If have the Portion promised

Saturn is here Significator of the Querent, Retrograde, and in the 12th house, as if the Querent had been in some despaire of it, [and so he confessed.]

The Woman is signified by Jupiter and Moon; Jupiter in his Exaltation, and Moon in Leo, a fixed Signe argue the Woman to be well conceited of her self e, confident, yet vertuous and modest: the Moon her Significatrix neer the Sun, she had a scar neer her right eye, for the Moon signifies in Women the right Eye.

That which is pertinent to the resolution of the thing demanded is this; That finding Venus in the 8th house, which is the womans 2nd, and the Sun to be Lord thereof, in his own house, and that Moon did separate from the Conjunction of Sun, and transferred his vertue to Saturn, who is Lord of the ascendant and Dispositor of Part of Fortune, and also Lord of the Querent's 2nd house, I did from hence cheer up the dull Querent, and assured him he had no cause to feare the non payment of his Wives Portion, but that it would really be performed, whatsoever was or had been promised; and that, to his further comfort, she would

The Resolution of prove a chast vertuous woman, but somewhat proud; all this proved true, as I experimentally have it from the Querent's owne Mouth.

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