If one shall have Children yea or no

When this question is demanded by a man or woman, long before marriage, or by some ancient Batchelour or Maid, Whether they shall have any Child or Children, yea or not? herein generally you are to consider, whether the Signe upon the 5th, or Ascending, be of those we call Fruitfull, yea or no, (viz.. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) and whether the Lord of the Ascendant (be the Signe what it will) or the Moon be in aspect with the Lord of the 5th house, and that aspect be either Conjunction, Sextile, Trine or Square (though Conjunction is not properly an aspect) which if it be so, and the Planet to whom the Lord of the 5th doth Apply, or is in aspect with, be free from Combustion, and other Accidentall or Essentiall misfortunes, it's an argument the good old Batchelour or stale Maid, or whoever propounds the Question, shall have Children or Issue ere they dye; In like case judge, if the Lord of the 5th be in the Ascendant, or else the Moon, or the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon apply to the Lord of the 5th, yet if there be rendering of vertue or light one unto another, or translation of collection by or from the principall Significators, you may still continue your judgment, that the Querent shall have issue, but not so scone, as if it had been forseen by the first manner of judgment. After all this, have respect to the Planet who is receiver of the Disposition of the Significators; who if he be clear from misfortune or affliction, viz. from Retrogradation, Combustion, or Cadency in House, it gives great hopes of issue.. See also if that Planet from whom the Moon is separated the Lord of the 5th Signe from the Signe wherein the Planet is to whom the Moon applies, and both these Planets have any aspects to each other; that also doth testify the party shall have Children or a Childe. If no aspect happen betwixt them, it's not then likely he will have any; and yet some say, that is the above named Planets or Significators be not in any Aspect, yet if the Planet to whom the Moon Applies be in an Angle, the Querent may have Issue.

If a Woman aske, whether she may conceive?

Many times a Woman married, having been long without Children, may inquire, whether she is like to Conceive, yea or no? In this Question you are to consider:

If the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 7th, or the Lord of the 5th in the 1st, or the Lord of the 1st in the 5th, or if the Lord of the 5th be in the 7th, or the Lord of the 7th in the 5th, or the Moon with him, or good Planets in the Ascendant, or with the Lord of the 5th, or in any of the Angles; she may then conceive:

but if none of these testimonies concurre, and you find barren Signes and ill Planets to be in the former places, she neither is at present conceived, or will thereafter conceive. If good and bad Planets be mixed together, she may perhaps conceive or have Children, but they will not live: If Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces be in the Ascendant or 5th, she may have Children; but if Leo or Virgo be there, she neither is at present, or hardly after will be with Child. When women have been long without Children, and propound such a Question, see if their Nativity did not originally deny Children..

At what time, or how long it may be before she have a Childe?

If you finde that according to naturall causes she may have a Childe or Children; and the Querent is desirious to know neer what time: See then where you find the Lord of the 5th house, viz. if in the ascendant or 1st house; then judge the 1st yeere; if in the 2nd house, the 2nd yeere; if in the 10th house, the 3rd yeere; if in the 7th house, the 4th yeere; if in the 4th house, the 5 th yeere. And herein you must be carefull in considering what Signe the Lord of the 5th house is in; for the Swiftnesse of a Planet in a moveable Signe doth somewhat hasten the time; a double bodied Signe doth not manifest so soon; fixed Signes prolong the matter; however, this is worthy of your consideration, that let the Significator be in what Signe he will be, yet if he be swift in motion and direct, he doth make the more haste in performance of the businesse he is a Significator in, and causeth the matter sooner to be accomplished..

Whether the Querent shall have Children, be he Man or Woman that asketh?

Behold the Ascendant, and if fortunate Planets behold the same, and the Lord thereof be in the Ascendant, or in the 10th, 11th or 5th house, and you finde Jupiter also well placed together with that Planet who is Lord of the Triplicity ascending, and he be not Combust or Retrograde; judge then, if the Man aske the Question, he may have Children, or is capable of getting them. If a woman inquires, say, she may Conceive, and is not naturally barren. If the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 4th or 7th, and Jupiter in a good house of Heaven, do you say, the party shall have a Childe a long time after the asking of the Question..

