If Bewitched

the Physitians had prescribed much Physick, and it wrought no effect, but the Patient was worse and worse: I positively affirmed he was not bewitched, because Mercury was in Trine to Jupiter and Mars, and Venus in the 12th, and Saturn much elongated from the cusp of the house, the Moon applying after her Opposition of Saturn, unto Mercury Lord of the ascendant, he above the earth, ascending towards the Meridian.

I directed them againe to advise with the Doctors, and civilly to aquaint them, that the Disease peccant was occult, and lay in the Reines and Secrets, and occasioned by too much Venerian sports, &c. That it was so, Libra is on the cusp of the 6th; Venus Lady of the Signe in the 12th; ergo, an occult secret Disease, and Venerian,

Moon in Scorpio in the 6th, in Opposition to Saturn in the 12th; this argues a Female Disease, closely obtained; for as it was a deed of darknesse, so doe neither Saturn or Moon behold the ascendant: I judged he was itchy, because Mercury was in Pisces, a moyst Signe, and because Libra the Signe of the 6th, and Gemini are ayery Signes, the Disease was all over his Bones, and in his joynts, and in his Blood, that being corrupted: I did not say it was perfect Lue Veneria, but I gave a caution to prevent it. This advice was followed, the course of Physick altered, and the afflicted party in or about three weeks perfectly recovered.

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