party enquired of was a Physitian or not.

Thirdly, if no such thing can be had, let the Physitian take the time of his own first speaking with, or accesse to the Patient, or when first the Urine was brought unto him, let a Figure be erected accordingly, and the place of the Moon exactly rectified to the very houre; and then to know where the Disease is, let him carefully observe:

First, the Ascendant, what Planet or Planets are therein placed. Secondly, the 6th house, and what Planet or Planets are therein posited. Thirdly, the Signe and house wherein the Moon is. Fourthly, how she is afflicted or affected, by what Planet, in what house that Planet is, what house of the Figure that Planet is Lord of.

What part of the Body is afflicted; wherein you consider?

If the 1st house be afflicted by the presence of an evill Planet

The Resolution of and he Retrograde, Combust, Peregrine, slow in motion, or in Square or Opposition to any Planet who is Lord of the 4th, 6th, 8th or 12th, the Disease is then in the Head, or in that or those parts of the Body which the Planet or Planets signifie in that Signe then ascending, which you may see by the Table beforegoing page 119, as if the Signe ascending be Cancer, and Saturn therein, you may judge, the sick party is afflicted in the Head, or such Diseases as are incident to the Head, because that 1st house signifies in mans Body the Head, and is now afflicted by the position of Saturn in that house: but you shall also judge the sick party is Diseased with a Loosenesse or Flux in the Belly, or an imperfection in the Reynes or Secrets, or troubled with cold, raw Matter in his Stomack, because Saturn in Cancer doth signifie those members, or else with some rotten Cough; and your judgment herein shall be more certaine, and I dare say infallible, if either the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon, or Lord of the 6th be in a Signe, and therein signifie that very member which Saturn doth, or if the Signe of the 6th represent that member..

The same course and manner which I have directed in the ascendant, I would have observed in the 6th house, viz. the Signe of the 6th, the Planet or Planets therein placed, what member of mans Body they represent in the Signe wherein they are posited, from whom the Lord of the 6th last separated, to whom he next applies: Together with these, observe carefully the Signe and house wherein the Moon is, the separation and application, and you may then descend to give judgment in what part of the Body the sick party is grieved, and of what nature and quality the Sicknesse is of, or what humour is most predominant and peccant.

From what cause the Sicknesse is. Generally observe:

The Significators in Signes fiery, and the Signes ascending in the 1st, and decending in the 6th of the same nature, shew Hectick Feavers, and that Choller is predominant in this Sicknesse.

The Significators in earthly Signes, argue long and tedious Agues, or Feavers of great continuance, of such Diseases as may occasionally proceed from Melancholly, Consumptions, &c.

The Significators in ayery Signes, shew the Blood purified or corrupted, Gouty Diseases, Leprosies, the Hand and Foot Gout.

The Significators in moyst Signes, declare the Disease to proceed from some cold and moyst cause or causes, and shewes Coughs, rottennesse in the Stomack, and that those parts are disaffected, &c

Diseases signified by the Houses.


1st Head, Eyes, Face, Eares, stinking Breath, sore Mouth, and Noli me tangere.

2nd Throat, Neck, Kings—Evill

3rd Shoulders, Armes, Hands.

4th Stomack, Brest, Lungs.

5th Back, hind part of Shoulders, Stomack, Liver, Heart, Sides.

6th Lower part of the Belly, Guts, Liver, Reynes

7th Hammes, Flank, small Guts, Bladder, Matrix, members of Generation.

8th Back-bone, Arse, Groine.

9th Huckle-Bone, or, the Hips.

10th Knees, Hamme of ones Leg behind the Knee.

11th Shank, Legge from the Knee to the Ancle Shin-Bone.

12th Feet, and all Diseases incident to them.

Diseases signified by the Signes.

Aries All Diseases incident to the Head (as in the 1st house is signified) and such as proceed or have originall from Choller, small Pocks, Pushes, Pimples. Taurus Diseases in the Neck and Throat, having their beginning from Melancholly, as in

2nd house.

