If one be afraid of a thing Whether he shall be in danger of the same or not

Behold the ascendant and his Lord, and the Moon; if you finde the Moon infortunate, or if the Lord of the ascendant be infortunate, and falling from an angle; or especially in the 12th and Moon with him; it signifies the same Fear is true, and certaine that there is cause for it, or that the great labour and griefe shall molest him, and that many things shall be demanded of him, or he charged with many matters not appertaining to him, or of which he is guilty. If the Lord of the ascendant doth ascend from the 12th into the 11th or 10th, or shall be joyned to Fortunes; it signifies the thing feared shall not appertaine to him, or he be molested thereby, or that he need not be afraid, nor shall the matter doe him ill, but he shall escape that feare. When the Lord of the ascendant shall be in one degree with Fortunes, no ill is towards the Querent (if the Fortunes unto which the Lord of the ascendant doth apply, or which apply unto him be in the mid heaven, and the Moon apply unto those Fortunes, and she be in an angle or elevated above him, it signifies he that is afraid shall easily be delivered from feare; nor hath he any grounds for it.

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