If the Querent and his Brother Neighbour or Sister shall agree or love each other

The Lord of the Ascendant is for him that asks the Question, the Lord of the 3rd for the Brother, Sister or Neighbour quesited after.

If the Lord of the 3rd be a benevolent Planet, or if he be in the Ascendant, or if a fortunate Planet be in the 3rd, or if the Lord of the 3rd and the Lord of the Ascendant be in Sextile or Trifle aspect within the orbs of either Planet, or if they be in mutuall reception, or if the Lord of the 3rd cast his Sextile or Trine to the cusp of the Ascendant, or the Lard of the Ascendant cast his Sextile or Trine to the 3rd house; theres then no doubt but unity and concord will be betwixt the Querent and Brother, Sister, Neighbor or Kinsman quesited after; if a Fortune be in the Ascendant or the Lord of the Ascendant behold the cusp of the 3rd, and the Lord of the Ascendant doe not aspect either the Ascendant, or be in aspect with the Lord thereof, you may judge the Querent to be of good condition, and that there will be no default in him, but that the defect will be in the Brother, Sister, Neighbor or Kinsman quesited after; when either Saturn or Mars or South Node are locally placed in the Ascendant, it shewes the Querent to be evill conditioned, and the fault in him, but if you find either Saturn, Mars or South Node in the 3rd, unlesse in their owne essentiall Dignities, it's an assured evidence the Querent shall expect little good from his Brethern, Sisters, Neighbors, or Kindred, and less if they are Peregrine, Retrograde or Combust, or in any malevolent configuration with any other Planet; for though at the present time of the question, there is appearance of unity, yet will it not continue, but usually mortal hatred or untoward grumbling doth afterward arise.

When Saturn is in the 3rd, or South Node, it signifies the Neighbours are Clownes,the kindred covetous and sparing; if Mars, then Kindred are treacherous, Neighbors theiveish; and this most assuredly when either of them are out of their Dignities Essentiall.

all manner of QUESTIONS..

Of A Brother That is Absent.

The Ascendant and his Lord are the Querents Significator, the cusp of the 3rd house shall be the Ascendant of the Brother that is absent, the 4th the absents house of Substance, and so in o rde r.

Consider in what condition the Lord of the 3rd is in, and in what house, and how the Planets do aspect him, and whether he be in the aspect of the good or evill Planets, and what that aspect is they have to each other, or whether they are in Corporall Conjunction; for if the Lord of the 3rd be in the 3rd and the unfortunate Planets have no Square or Opposition aspect unto him, you may judge the Brother is in health; but if the malignant Planets behold him with a Square or Opposition, without reception, you may say, the Brother lives, is in health, but he is in great perplexity, discontent and sorrow; but if they behold him with the aforesaid aspects, and be in reception, you may say, the Brother is in great distresse, but will with ease evade it, and free himselfe from his present sad condition: but if the Fortunate Planets behold him with a Sextile or Trine aspect, without reception, or with a Square or Opposition with reception, you may Judge the Brother is in good health and is well content to stay in the place where he then is: if the fortunate Planets behold him with Sextile or Trine and with reception, you may tell the Querent his Brother is in health, and wants nothing in this world to make him happy: but if the Lord of the 3rd be in the 4th, which is his own 2nd house, without the aspect of the malignant Planets, he endeavours to get an Estate or fortune in that country wherein he is at the time of the erecting the Scheame; but if the Lord of the 3rd be in the 5th house, and is joyned with the Lord of the 5th house, with reception of a Fortune or not, as long as the Lord of the 5th house is not impedited in any grievous manner, it's an argument the absent brother is in health, is jocund and merry, and well liketh the conversation of the men of that Country wherein he is: if he be a Fortune with whom the Significator of the Brother is in Conjunction with, or in Sextile or Trine with reception, you may then more safely pronounce the Brother to be in a good condition;

The Resolution of yet if the Lord of the 3rd be in the 5th voyd of course, or in perfect Conjunction with any of the infortunate Planets, without reception, and those unfortunate Planets be themselves impedited, it's an argument the absent Brother is indisposed in health, crazy and not contented in the place where he is: if you find the Brother's Significator in other houses which are not naturally ill (as the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are) then he is not well placed, but yet no hurt will come of it.

