If the Querent have open Enemies or any Adversaries or many that doe envy him

This is a difficult Question, and yet by Astrologie responsible, but you must justly consider whether the Querent doe demand thus

The Resolution of much, viz. Have I enemies or not? Or, Whether is such a man my adversary? &c.

[But if the Querent doubt his Brother, Father, or Servant; then take Signification from each particular House signifying them.]

If any be nominated, require judgment from the 7th house and Lord thereof: if the Lord of the 7th aspect the Lord of the ascendant, with Square or Opposition, or be in like aspect with the Moon, it's then very probable, the party enquired after doth envy the Querent, and wishes him no good: if the aspect be separated, they have lately been in some contest, or some difference hath been betwixt them; but if they are then applying to a Square or Opposition, the enmity, difference or controversie is approaching, is not yet over, will grow to a greater height then now it is, and the party enquired after, doth what in him lyes to thwart and crosse the occasions of the Querent.. In like manner, consider if the Lord of the 7th be in the 12th from the ascendant, or in the 12th from the place wherein the Moon is, or if the Lord of the 7th be in Conjunction with any Planet, or in any aspect with a Planet who is in Opposition or Square to the Lord of the ascendant or the Moon, without Reception, then the Quesited, or man or woman nominated, is adverse, and an enemy to the Querent, but if it be not so, then he or she enquired after is no enemy.

If the Question be absolute, (as thus) Whether have I enemies yea or no? you must require judgment herein from the 12th house, and see if the Lord of that house be in Square or Opposition to the Moon with or without Reception; if so, then he hath enemies that watch for an opportunity against him, but they doe all things clandestinely and cunningly, and desire to play their part when they can doe it without noyse or rumour of evill, that so they may still goe under the notion of Friends, when as in truth they are trecherous, false and deceitfull: Consider also where and in what house the Lord of the 12th is, say confidently such people, men or women of such a quality or condition, are the Querent's adversaries: Many Planets in the 7th, denotes many enemies [often and ever by me found true.] Many Planets in the 2nd, much want of money, if they are all ill dignified, &c. and so doe in all the rest, observing how many Planets there are in the 7th, and of what houses they are Lords of, or from the houses all manner of QUESTIONS..

whereof they are Lords, from thence doe you require the quality of the people who are enemies, &c. remembering, that the Square aspect shewes envy and malice, yet posible to be reconciled, Opposition aspects with Reception, never, &c.

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