If attaine the Preferment desires

At the same time within 4 or 5 minutes thereof, a Gentleman desired to know if he should obtaine an Office or place he looked after.

The ascendant and Venus are for the Querent, the 10th house for the Office or place of perferment he expects.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Finding the Moon placed in the 10th, which is in the house of the thing looked after, viz. Preferment, it was one argument the Querent should have it.

In the next place, the Moon applyed to a Trine of Saturn, who hath Exaltation in the ascendant, and who receives Venus, and is received of her againe.

Besides, the Moon applying to Saturn, who is Lord of the 4th, argues that in the end he should obtaine the Office: but because Sun was in the 7th house in Opposition to the ascendant , and with South Node, and was Lord of the 11th, I judged he did employ as a Friend, a Solar man, who was false, and did rather envy them affect him. I concluded for the reasons above-named, that with some difficulty he should obtaine the Dignity, notwithstanding the opposition a pretended Friend did make; and so it came to passe within lesse three weeks, and he then discovered that his Friend was false, who had a great scarre in his Face, was not of bright or yellow Haire, but of a blackish dark colour, occasioned by Sun his neernesse to South Node: the separation of Moon from a Sqaure of Mercury, argued, he had delivered many Petitions about it, but hitherto without successe.

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