If the Brother's Significator be found in the 8th house, and is either corporally or by Sextile or Trine aspect joyned to a Fortune, you may judge the Brother is not very well, yet not so ill, that he need any thing doubt of his well being; however, he is indisposed.

If he be joyned to evill Planets by bad aspects, and out of the 6th house, the absent Brother is infirme; the same you may judge if the Lord of the 6th be in the 3rd, unless he have dignities in the Signe, and be in those dignities..

If you find the Brother of the Querent to be ill, see if the Lord of the 3rd be in Conjunction with the Lord of the 8th, or is entering Combustion, it's likely then he will dye of that infirmity; but if you find his Significator in the 7th, say, he is in the same Country in which he went, and not yet gone out of it, he continues there as a Stranger or Sojourner, is neither well or ill, but so-so.

If the Significator be in the 8th, he doubts himself that he shall dye; and the more dubious he is, if his Significator be either combust, or in conjunction with the Lord of the 8th in the 8th, or in aspect by Square or Opposition of the Infortunes out of the 8th.

If the Significator be in the 9th, then is he gone from the place to which he first went into a further Country, or if capable, he is entered into some religious Order, or is imployed by those that are in Order, viz.. Religious Men, or possibly according to his quality, is imployed in some journey far distant from his former aboad.

If his Significator be in the 10th, and joyned by the Conjunction or in aspect with the fortunes by Trine or Sextile aspect, especially with reception, he hath then got some imployment,

Office or Command in the Country where he is, and is in good estimation and lives in a credible way: but if he be joyned to the infortunes, or in Square or Opposition of them, or any other wayes be impedited by them, or Combust in the 10th; it may be feared he is dead.

If he be in the 11th House, joyned to the Fortunes by any good aspect; or if he be in Conjunction with the Lord of the 11th; he is then safe at the house of a friend, and is pleasant and merry: but if evill Planets afflict him in that House, or cast their malevolent beames unto him; then is he malecontented, and not well pleased with his present condition.

If he be in the 12th House, joyned to the Fortunes with reception, and that or those Fortunes not impedited; he then trucks for Horses, or great Cattle, is turned Grasier, or is Master of a Horse, an Hostler, a Drover of Cattle, or one that drives Cattle to Market, according to the quality of the person inquired about.

If he be unfortunate in the 12th, or in bad aspect with the infortunes, or in aspect with the Lord of the 8th, or Combust; the man is discontent, and doubts he shall never see his Country againe; and well he may, for its probable he will dye there.

If he be in the 1st, the absent Brother is frolicke and merry, and extreame well pleased where he is; and they much love and respect him where he is.

If he be in the 2nd, it's probable the man can by no means come away; either he is detained as prisoner, or hath done some such act as that he is not capable of coming away; yet if the Significator be Retrograde, he will make hard shift to escape when ever opportunity is offered.

I have been somewhat more tedious in this judgment, because it is as a Key to all the rest: For if any ask of their Father being absent, let the 4th house be the Ascendant of him, and so run around the 12 houses in your judgment for the Father as you have done for the Brother, ever having this Consideration, that the 2nd House from the Ascendant of your Question, is the substance of the Quesited; the 3rd from that shall signifie his Brethern;

the 4th his Father: If inquiry be made for a Childe, or Sonne, or Daughter absent, the 5th house is their Ascendant; the 6th their 2nd House, then the 7th their 3rd, &c.

If one aske of a Servant, the 6th House is his 1st House or Ascendant; the 7th his 2nd or House of Substance, and so orderly as is before specified: and you must understand that although every House has his 6th, 8th House and 12th House, yet in every one quesited after, the 6th House of the Figure shall signify his infirmity, the 8th his death, the 12th his imprisonment; only you must know how to vary your Rules, wherein principally consists the Master-peece of the Art..