Gemini Shoulders, Armes, Hands, proceeding from Blood distempered.

Cancer Scabbiness, Cancers in the Brest, Hurts in the Brest, ill Digestion in the Stomack,

Spleen, Lungs, Upper part of the Belly, Cold and Moisture being the cause, Surfets, &c.

The Resolution of

Leo Back-bone, Sides, Ribs, Heart, Lower part of the Brest, such infirmities as proceed from Choller and excesse of Blood.

Virgo Shows Melancholly Diseases in the Intestines, and Bellyakes Fluxes, &c.

impediments in the Miseraicks, Wind-chollick.

Libra Great Heats in the Back, or the Stone in the Reines or Kidneys, Surfets by drinking or eating, or from too much Venery, Diseases in the Buttocks, Joints, Hammes and Haunches.

Scorpio The Groin and parts about the privy Members, the Arse, Bladder, Pyles, Stones in the Bladder, Strangury

Sagittarius The Hippes, Hammes, Buttocks, Fistula's, Itches, Sciatica's.

Capricorn The Knees, back part of the Hammes, Scurfs and Itches in and about the Knees, proceeding of Melancholly.

Aquarius The Legs, Shin-Bone and Calves of the Legs, with the Ancles.

Pisces The Ancle-bone and Feet, Gouts, Swellings in those parts.

Diseases Of The Planets.

Saturn Is Significator of these Diseases; of noyse or rumbling in the right Eare arid Head,

Deafnesse, Tooth-ach, paine in the Bones, in the Bladder, all cold Diseases proceeding from a deflux of the Humours, the Gout, Scab, Melanchollick, infirmities, Leprosie, Palsie, Consumption, black-Jaundies, quartan Agues, the Iliack-passion, Dropsie, Chin-coughs, Catarres of Rheums falling upon the Lungs and Pectorals.

3upiter The Lungs, Ribs, Grissels, Liver, the Pulse, the Seed, Arteries, Apoplexies,

Pluresies, wringings at the Heart, Convulsions, Inflamations of the Liver, Diseases in the Head, prickings and shootings neer or upon the Ridgebone, all windinesse in the Veines and body, or any Diseases arising from putrification in the Blood, &c.

Mars The left Eare, Gall, Reines, Privities and Stones, the Plague, wounds in the Face,

Imposthumations, burning-Feavers, yellow-jaundice, Carbuncles, Fistula's, Epilepsies, bloody-Flux, Calentures, St. Anthonies Fire.

all manner of QUESTIONS.




The Braine, Heart, Eye-sight, right Eye of a man, left eye of a woman, Cramps, Swoonings or sudden tremblings at the Heart, the Cardiack Passion, Fluxes in the Eyes, Catarres, red Choller.

The Matrix, Genitals, Paps, Throat, Liver, Sperme, or Seed in man or woman, Suffocations or Defections in the Matrix, Pissing Disease, Gonorrhea, Debility in the Act of Generation, Strangury, weakness of Stomack and Liver, French or Spanish Pocks, imbecility or desire to vomit, or that Disease when presently after eating, all comes up againe.

The Braine, Spirit, Fancy, Imagination, Speech, Tongue, Fingers, Hands, privation of Sense, Madnesse, Lethargy, Stammering, Hoarsenesse, Coughs, falling Evill, aboundance of Spettle, &c.

Left Eye of Man, right Eye of woman, the Braine, the Small Guts, the Bladder, Taste, falling Sicknesse, Palsie, Collick, Menstrues in women, Apostems, Fluxes of the Belly, viz. Loosness, and all coagulated, crude Humours in any part of the Body

From what proceeds, it's easy to discover both the member afflicted, quality of the Disease, it's cause and original rise; which being well considered, it's requisite you be able to aquaint the sick party of the length or shortness of his Disease, and its time of accesse or recesse, the better to comfort him if life be ordained, or to make him more penitent and prepared for Heaven, if you see apparent testimonies of death.

