If he should obtaine the Parsonage desired

Judgement upon this Figure.

The Querent is signified by the signe ascending, Saturn therein posited, and Mars Lord of the ascendant in Gemini, an Ayery Signe, and Moon in Aquarius, of the same triplicity. The 9th

The Resolution of house and Jupiter Lord thereof are Significators of the Benefice.

1. In the first place I finde no Conjunction betwixt Jupiter Lord of the 9th, and Mars Lord of the ascendant, or is the Moon in any aspect with Jupiter.

2. I finde neither Mars Lord of the ascendant, or Moon posited in the 9th.

3. There is no weighty Planet that translates or collects the light of Jupiter (who signifies the preferment) unto Mars.

4. There is no reception betwixt Jupiter and Mars.

5. Saturn is impedited in the ascendant, and by his presence infortunates the question, causing the Querent to despaire in the obtaining it.

6. The Moon separates from a Trine of Mats, and applies to an opposition of Mercury, Lord of the 3rd: which intimated in my judgment, that some neighbour of the Querents, wither with letter, words, or crosse information would wholly destroy the Querents hopes, and that Mercuriall men, viz. Schollars, or Divines would be his enemies: and because I found Venus in Libra and 7th house, opposing the ascendant; I judged some Women would inform against him, or prejudice him in his suit,

By all that hath been collected, I dehorted him from proceeding after the matter any further, as not to be obtained; but the Parson being covetous would proceed further in the matter; and so he did, and when he thought to have the matter absolutely on his side; Behold, a scurvey Letter revealing some manifest truths concerning a Female, dasht the good Mans hopes, &c. exit. The Querent was Saturn and Mars exactly, had wit and volubility of tongue; and as Mercury and the Moon are in Opposition, he under the Earth, she in the 12th, he could never discover which of his Neighbours it was that thus affronted him, nor would he aske me; if he had, it must have been Saturn Lord of the 12th, viz. some Farmer, or dealer in Cattle, living North-east from him about fifteene Furlongs; a covetous repining Miser, Sickly, &c.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

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