But if you finde the Ascendant afflicted, or infortunated by the Malevolent Planets, and the Lord of the Ascendant in an evill place or House of heaven, and Jupiter Cadent, or in the 8th or Combust, or not fully elongated from the Sunne-Beames; then you shall judge he will have few Children, and they sickly, hardly able to live.. It's also a great Signe of non-conception, or no capacity to conceive, when the Moon is unfortunate.. If you find a Fortunate Planet in the 5th house, or having a benigne aspect to the Cuspe thereof; it gives hope and strong testimony of all manner of QUESTIONS

having a Childe in a little compasse of time; but if an infortune be in the 5th ill dignified, Combust, Retrograde, slow of motion, &c. the Querent will have no Children; but if the infortune be direct and swift, Orientall, and in any of his essentiall dignities, he shall signifie Children; the more Children if Jupiter, Venus or Sun be in Sextile or Trine with him out of good houses: you must ever remember, that the neerer a Fortune is to the Ascendant, the sooner the Querent may expect Children, the more remote the longer time must be allowed. Others observe this rule following, That if Jupiter be in the Ascendant or 5th, and in a Signe which is not barren, it's an argument the Querent may have a Childe; there is also much strength in the Lord of the house; for if he be angular with reception of the Lord of that Angle where he is, or in the 11th or 5th with the like reception, it is a sure testimony of having Children. In all Questions concerning Children, be carefull of the age of the Querent, and some other natural or hereditary infirmity incident to the Querent, and seldome conclude without two testimonies.

If a Man shall have Children by his Wife yea or not, or of any other Woman whom he nominates.

When it is demanded of you by any Man, Whether he shall have any Children by the Wife he hath, or the Woman he mentions; or if a Woman aske if she shall have Issue or Children by such a Man. Behold the Ascendant, his Lord and the Moon, and if the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon be joyned to the Lord of the 5th, you may judge he or she shall have Issue by the party inquired of; if this be not, then see if any translation be from the Lord of the 5th to the Lord of the Ascendant; that's an argument of having Children after some space of time: If the Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon be in the 5th house, he or she may have Children, or the Lord of the 5th in the Ascendant: if none of these be, consider if the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon, and the Lord of the 5th be not joyned to a Planet more ponderous then themselves; for he collecting both their lights, shall be the receiver of their disposition, and shall signifie whether the

The Resolution of

Childe or Children (if any be) shall live or not; if he be not impedited the Children then shall live, but if he be Retrograde, Combust, Peregrine, or otherwise unfortunate, neither will the Children live long, or will the Parents take comfort of these Children. After this, consider Jupiter, who naturally signifieth Children, if he be in the Ascendant, 3rd, 5th, 9th or 11th house, free from all manner of misfortune; you may affirme the Woman shall shortly conceive, perhaps upon the first congresse or coition after the asking of the Question, or a little after, and the matter seems as good as done.

If Venus be in the 5th no way impedited, and some other Fortune be there besides, it hastens the time, and she will conceive very suddenly. But if Jupiter be in the aforesaid places impedited, say, that either she is not conceived, or if she be, it will not come to perfection, for the Woman shall suffer abortion. In like manner if Venus be unfortunate by Saturn or Mars, or be under the Sun-Beames, or Combust, the Woman is not conceived, unlesse a Fortune be in the 5th house, and then she is more assuredly with Childe, or shall be shortly; yet you may justly feare she will suffer mischance ere the birth.

If either Saturn or Mars, or especially South Node be in the 5th, or the two former malevolents cast their Opposition to the 5th, it seems the woman is not with childe; and verily the Square of the Infortunes to the 5th house seems to hinder conception.

Whether She is With Child or Not.

A woman mistrusting her selfe to be with Child, and desirous to know the truth; if she aske the Question of thee, then give Answer, having well considered your Figure, erected according to the time of her demand, viz. as these following rules direct you.

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