Whether the Disease will be long or short.

Herein you must have respect to the time of the yeer in the first place, and to consider, that Sicknesses happening in the Winter are usually more long, and of long continuance; in the Summer more short; in the Spring they are reputed healthfull; in the Autumn, for the most part Diseases mortall and pernicious are stirred up.

Also cold and dry Diseases which proceed from Saturn, or which he

The Resolution of stirs up, or is the Author of, are more permanent and long, and generally are regulated by the Sun: hot and dry Diseases, which are procreated from the influence of Mars and the Sun are but short, and are determined by the motion of the Moon: Saturn produceth chronick Infirmities; Jupiter and Sun short; Mars more short, violent and quick; Venus a meane betwixt both; Mercury divers and unconstant; the Moon such as do againe revert, as the Falling-Sicknessee, Giddinesse, Swimming of the Head, Gout, &c.

Signs of a long or short Sicknesse.

If the Signe of the 6th be fixed, expect a long Disease; a moveable Signe, short continuance, a common Signe, a mediocrity, neither too long or too short, but for the most part, an alteration of the Disease, and returne of it againe.

The last degrees of any Signe being upon the cusp of the 6th house, the Disease is almost at an end, or is either altering for better or worse: fixed Signes do argue the humour not to be expulsed without much time and difficulty.

When the Lord of the 6th is of evill influence, and placed in the 6th, it's an ill Omen, or an unlucky Signe of a durable and great Sicknessee: but if in the like nature a Fortune be there, the Disease will soon be cured, nor is it mortall: When the Lord of the 6th is stronger than the Lord of the Ascendant, the Disease is like to encrease, advise the Patient to take fit remedies, for nature is weaker then the Disease; but is the Lord of the 6th house be more weak then the Lord of the Ascendant, then be assured nature will be able to overcome the malignity of the Disease, without much assistance of the Physician: When Saturn is Lord of the 6th house, and fixed in the Signe he is in,, he extremely prolongs the Disease; if he be Retrograde or slow in motion, he performs the same; but if he be in a moveable Signe and in any of his Termes, or Swift in motion, he is not then much unfortunate, or will he greatly prolong the Disease: a moveable Signe in the 6th, and the Moon likewise, and no impediment otherwise appearing, the Disease continues but a while; common Signes do continue longer any infirmity, except Pisces, for that being upon the cusp of the 6th, I ever found it equivalent to a all manner of QUESTIONS.

moveable Signe: If the Moon apply by ill aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant, the Disease encreases; if the Moon be in the 6th in ill aspect with Venus, the sick may thank himselfe for his Disease, he is a disorderly fellow, and of ill Dyet; and if Venus be in Scorpio, &c, he has got a clap of some uncleane woman; if a woman asks, she has too great Flux of Whites or Reds, or the Disease is occasioned by her owne Folly, &c,

If the Lord of the 6th apply to the Lord of the Ascendant by Square or Opposition, the Disease is encreasing, and is not yet at his height or full growth; so also the Lord of the 6th in the 8th or 12th, is an ill argument and great presumption, that the party sick must be more afflicted before his Disease leave him:

