If his Excellency Robert Earle of ESSEX should take Reading having then surrounded it with his ARMIE

the most honorable of the English nation, viz. Essex the Kingdomes Generall, is here signified by Mars Lord of Scorpio, the Sign ascending: his Majesty by the Sun Lord of the 10th; the forces that were to relieve Reading, or to oppose and hinder his Excellency, by Venus in Pisces, and Sun in Taurus.

The Towne of Reading by Aquarius the Signe of the 4th, the Governour Sir Arthus Aston, reputed an able Souldier, by Saturn Lord of the 4th, their Ammunition and Provision in the Towne by Jupiter Lord of the 5th, and Venus locally therein.

We have Mars his Excellencies Significator excellently fortified labouring under no one misfortune (except being in his Fall) and of how great concernment it is in Warre, to have Mars the generall Significator of Warre, friendly to the Querent, this Figure well manifests; the Moon separated ( a cacuo) and indeed there was little hope it would have been gained in that time it was; she applyed to a Sextile of Mars, being in Signes of long ascensions, the aspect is equivalent to a Square; which argued, that his Excellency would have much difficulty, and some fighting, ere he could get it: but because Mars and the Moon were in Reception, viz. Mars in her house, the Moon in his Termes and Face, and neer Cor Leo, placed also in the 10th, I judged his Excellency should obtaine and take Reading, and get glory and honour thereby.

Finding the Sun his Majestie's Significator in the 7th, in a fixed Signe, I aquainted the Querent, his Majesty would oppose what he could, and send Forces to relieve the Towne with all vigour and resolution, but I said he should not prevaile, for Mars is better fortified then Sun.

I considered Aquarius for the Town, and in regard I found not the Signe afflicted, I judged the Towne strong, and capable of holding out; when I considered Venus to be in the 5th, I was confident they wanted not Ammunition. Having thoroughly considered all particulars, and well weighed that Saturn Lord of the 4th, signifying the Governour, was in his Fall with South Node, and that Mercury and Jupiter were not farre from South Node, and that Mars did with his Square aspect behold Saturn, I said and sent somebody word, the most assured way, & which would certainly occasion the surrender of the Towne, was, to set division amongst the principall Officers, and to incense them against their Officer in Chiefe, & that about 8 dayes from the time of the Question, I beleeved his Excellency would be Master of the Towne, yet rather by composition than blood, because Sun and Mars were separated from the Square dexter of Saturn from Cardinal Signes; as also, because the application of the Moon was so directly to the Sextile of the Lord of the Ascendant, without any frustration or prohibition.

The Towne was delivered for the Parliaments use the 27 of April, 1644. three dayes after the time limited by me was expired: But it's observable, the very Monday before, being 8 dayes after the Figure set, they began to treat.

The truth of this Siege was thus, that his Majesty in person did come, and was worsted and beaten back at Causham-bridge.

That Sir Arthur Aston the Governour, was hurt in the head, as Saturn in Aries with South Node well denotes: nor did they want ammunition, as Venus in the 5th signifies.

It was delivered by Colonel Fielding, a very valiant Gentleman, a all manner of QUESTIONS.

good Souldier, and of noble Family, not without jealousie and mistrust of underhand dealing in the said Colonell by the King's party; for which he was brought to some trouble, but evaded: And I have since heard some of his Majesties Officers say thus, They did beleeve that Fielding acted nothing but what became a man of honour, and that it was the malice of his Enemies that procured him that trouble, &c.

A person of honour demanded this Question, and was well satisfied with what hath been spoken.

Had this very Question been of a Law suit, Who should have overcome? you must have considered the Lord of the ascendant for the Querent or Plaintiff, and the ascendant it selfe, together with the Moon: for the Enemy or Defendant, the 7th and his Lord and Planets therein placed. In our Figure, in regard the Moon applies to a Sextile of Mars, the Querent therefore would have had the victory, by reason of the Verdict given by the Jurors, who ever are signified by the Moon; but because the Sun is locally in the 7th, opposite to the ascendant, and is Lord of the 10th, viz of the Judge, there's no doubt but the Judge would have been adverse to the Plaintiff, as his Majesty was to his Excellency and to the Parliment.

In this case I should have judged the Defendant a man of good estate, or able to spend well, because Venus Lady of the 8th, viz his 2nd, is in Exaltation; and yet the Sun and Mars in Sextile, might give strong testimonies that the Judge would labour to compound the matter betwixt both parties; the Dispositor of the Part of Fortune in his Fall, viz. Saturn in Aries with the South Node, would have shewn great expence of the Querent's or Plaintiffs estate and money in this Suit; and that such a man as Saturn would herein be a great enemy unto him, because Saturn and Mars are in Square. As Saturn is Lord of the 3rd, he may shew an ill Neighbour, or a Brother or Kinsman; but as the 3rd house is the 9th from the 7th, it may argue some pragmaticall Priest, or one of the Defendant's Sisters Husbands; wherefore the Plaintiffe must either take such a one off, or else compound his matter, or must see whether his Enemies Atturney be not Saturnine, then shall he receive prejudice by his extreame rigid following the Cause: If Saturn signifie his Lawyer, the

The Resolution of damage is by him, or by some aged man, perhaps the Querent's Father or Grandfather, or else some sturdy Clowne or ill Tenant, &c. for according to the nature of the Question, you must ever vary the nature of your rules; by exact knowledge whereof, you may attaine the perfection of the whole Art.

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