If curable

What part of the Body was afflicted.

The Signe ascending in the Question is Scorpio, the Chelae notable fixed Stars neer the Ascendant, yet it is not afflicted by the evill position or presence of any evill Planet; therefore I must next look to the 6th house, and see if it be afflicted, wherein I find Saturn in his Fall, who thereby afflicts that house, which naturally signifies Diseases by his unlucky presence; from whence I concluded, that from thence and from that house I must require the part or member of the Body afflicted or most grieved, as you may read page 244.

Aries represents the Head, as you may see page 245.

Saturn in Aries signifies the Brest, as page 112.

Mars Lord of the Ascendant in Leo doth signifie the Heart.

The Lord of the Ascendant is Mars, and him you find but lately separated from a Square Dexter of Saturn, both of them in Cardinall Signes, Mars at time of the Square in Cancer, which presents the Brest and Stomack: from hence I positively concluded, as to the parts of Body grieved, they were the Head, Brest, Heart and Stomack, and that there lodged in the Brest or Stomack some melanchollick Obstruction, the cause of all his disease and Misery.

From what Cause the Sicknesse was.

Saturn being principall Significator of the Infirmity, in his owne Termes, and the Moon in his house applying unto him, did prenote Melancholly, and such dry Diseases as are occasioned from melancholly distempers, and might abide in the Head and Brest: what Infirmities Saturn naturally signifieth, see page 244. how to make a right mixture, your Physicians best know, and what Diseases man may be subject unto in those parts, and may proceed from such causes as abovesaid.

Mars Lord of the Ascendant was also in the Termes of Saturn, and the Moon out of his Termes, applyed to a Square of Sun, and he in Mars his Termes; so that Choller was a secondary cause of this Doctor's sicknesse; and indeed when I came to speak with him, he was afflicted with great paine and rumbling in his head, very silent, dull and melancholy, slept very little, had a very dry Cough, and complained of great weaknesse and paine in his Brest, and at the Heart; his Complexion was betwixt black and yellow, as if there was inclination to the Jaundies; he had besides

The Resolution of these, a lingering Consumption and great wearinesse all over him, and in every joynt, for the Moon is in an ayery Signe; and as Scorpio doth ascend, which signifies the Secrets, Stone in the Bladder; so doth also the Moon in Aquarius signifie the Secrets and Diseases therein, &c. so had he difficulty in making Urine, voyded red gravell, and was greatly pained in those parts, &c. Having my selfe little judgment in Physick, I advised him to perscribe for himselfe such Physicall Medicines as were gently hot, moyst and cordiall, whereby he might for a while prolong his life; for the Moon in the 4th in Sextile with Saturn, argues sicknesse until death: He dyed the fourteenth of August following..

Whether the Disease would be long or short?

Saturn being author of the Disease, shewed it would be permanent, or of some continuance, as page 248. for he is a ponderous, slow Planet: besides, the Angles of the Figure are all fixed, the Moon and Sun both in fixed Signes, and in Square, out of Angles, both in the Termes of an Infortunate; Mars Lord of the Ascendant and 6th in a Fixed Signe; all these portend the longitude of the Disease: Besides, the Antiscion of Mars falls neer the Sun, and thereby afflicteth him, being the Luminary of the time.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Whether the Sick would live or dye, and what his Disease was?

Judgment of the Figure aforesaid.

The Signe Ascending, viz. Virgo, is in the Figure most afflicted by the corporall presence of Mars, who is partly Lord of the 8th house, therefore from that house and Signe must we require the Disease, cause, and member grieved: Aquarius being the Signe of the 6th, is fixed, afflicted by South Node, and Saturn who is Lord of the 6th house is in Taurus, a fixed Signe, earthly and melancholy, of the same nature and Triplicity that Virgo, the Signe ascending is of; the Moon a generall Significatrix in all Diseases, being afflicted by her proximity to Mars and posited in

The Resolution of the Ascendant, in an earthly, melancholy Signe, together with the other Significators, did portend the Patient to be wonderfully afflicted with the Spleen, with the Wind—chollick, and melancholly obstructions in the Bowels or small Guts, small Feavers, a remisse Pulse; and as the Signe Virgo is the Signe ascending, and Moon and Mars therein, it argued, the sick was perplexed with distempers in his Head, slept unquietly, &c. (all which was true)

I perswaded the man to make his peace with God, and to settle his house in order, for I did not perceive by naturall causes, that he could live above ten or twelve dayes..

And my reasons were, because all the Significators did promise no lesse then death: for first, Sun who was the temporall light at time of the Quere, and is (sons vitalis potentia) was in perfect Square of Saturn Lord of the 6th in Signes fixed.

Secondly, the Ascendant was extreamly afflicted by the presence of Mars, he being naturally ill, and accidentally almost Lord of the whole 8th house.

Thirdly, the Moon was neer Cauda Leonis, and afflicted by the crosse influence of Mars, in that house which signifies life, viz. the Ascendant

Fourthly, the Moon did separate from the Sextile of Mercury, Lord of the Ascendant, in Signes of long ascensions (which is more properly a Square aspect) and did transfer his vertue to Jupiter Lord of the 8th.

The sick dyed the 28th of July following, Mercury comming to the degree of the Sun in the Question, and therein to the Square of Saturn Lord of the 6th, the day preceeding; and the Moon to an Opposition of the Sun, the Moon that day transiting the degree of the 6th house at the time of the Question, viz. 14. of Aquarius, and Sun the cusp of the 12th.

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