If an Infortunate Planet be in the 6th, and is removing out of one Signe into another, the Disease will speedily alter: if it's desired When, or how long it may be before it does so? then see how many degrees the malevolent Planet wants ere he can get out of the Signe, and thereby judge so many Monthes, Weeks or Dayes according to the nature and quality of the Signe: if the Lord of the 6th be Retrograde, Combust in the 8th or 12th, and in Square, Opposition or Conjunction with Saturn, Mars, or Lord of the 8th or 4th of the Figure, he prenotes much infirmity, a long continued and sudden alteration of the Disease from better to worse, if not Death it selfe; the Lord of the 6th in the 8th, and the Lord of the 8th in the 6th, there being also a Sextile or Trine aspect betwixt both Significators, you shall not doubt of the death of the Patient at that time, for the Heavens do declare that Nature is not yet overcome, or so weak, but that the sick shall overcome it: if there happen any Trine, Sextile or Conjunctions betwixt the Lord of the 6th and Jupiter, and he in the 9th, and the Moon separate from the Lord of the 6th to Jupiter, so in the 9th house posited, it's an assured argument, that the Medicines which the Physitian precribes, or which the Patient has already taken, have caused the party to be very sick at time of their taking, and whilest they operated, and that the Medicines wrought effectually in the outward parts of the body, but afterwards the sick felt great comfort, and has found great emendation in the parts of the Body, afflicted at time of his first being ill; either Saturn or Mars, or any unfortunate Planet in the 6th, threatens great danger in the Sicknesse, yet

The Resolution of if he be Nell affected or essentially fortified, he hurts little; and you may rather judge, the Disease is happened casually and suddenly, then upon any prepared matter in the Body beforehand, therefore let the sick be of good comfort: so likewise when you find a Benevolent Planet well fortified in the 6th, and he not author of the Disease, you may safely judge, the Disease is not, or will not be permanent.

Many times it happens that in some Country-townes, people are afraid of Witches; If the Lord of the 12th be in the 6th when mistrust is had by any such Querent, it's a strong argument the supposition is true, that the party is vexed by an evill Spirit, or by Fascination; when you find in the Question of a sick party, the Lord of the 6th in the Ascendant, and the Lord of the Ascendant in the 6th, you may give judgment the Disease has been of long continuance, and will continue untill one of the Significators get out of the Signe wherein he is; and if it happen, at the time of the Planets transit out of the Signe into another, he meet with the Square or Opposition of the Lord of the 4th or 8th, or with the oppressing or malicious aspect of Saturn or Mars, and they slow in motion, in Signes odiously beholding or aspecting another, it's a very great Signe the sick will then depart this Life; when you find the Lord of the 6th afflicted by the Square or Opposition of the Lord of the Ascendant in Azimen degrees, a sig. for the Physitian, the Disease is uncurable, and the sick party continually pained: When the Lord of the 6th is in the Ascendant, the Disease will continue, but the paine doth slacken and seems quite removed at same times, or the Patient sometimes is not sensible of the paine: but if he be in a Cadent house, the Disease is neither very grievous, or will it endure any long space of time; so also good Planets in the 6th do promise a good end of the Disease; evill the contrary: Usually a malignant Planet in the 6th, shew his Disease unsettled, so doth also the Lord of the 6th if he be in the 6th, 8th or 12th, denotes a Disease not easily curable; if the Lord of the Ascendant and Moon be 'free from the Square, Opposition, or Conjunction of Saturn or Mars, or any other infortunate Planet, and be Direct, free from Combustion, swift in motion, not Peregrine, or in his Fall or Detriment, or in the 8th or 6th, or in any aspect with the Lord of the 12th house, 6th or 8th, it's

All manner of QUESTIONS

faire signification of health and recovery; when the Lord of the Ascendant is in the 4th or 8th and is not afflicted, he shall not signifie death, but recovery; but if he be unfortunate in the 4th, it notes great difficulty ere the party be cured; but if the Lord of the Ascendant be himselfe unfortunate, either in his house, or by Retrogradation, Peregrine, Combustion, or be in his Fall or Detriment, it's possible be may be cured, but within a short time after he will relapse, dye or fall into some desperate infirmity; when also the Lord of the Ascendant is infortunated by the Lord of the 6th or 12th, and in bad aspect of the Moon, there's danger in the Disease threatened; above all, have a care if Saturn be Lord of the Ascendant, and in his Dignities, slow, diminished in light, Retrograde, for then the Patient or Querent will be long sick; judge contrary of the signification of Saturn when otherwayes qualified..

