If one shall profit by his Knowledge be it in what kind it will Chymistry Chyrurgery c or if he be perfect

Give the Querent the ascendant, his Lord and the Moon; the 9th house, Planet therein posited, and the Lord thereof for the Science endeavoured to be attained: See if the Lord of the 9th be fortunate or not, Orientall or Occidentall, cadent from an angle, in an angle or succedant house, and whether he behold the Lord of the ascendant or not with Sextile or Trine; if he be a Fortune and behold the Lord of the 1st, the man hath good knowledge in him, and what is reported of the man is true, and he will doe good by his knowledge; and the more if it be with Reception: if the aspect be by Square or Opposition, the man knowes much, but shall doe no good thereby; if an Infortune aspect either the Lord of the 9th or 1st, the man hath wearied himself e, and will doe, but to no purpose, for he shall never attain the perfection of the knowledge he desires,

The Resolution of

Of Science, Cunning or Wisdome in a man, whether it be true or not.

You must give the ascendant to him of whom it is asked, and the 9th house to the Science; and if there be Fortunes in the 9th house, or the Lord of the 9th fortunate, and behold the Lord of the ascendant, judge there is Science in that man: But if in the 9th house there be Infortunes, or the Lord of the 9th infortunate, and behold not the Lord of the ascendant, it doth signifie the contrary, and that there is none, or little knowledge in him.

Behold in what condition the Moon is, with the Lord of the 9th; if they both apply to Fortunes, it signifieth that there is knowledge in the man; but if the apply to Infortunes, it signifies the contrary.

In the 9th house, the Lord thereof be infortunate, nor behold the Lord of the ascendant, it signifies no knowledge in him, or such as by which he will never doe himselfe good, if it concern the Querent: if another body, then the party Quesited.

Of many Persons absent or travelling, in what Condition they are.

It happens sometimes that four or five or more travelling together in a company beyond Seas, or are at places farre distant, and the Querent is willing to heare newes of every one of them: In this case you must desire the Querent to set downe all their names in order, one after another; then observe the Moon her applications first of all, and that Planets to whom she applies; shall signifie the state and condition of the first man in order as he is writ downe; observe in what condition that Planet is in, how posited, how dignified, how and by whom or what Planst aspected, from whom he last separated, unto whom he next applies; accordingly judge of the state and condition, health or welfare of the first Person inquired after. Having performed that worke, then behold the Moon her second application, be it good or ill, and to what Planet, the second Man in order shall partake in his affaires according to the well or ill being of all manner of QUESTIONS.

Planet to whom she doth the second time apply; and so in order, doe for all the rest remaining, ever considereing the Significators Retrogradations, Directions, Combustions of the Planets; and in this manner run them all over by turnes againe, if the Men enquired after be more then seven. In the same order you may doe by a Man inquiring after many Women, & e contra, &c.

To what part of Heaven the Traveller had best direct his Journey.

Although we have in some measure handled this judgement in the Chapter of the 1st house, yet I shall againe briefly mention some further judgements herein, pertinently belonging to this House. If therefore the Querent who is desirious to Travell or take a Journey, shall make this demand, To what part of the World is it best for me to Travell? Doe you herein consider in what quarter of the Figure the fortunate Planets are posited, and where most fortified, you may safely direct the Querent to travell, sojourn or direct his voyage to those parts, as if the fortunate Planet promising happinesse unto him be in the East Quadrant, then direct him Eastward, if in the South Quarter Southward, in the West Westward, in the North Northward, and observe where the most or greatest number of fortunate Planets be placed, to those parts its best to Travell; and as you will elect that part of Heaven for best where the Fortunes are, so disswade from travelling or journying to those parts where the Infortunes are.. In the number of Infortunes; put the South Node; in all Journeys have a speciall care of the 2nd and 8th Houses; for an Infortunate Planet in the 8th portends or signifies little game, or small successe in the Countrey the Traveller is going unto; but a malevolent Planet in the 2nd, intends no great successe in the Countrey, wherein after the voyage is performed the Traveller intends to settle him selfe.. Hence it is, that when elections of times are made for the happinesse of a party in the Countrey he is going unto, that we alwayes put a good Planet in the 8th house. But if we expect to live happily after our returne, then we ever set forth or begin our Journey when a good and fortunate

The Resolution of

Planet is in the 2nd. Beware of Cauda in the 2nd when you returne, or in the 8th when you set forward..

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