Of Reports, Newes, Intelligence, or Feares, whether true or false, or in what sense its best to take them? Whether they signifie good or evill?

The manner of understanding this Question, and taking it in its proper sense, is diversly related by the Ancients; for some would make these like Questions to belong to the 5th house; others, to certaine Lords of triplicities, having dominion in the signs ascending or decending on the Cuspes of the 3rd or 5th House. That which I have found true by experience (in our woefull late sad times of Warre) was this; that if I found the Moon in the Ascendant, 10th, 11th, or 3rd House, separated by a benevolent aspect from any Planet (be he Lord of what House soever) and then applying by Trine or Sextile or Conjunction to the Lord of the Ascendant; I say, I did finde the report or rumour true, but alwayes tending to the good of the Parliment, let the report be good or ill; but if at the time of erecting the Figure, the Moon applyed to the Lord of the 7th by any good aspect, I was sure we had the worst, and our enemies the victory:

if the Moon was voyd of course, the Newes proved to be of no moment, usually vaine or meer lyes, and very soon contradicted:

if the Moon and Mercury were in Square aspect or in Opposition, and did not either the one or other, or both cast their favorable Sextile or Trine to the degree ascending, the Newes was false, and reported of purpose to affright us.. For the time when to all manner of QUESTIONS..

take the Question, I ever observed the houre when I first heard the newes or rumour, and tooke that moment of time for the ground of my question; but if another propounded it, then that very particle of hour when it was proposed: however, if at any time upon the like occasion you heare some speech or have some intelligence or report of anything, and would know whether it will be prejudiciall to you, yea or no, then see whether Jupiter of Venus be in the Ascendant, or the Moon or Mercury in any of their essentiall Dignities, in Trine or Sextile to the Lord of the 11th; you may then judge, the newes is such as you or the party enquiring shall receive no detriment thereby: but if you find the Lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th Houses in the Ascendant, or in bad aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant, or Mars or Saturn Retrograde in the Ascendant, or in an evill aspect with the Lord of the Ascendant, or casting their Square or Opposition rayes to the degree ascending, then the Querent shall receive prejudice by the newes he heares, if it concerne him or her self e; or if it concerne the Common—wealth, some dammage has happened to their Ministers or Parties: If Saturn signifie the mischiefe, their poor Country-friends have been plundered, lost their Corn and Cattle; if Mars, then some stragling parties of theirs is cut off; if Mercury, some of their letters have miscarried, or been intercepted; if the Sun be the Significator, their principall Officer or Commander in Chief e is in some distresse, etc., if Jupiter or Venus, the mischiefe fals on some Gentleman, their friends, or such as take part with them.. Herein vary your rules according to the Question..

If Rumors be True or False, According to the Ancients.

Consider the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, and see which of them is in an Angle, or if the Dispositor of the Moon be in an Angle, and a fixed Signe, or if any of these be in any succeedant house and fixed Signe, or in good aspect with the fortunate Planets, viz. in Sextile or Trine of Jupiter, Venus or Sun, you may then judge the Rumours are true and very good; but if you find the Lord of the Ascendant afflicted by the Infortunes, or cadent in house, you must judge the contrary though he strong in

The Resolution of the Signe wherein he is.. Rumors are for the most part true when the Angles of the Figure are in Fixed signs, viz. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and the Moon and Mercury in fixed Signes, seperating from the Infortunes and applying to a fortunate Planet, placed in any Angle. Ill Rumours hold true, if the Angles of the 4th and 10th house be fixed, and the Moon received in them; I say, they will be in some sort verified: If you heare evill newes or bad reports, or have unlucky intelligence, yet if either of the Fortunes be in the Ascendant, or the Moon Unfortunate, it's a strong argument the Rumours are false, and that they will turne rather to good than evil: The Retrogradation of Mercury, or he any other way afflicted, or of that Planet to whom the Moon applies, or to whom Mercury applies, and above all, if either of those two be Lords of the Ascendant, doe signifie the ill Rumours shall vanish to nothing, and shall be converted to good; if the Lord of the Ascendant be under the Sun Beames or Combust, the matter is kept secret, and few shall ever know the truth of them..