The Lord of the Ascendant in an Angle, having no configuration to any malevolent Planet, but being in benevolent house of Heaven, and under the Sun Beames, or Retrograde, you may judge the Querent is in no danger at this time: When the Lord of the Ascendant be swift in motion, and entering into another Signe, or going out of his owne house into another, so it be not into the Signe of the 6th or 12th, the Disease will quickly determine: If the Lord of the Ascendant be not afflicted in himselfe, or by any ill aspect of the malevolent Planet or Planets of a contrary nature unto himselfe, but is swift in motion, and in some goad aspect with the Fortunate Planets, it's a strong argument that the nature of the Diseases or Querent is nothing diminished, but is able to overcome the malignity of the Disease, and that in a very short time; but if the Significator of the sick be afflicted powerfully, it's a Signe of a strong fit of Sicknesse; the greater it will be, when the Significator of life is more weak then the Planet afflicting: if all the Significators of the Diseases be in fixed Signes, it prenotes a great space of time before the Patient can be cured, nor will the cure be easily perfected; when the Lard of the Ascendant is applied unto by a malevolent Planet, it retards the cure, prolongs the infirmity, though at present great hopes appeare; so doth also the Moon when

The Resolution of she is slow in motion, and goeth in 24 hours lesse than her meane motion, and be in any aspect or Conjunct with the Lord of the Ascendant; but if she be swift the sure is performed presently, or effected in a little time; for the most part when the Moon decreases in light and motion, and comes to the Conjunction, Square or Opposition of Saturn, unless the Disease be in its decrease and leaving the Patient or Querent, it's I say, very mortal and dangerous: When the Moon is in Conjunction with a Planet that is Orientall, Direct and Swift, expect a short Sicknesse; joyned to a Retrograde or Planet Occidentall, look for' the contrary.

When you find Scorpio Ascending, you may for the most part judge, the party was cause of his owne infirmnesse, either by peevishness, folly, choller or the like; and your judgment will be more firme, if Mars be then placed in Scorpio: If both the Luminaries be in Cadent houses, and the Planet or Planets that are their Dispositors be unfortunate, the Querent may expect a terrible Sicknesse; if the Fortunes assist in judgment, yet will the Sicknesse be of long continuance, and of a sharp Disease, prove chronick, yet beyond all expectation, the sick party will recover; and the more confident in your judgment, by how much more strong the Fortunes are Dignified above the Infortunes; when you find Mars Lord of the Ascendant and posited in the 6th house in Sextile or Trine with Venus, Nay, but if he be in Square or Opposition of Venus, there's no great danger.

If the Lord of the 6th be Combust or Retrograde, in his Fall or Detriment, and in the 8th, in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of Saturn or Mars, you may doubt, and not unjustly, that the Disease will never leave the sick party till death; and if the Moon have equall testimony to the former Significators, viz. if she also apply to the Square, Opposition or Conjunction of the Lord of the 8th, your former judgment will be very certaine; if either the Moon or Lord of the Ascendant be in Square, Conjunction or Opposition to a benevolent Planet, Retrograde, the sick will recover, but not in haste, for it's an argument for the prolongation of the Disease, and relapsing out of one Disease into another: When you find the Moon receded from Opposition of the Sun, to be swift in motion, and hastens to the Square or Opposition of Mars it will come to passe, that the Disease which the Querent now undergoes, will be grievous and mortall; but if she Salute at the same time the Sextile or Trine of Jupiter or

Venus, the sick shall recover. There's usually no danger if the Moon at time of the Question be strong, and the Lord of the Ascendant free from misfortune, and in no aspect to the Lord of the 6th, yet when the Moon at time of the Question applies to Saturn, or is impedited, it's an ill Omen and Signe of a Sicknesse at hand, and that the Querent mistrusts his owne health is sick, but knowes not where to complain, or in what part of the Body the infirmity is placed.

