If the Querent shall enjoy the Estate of his Father

You must in this Question give the Ascendant and Lord thereof to the Querent; the 4th house, Lord thereof and Planet posited in the 4th for the Significator of the Father; the personall Estate or Goods moveable of the Father are signified by the 5th house, his Lord, and any Planet accidentally placed in the 5th; if in this Question you find the Lord of the 2nd and Lord of the 5th in reception, the Lord of the 5th being in the 2nd, and the Lord of the 2nd in the 5th, there's no doubt to be made but the Querent shall have a competent fortune out of the Estate of his Father; but if it happen that the Lord of the 5th house be Retrograde, or in some bad aspect of any malevolent Planet, then some part of that Estate the Father intends for the Querent, will be wasted or otherwayes disposed of by the Father; and if you enquire wherefore or upon what grounds, or who shall be the occasion of it? then see what Planet it is that impedites the Lord of the 5th, either by Square or Opposition, or if it be the Sun by Combustion, what house he is Lord of; if it be the Lord of the 6th, it's probable it is one of the Fathers Brothers or Sisters, or some of his Tenants or Neighbours that will perswade the Father to alter his intention, and to diminish part of what he did formerly intend to doe: If it be the Lord of the 7th, it is some Woman or Sweethart, or one the Querent hath been sometimes at variance with, that will withdraw the Parents intention: If it be the Lord of the 12th, it's some sneaking Parson or Parish Priest, or some or other of the Mothers Kindred; now if upon the description of the Party, the Querent is well informed of him or her who it is, and he is desirous to obtain this parties favour or good will, that so he may be lesse malicious unto him, let him then observe, when the Planet who impedites, and the Lord of the Ascendant, are approaching to a Sextile or Trine or Conjunction, and that day that in the Ephemeris he shall find the Moon seperating from the one, and applying to the other, let him, I say, about or at that time endeavour a reconcilement, and it's all manner of QUESTIONS.

not to be doubted that he may obtaine his desires, as I have found many times by good experience.

If the Lord of the 5th dispose of Part of Fortune, and be in the Ascendant or 2nd, the Querent shall obtain his desires which he expects from his Father.

If Jupiter or Venus out of the 5th house cast their benevolent aspects to any Planet in the Querents 2nd, it argues the same.

If the Moon separate from the Lord of the 5th, and either have presently after a Sextile or Trifle to the Lord of the 2nd, or of the Ascendant, it shows strong and assured hopes of aquiring the thing demanded of the Father.

If you find an Infortune in the 4th, not having Dignities there, then you may say the Father hath little left to part with his Money, nor will it be good to move him much, untill that unfortunate Planet be transited out of that Signe; but if you cannot stay so long, observe when that unfortunate Planet is Direct, Swift in Motion, Orientall, and in Sextile or Trine with Jupiter or Venus, or with the Lord of the Ascendant, and then let the Father be moved in the businesse: This I write, where the Querent would have present meanes, and cannot conveniently stay the Fathers leizure: nor do I write, that the observation of those times doe themselves enforce the mind or will of the Father, but that then at those times there's more benevolent inclinations.

If you find the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th, applying by Retrogradation to any good aspect, the Querent will receive some Estate from his Father suddenly, ere he be aware, or when he least thinks of it: now to know, whether the Father love the Querent better than any of his Brothers or Sisters, you must observe, whether the Lord of the 3rd, or any Planet in the 3rd be neerer to, or in better aspect with the Lord of the 4th, then the Lord of the Ascendant is, or if there be any reception betwixt them, viz. the Significators of Brothers and Sisters, or translation of light, and none betwixt the Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 4th, You may then be assured, the Fathers affection stands more to another then to the Querent; the Planet neerest in aspect to the Lord of the 4th, shews the party or person beloved, so do the most powerfull reception of Significators.

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