Of Counsell or Advice given, whether it be for good or evill.

Sometimes a Neighbour, Kinsman or Friend takes occasion to come visit their Friends, with intention and pretension to give them good advice, or perswade them to such or such a matter, &c., if you would know, whether they intend really, yea or no, erect your Figure for the moment of time when first they begin to break their minds unto you; then consider if there be in the Medium Coeli, 10th house a fortunate Planet, viz. Sun, Jupiter or Venus, or else North Node, or the Moon applying to the Lord of the Ascendant, then judge they come with an honest heart, and the advice they give is intended for your good: If an Infortunate, viz.. Saturn, Mars or South Node, they intend deceitfully, and are lyars. Haly doth further affirm, that if the Signe ascending be a moveable Signe, and the Lord of the Ascendant, and the Moon in moveable Signes, he is trecherous fellow, and comes with deceit to entrap you.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Whether the Querent Have Brethren or Sisters.

Although this is better resolved from the proper Nativity of the Querent, then the Question; yet you may observe these rules, which I have found true by experience.

Viz. If you find upon the cusp of the 3rd house a fruitfull Sign, as Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (Aquarius, Sagittarius or Gemini, though these are not so fruitful as the other) yet you may judge he hath Brethren or Sisters; Brother or Brethren, if a Masculine Signe be there, and the Lord thereof in a Masculine Signe or house, or in aspect with a Masculine Planet: Sister or Sisters, if the Feminine Signe and Planet be in the 3rd, or the Significators in Feminine Signes or Houses, and in Conjunction or application to Feminine Planets; some say, so many Planets as are in the house, or that the Lord of the 3rd is in aspect with, so many Brothers or Sisters the Querent has; but I ever held it too scrupulous to require such particulars from a Question: the unity amongst Brethren or Kindred, wither in the present or future, is discernable by the last aspect the Lord of the 3rd, and the Lord of the Ascendant were in, or by the happy positure of Benevolent or malignant Planets in the Ascendant or 3rd; for where the Fortunes are placed, from there it may be expected all unity and concord from that party: from the Querent, if they be in the Ascendant: from the Brother, Sister of Kindred in generall, if the Fortunes be in the 3rd.. The ill positure of Saturn or Mars out of their essentiall Dignities in the 3rd, or South Node therein, is a strong argument of untoward and crosse Brethren, Sisters or Kindred, and of no unity betwixt them, but continuall discord, wrangling and jangling, &c,

Of A Short Journey, if good to goe, yea or no; which way intended.

By a short Journey I intend, 20, 30 or 40 miles, or so farre from ones home, as he may goe and come in a day, or at lest on the next; now if you would know whether it will be best for you to goe, yea or not: herein consider the Lord of the Ascendant at the time of propounding the Question, and see if he be swift or slow in motion, or in any of the Dignities of the Lord of the 3rd, or placed in the 3rd, or in Sextile or Trine or Conjunction either with the Lord of the 3rd, or with a Benevolent Planet posited in the 3rd, or if the Moon Apply to the Lord of the 3rd, or to any Planet posited in the 3rd, or be in the 3rd, or cast her Sextile aspect to the Signe ascending, or her Square in Signes of short ascensions, in any house whatsoever, or if she be swift in motion, all, or any of these are arguments, that the party shall goe his short Journey, and with good successe; and if you would know to what part of Heaven the place lyeth whether he goe, consider the Signe of the 3rd house, the Signe wherein the Lord of the 3rd is, and wherein the Moon is, and judge by which of them is strongest in essentiall Dignities where he is; if the principall Significator be in a Northerne Signe, then his Journey is intended North, and so of the rest, with their due limitations.

In November 1645, a citizen of London being gone into the West of England, and no newes for many weeks had where he was, his owne Brother with great importunity moved me to give my judgment concerning these Particulars.

1. If living or dead? if dead, whether killed by souldiers? for at this time our miserable Kingdome was full of Souldiery.

2. If living, when he should heare of him? and where he was?

3. When he would come home?

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