At the time of ones first lying down, if the Moon be placed in the Ascendant, in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of Saturn or Mars, or any of the unfortunate Planet, it's a Signe of ill, and shews ill, unless the Moon be in reception with the Planet or Planets so afflicting: It's very considerable to observe at the time of the question, what Signe the Moon is in: if in a Fixed, expect a long fit of sicknesse; in a moveable Signe, quick dispatch; in a Common or Double-bodied Signe, the Disease will not be very difficult to cure, but somewhat long in curing: and thus much more you must consider, that if there be translation of light (from that Planet who is Dispositor of the Moon, and he unfortunate) to the Lord of the Ascendant, or Signe Ascending, it gives great suspicion that the Querent will have a sharp sicknesse, according to the nature of the Signes and Planets signifying the infirmity.

Testimonies that the Querent shall live and not dye of the infirmity now afflicting.

When it is demanded seriously, if you conceive the Querent shall escape Sicknesse he now languishes under, or shall live, you must carefully have recourse to your Figure erected, and therein observe these rules following: That if the Moon be separated from a malevolent, weak Planet (that is ill dignified) and is applying to a Fortune powerfully strong, the sick party will be restored to former health; where Saturn is Orientall of the Sun, and Significator of the Disease, it proceeding from Cold (which is the true nature of Saturn without mixture) the Patient will recover; if you find in like case, that Saturn is Occidentall, and the generall Significators do incline or manifest, that the Disease is more of Heat than Cold, the sick will also be

The Resolution of recovered; yet you must ever understand, that Saturn is unlucky when he is Occidentall &c. For the Disposition of Mars, you shall find, that after his Opposition with the Sun, that is, when he is Occidentall, he is not so much to be feared (viz. his evill influence) as when he is Orientall; for the Conjunction of the Moon with Mars is dangerous, and an argument of a strong sicknesse at hand, his Opposition or Square aspects do less mischiefe; the Moon doth more hurt in her encrease then in her decrease, so doth Mars being Orientall, more then when Occidentall.

When you find there is any reception betwixt the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 8th, and neither of then infortunated by the malignant Planets, after desperation, there will be recovery: The Lord of the Ascendant in reception of the Lord of the 8th by House or Triplicity, the Fortunes afflicting either with their Trine or Sextile the degree Ascending or the 6th house, or the Moon her selfe, there's no danger of death, but the sick will perfectly recover; so also, when the Lord of the ascendant shall happen to be a benevolent Planet, and posited in the 1st, 10th, 11th, 5th or 3rd house, being no wayes endangered by the Square or Opposition configuration of the Malevolents, it prenotes sanity: so doth also the position of the Fortunes in the Mid—Heaven or 1st house, at what time the sicknesse first assaulted the sicke person, nothing is a more sure argument of health, or that the party sick shall live, then when you find the Sun, Jupiter, Venus or the Moon in the ascendant of the question, not any wayes damnified led by the hatefull aspect of the Lord of the 8th or 6th; and this argument is more certaine, if the aforesaid Significators be in good Signes, that is, in either of Jupiter his houses, or in Cancer or Leo, Libra or Taurus: When the Moone is in her owne house, or in the house of Jupiter or Venus, and there in either of their aspect, free from any ill aspect of Saturn or Mars, she signifies health and life.

It's a good argument of recovery, when in your Question you find the Moon in Conjunction with Jupiter, let Jupiter be in what Signe he will it denotes good, but less in Capricorn then in any other Signe, for neither the Moon or Jupiter have any delight therein, that Signe being the Fall of Jupiter and Detriment of the Moon; in very deed, no Planet delights to be in the Signe wherein he Fals, or is he able therein to express the strength of his influence. When the Moon is applying to the Lord of the ascendant by a Trine or Sextile aspect, and she be cleer of all misfortune, or not impedited by the Lord of the 8th, or 6th especially, health and life are promised: Safety is also to be expected, when the Moon shall be well affected and posited in a Succeding house, provided, she be encreasing in light and motion, and not neer the bodies of Saturn or Mars, or infected with their

Rayes: The Moon either in the 1st, 10th, 11th, 9th, 2nd, 3rd or 5th, in Trine or Sextile with the Lord of the ascendant, or with his Antiscion, Yea; if he be a malevolent Planet, so that neither the Lord of the ascendant. or the Moon have any other impediment, it doth argue life.

