If his Majesty should procure Forces out of Ireland to harme the Parliament

If the QUEEN, then in the North, would advance with her Army? If she would prosper? When

She and his Majesty should meet?

His Majestie is here signified by Moon in Cancer in the 10th house, who increasing in light, elevated and posited in her owne house, voyd of all infelicity, except slownesse in motion, did manifest at the time of the erecting of this Figure, his Majesty to be in an able condition, as indeed he was.

In this Judgment we find Sun Lord of the 11th (which house signifies assistance or aide in this manner of Judgment) posited in the 7th, in his Exaltation, and applying to the cusp of the 11th with a Trine aspect, but wants 6 degrees of being partill; forasmuch as the Moon being in her owne house, and Sun so well fortified, I did judge his Majesty should have ayde of Commanders out of Ireland (for Sun represents Commanders) and men, or common men, besides; because both Sun and Moon are friendly unto him: that they should harme us, I judged because Sun Lord of that assistance, was in the 7th, in direct Opposition to the ascendant, which representes the Parliament and their party: but because the Sun is so neer South Node, and beholds the cusp of the 10th with a Square Sinister, I did in the end lesse fear them, and judged they should produce much scandall, to his Majesty and his Party, and that they would cause many ill and

The Resolution of heavy reports to fall upon his Majesty by their meanes: I also then judged, that his Majesty was likely to improve his Forces, and augment them for some certaine time, but that it should not continue very long, for that neither the Sun or Moon were fixed. The truth is, he had Irish Forces come over, which much hardened the hearts of the English against him, but time cut them off, &c. as we doe all well know, at the Siege of Namptwich, by valiant FAIRFAX.

Her Majesties Signifatrix is Saturn Lord of the 4th, for that is the 7th from the 10th, removing out of one Signe into another: Saturn being a ponderous Planet, made me more confident her Majesty would move forwards with her Army, with intention to meet his Majesty, which I said she should do about 3 or 4 moneths from the time of the Figure, because the Moon wanted 3 or 4 degrees of the Trine of Saturn, I intimated a great desire in his Majesty to see her, because his Significator applyed, The truth is, she met him about the 14. of July 1643. in Warwick-shire. I judged that she would not prosper but decline, because Saturn her Significatrix was going into Aries his Fall, and that Jupiter, viz. good Fortune, was separated, and did separate from Saturn. Besides, I observed that Mars made haste to a Square of Saturn in Cancer, as if our Souldiery would quite destroy and bring to nothing her Army; and that she would be crossed at or neer the time of that aspect, which was the 11. April, when about Nottingham she lost some Forces, and more had, but that we had ever either some knaves or fools in our Armies.

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