When at the first falling sick of the infirme Body, the Moon is voyd of course, and at her next Crisis meets with a Sextile or Trine of Jupiter or Venus, in that very degree which makes a perfect crisis, the sick shall recover, but he never so much pained or grieved at the time of demanding the Question or accesse of the urine: when in the first beginning or approach of a Disease, the Sunne, Moon and the Lord of the Ascendant are free from ill aspects of the Infortunes or Lord of the 8th, there needs no feare or suspicion to be made of the death of the then sick person, or when the Benevolent Planets are more potent then the Malevolent, they give assured hopes of life, and invite the infirme person to confide of his escape.

Arguments Of Death.

When the ascendant at time of first falling sick, shall be the 7th house at the Birth, you may feare death, unlesse the Profection of that yeer be the same Signe: What Profection is, you shall know in my Treatise of Nativities; those Signes which are adverse in a Nativity are the Signes of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 12th.

When the 5 Hylegicall places at the hour of Birth, at time of Decumbiture of the sick, as also the Lord of the Ascendant, are oppressed, judge death immediately to follow, unlesse reception intervene betwixt the Infortunes, and the Fortunes interject their comfortable aspects; for then, by a divine miracle as it were the sick party may escape.

He will be infinitely oppressed who in the houre of Mars shall first get an hot Disease, and in the house of Saturn a cold one.

The Lord of the Ascendant and of the Figure Combust, doe undoubtedly declare death, unlesse there is some reception between the Sun and them, such a chance happening, and the Moon proving Fortunate, after all hopes of escape, a little hopes remaines.

The Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon in Conjunction with the Lord of the 8th, without the interposing aspects of the Fortunes, threatens death.

The Lord of the 8th in an Angle, the Lord of the ascendant in a Cadent, is alwayes mortall; the rather if he be an Infortune.

The Application of the Moon to a Planet in the 8th, is alwayes dangerous: The Application of the Lord of the Ascendant unto the Lord of the 8th or unto Malevolent Planets therein, the Moone being any manner of way corrupt, denotes death.

The Moon transferring the light and influence of the Lord of the ascendant to the Lord of the 8th, brings usually death: So also when the Lord of the 8th is in the ascendant, the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon being both afflicted: It also proves fatall when the Lord of the ascendant is infortunate in the 8th, the Moon being then corrupted or very weak, and in no essentiall Dignity: The Lord of the ascendant being Subterranean, and in any aspect to the Lord of the 8th in the 8th, or if he be in the 4th, and the Lord of the 8th in the 4th, and they both in Conjunction, argue death: It's a very ill Signe of life when the Lord of the ascendant is corporally joyned with the Lord of the 4th, 6th, 7th or 12th, it seldome succeeds well with the sick person then.

Having speciall consideration to the Luminary of the time, for according to the well or ill affection thereof you may improve your Judgment. The Lord of the ascendant afflicted of an evill Planet in the 8th, without the benevolent aspect of the Fortunes, the Moon also then vitiated, shews great perill of death, and usually by reason of ill government of the sick party, or some error in his ordering and course in Physick: It's a powerful argument that the sick person will dye, when at time of his first Question to his Physitian, you find the Lord of the ascendant Combust in the ascendant

The Lord of the Ascendant and of the 8th unfortunate, prenote death.

The Lord of the 8th in the 10th house, and Lord of the ascendant in the 4th, 6th or 7th, afflicted of the malevolent Planets, argue death.

A Planet very strong, and placed in the ascendant, if he be Lord of the houre and of the 8th, portends death: If the Lord of the 8th be Retrograde, and in Conjunction, Square or Opposition of the Moon, it shewes death: The Lord of the 8th in the 7th, the Moon and Lord of the ascendant in cadent Houses, infested with ill aspects of Infortunes; and more certaine, if one of the malevolents be Lord of the 8th, or posited in the 8th; some say, if the Moan be in Conjunction with Saturn or Jupiter, the sicknesse will have little good thereby, nor will he escape, unlesse Saturn be Retrograde and Jupiter Direct.

When the Lord of the Ascendant is in Conjunction with the Lord of the 8th, or in Square or Conjunction of a Planet posited in that house, or in the Antiscion of the Lord of the 8th, without the benevolent Sextile or Trine of Jupiter, and at the same time the Moon be anyway afflicted, it's probable the sick will dye; but if the Lord of the Ascendant be in reception with the Planet in the 8th, it's possible he may avoyd death; however, let him be assured a very long and grievous Disease he cannot: If the Moon be with Saturn or Mars, without the assistance of some good aspect from Jupiter and Venus; and if Saturn be slow in motion, or is going Retrograde, it's so much the worse, and it's one argument the sick will dye at that time; if other testimonies concurre, it's more certaine. The Lord of the Ascendant in the 7th, in his Fall, or under the earth in the 4th or 6th, or in other Cadent houses, afflicted by the malevolents, and the Lord of the 8th in the 7th, these are testimonies of death. malevolent Planet neer to the degree ascending, or a violent fixed Starre, viz. Antares in 4 degrees of Sagittarius, Lans Australis about the 9th degree of Scorpio, Palilicium in 4 degrees of Gemini, Caput Medusae in 20 degrees of Taurus, these

The Resolution of prenote death. The Lord of the Ascendant in Leo or Aquarius, in any bad configuration of the Lord of the 6th or 12th, shewes little hope of recovery.. Both the Lights afflicted of Saturn in Angles, give testimony of a tedious long sicknesse; so doth both the Lights, being ill dignified and under the earth, signifie the same. When as also the Sun from the beginning of the Disease shall be corporally afflicted, or by the Square or Opposition of Saturn or Mars impedited, or be in the perfect Antiscion of a malignant Planet, or shall apply and not separate, either death, or an extraordinary long sicknesse succeeds. The Moon after the beginning of the Disease comming to Opposition of the Lord of the Ascendant, and he Retrograde or Combust, argues death, or a sharp disease, not easily curable.. Saturn in Opposition with the Lord of the 8th, the Moon in the 4th with Mars, or Moon in the Ascendant, and neer the degree ascending, are arguments of death. The Moon besieged by the Infortunes, or between Sun and Mars, or between Sun and Saturn, are ill Omens of health. He who fals sick whilest the Moon is under the Sun-Beames, viz. departing from Combustion, his Disease shall encrease till she hath passed the Sun his Opposition; but then if she prove ill affected, and come to an ill aspect of the Lord of the 8th, it threatens death, otherwise he or she will escape..

Any malevolent in the 6th, or any Planet peregrine and unfortunate in that house, shew great danger in the Disease; the Combustion of the Moon in the 8th house, and in Leo, or in Libra, in Square or Opposition to Saturn or Mercury, or in Conjunction with the Pleiades in 24 degrees of Taurus, or other violent fixed Starres, argues death.. The Moon being Lady of the 6th, or of the Ascendant in Combustion, and the Lord of the 8th at the same time afflicted by Conjunction, or ill aspect of Saturn or Mars, shew death.

DARIOT Abridged.

In regard I have ever affected Dariot his Method of judgment in sicknesses, I have with some abbreviation annexed it, in a farre more short way and method heretofore published.

All manner of QUESTIONS.

If the Party be sicke of whom the Question is Demanded.

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