If an idle covetous Priest upon his Question propounded shall Obtaine a good Parsonage yea or no

Saith the Clergy are as Covetous and vicious as other men, I give them leave to make their demand as well as others, provided alwayes, it be not to hinder themselves from enjoying a lusty Benefice, or impeach them in preferment; if therefore the Lord of the ascendant who is Significator if the Minister (it matters not whether he be Protestant, Presbyter or Papist) that would have a Church-living, or other Ecclesiasticall preferment) or the Moon or both be joyned to the Lord of the 9thm who signifies the thing sought after, viz. a Benefice: for if the Lord of the 9th be in the 9th, or behold the house, it argues the Clerke or Priest shall obtaine the Benefice desired, but with Labour and industry, and his owne very much paines taking, which I confesse they doe willingly; but if neither the Moon or Lord of the ascendant be joyned to the Lord of the 9th, or he with them; see if either the Moon or Lord of the ascendant be in the 9th, for that argues the attaining of the thing sought after: if he be not Retrograde, or otherwise unfortunate or Combust, or in Square aspect of an infortune without reception, for then it argues a destruction of the matter after it seems to be in a good forwardnesse, or neer accomplishing; but if the Lord of the 9th be in the 1st, whether the Lord of the 1st behold him or the Moon or not, in what condition soever the disposition of the Lord of the ascendant or the Moon are in, or if the Lord of the 9th be the lighter Planet, and apply to the Lord of the 1st, it's a pregnant testimony of procuring the thing sought after without much seeking on the Querent's behalf.

The Lord of the ascendant in Trine or Sextile to Sun or Jupiter, and either of them in the ascendant, argues the acquisition of the Benefice or Preferment.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

The Conjunction of the Lord of the 1st and 9th, or their aspects, with Reception, gives the preferment without bribing, freely, perhaps upon a desert or merit; for some of that Tribe are black Swans: If the aspect be by Square, it comes not so lightly; yet if Reception be, it comes at length, perhaps a fish with 20d. is presented to the Patron.

After this, see if any Planet transferre the light of the Lord of the 9th to the Lord of the ascendant, the Benefice is obtained by some interloping person, unlesse the more ponderous Planet to whom the Translator doth afford vertue, commit that influence to some other Planet, and that Planet have no signification in the Question, for such an action intimates destruction of the matter, after it is hoped to be neer prefecting: If the Lord of the ascendant hasten to the Conjunction of the Lord of the 9th, and meet with no obstructive aspect before, it's not then to be doubted but the Parson obtaines his preferment, but not without solicitation: many Planets Significators in this or the like Question, either many Competitors in the thing, or many contentions and much labour to obtain it.

Lord of the ascendant in Conjunction with an Infortune, and he not Lord of the 9th, or in Reception with him, or not committing his disposition to any Planet who receives the Lord of the 1st or the Moon, the matter will not be performed: If that Infortune commit his vertue to any Fortune, who is strong in the Figure, the thing will be perfected; for the Conjunction of the Infortunes without Reception, performes nothing; with Reception, they performe with difficulty: a Planet signifying the effecting of anything, being posited in an angle; hastens the matter, in a succedant, it retards the thing; in a cadent, quite destroyes the matter, or suddenly, beyond expectation, when all men despair, by some secret trick, perfects it; but this is very rare.

If any malevolent Planet aspect the Lord of the ascendant or the Moon with Square or Opposition, without Reception, the Querent seems much troubled, is displeased with the manner of prosecuting the matter, and beleeves he is either negligently or knavishly dealt withall, by such as endeavour to negotiate in the matter: if the Lord of the 1st and 9th both of them commit their disposition to any Planet, by whatsoever aspect, who is not

The Resolution of impedited, or becomes Retrograde before he goe out of the Signe he is in, it argues performance of the businesse: The Moon well dignified, shewes many Friends: if the Lord of the 9th be joyned to the Lord of the 4th, or the Lord of the 4th apply to the Lord of the 9th, without much labour the matter will be effected: But to know whether the Benefice be a lusty one or not, or worth acceptance,(a thing considerable;) consider the 10th house, the Lord thereof, and Planet or Planets therein places; Planets well dignified and angular, shew hopes, and are sure testimonies of a good thumping Benefice.

And now I wonder why some wooden Clergy should so preach against me and Astrlogy; I never either countenancing or maintaining one hereticall position, or perswading any person to attaine a Benefice by Symony, or professing more then Astrology, of which these men are as ignorant (the most of them as Asses;) witnes Astrologo-Mastix, a most absurd Coxcomb, to meddle with what he knowes not.


Of Dreames, whether they signifie any thing or not.

BONATUS in judging this Question farre exceeds HALY, in many others he is not so judicious; when therefore any shall demand, What the effect of his Dreames shall be? Behold the 9th house, and give it to signifie the DREAME, if any of the seven Planets be therein posited, he shall have signification of the DREAME: If Saturn be therein, he dreamed of some things that frightened or terrified him, & it was some inordinate matter, not really naturall, as it is beleeved by the Querent: if South Node be in the 9th, he beheld somewhat in his Dream more terrible, and which more affrighted him; he was afraid some prosecuted him, and would have killed him, and that he had much adoe to escape: Behold in what house Capricorn and Aquarius fall, they being the houses of Saturn, for from some matter signified by either of those houses shall this horrour proceed, or disturbance by dreame: If either of those Signes ascend, the feare proceeds from himselfe; if all manner of QUESTIONS.

they be on the cusp of the 2nd, Money or personall Estate occasioned that Dreade; if Capricorn or Aquarius be on the cusp of the 3rd, the matter proceeded from some occasion concerning his Kindred or Brethern, or ill Neighbours, or bad reports: you must run all the houses in order in the same nature, as I have formerly both in the 2nd and 3rd house aquainted you, &c. and from thence find the occasion..

If you find no Planets in the 9th, consider the 10th and see if any Planet be therein, and judge as formerly by the 9th house; for whatsoever Planet is in the 10th, the Significattion of the Dreame hath signification thereof, either for good or evill: If no Planet be in the 10th, see if any be in the ascendant, he shall signifie the matter of the Dreame; if no Planet be in the ascendant, behold if any be in the 7th, he shall then manifest the Dreame; if no Planet be there, see to the 4th, for a Planet therein shall demonstrate the quality and effects of the Dreame; if no Planet be in the 4th, see to the 3rd; if none be there, see to the 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 11th or 12th, all which have signification of the vanity of the Dreame, and that it hath no effects to follow it: The very true way of judging whether Dreames, how terrible soever, have or shall have any influence upon the Querent, is by observing whether the Lord of the 9th, or any Planet posited in the 9th, doth behold the Lord of the ascendant with Square or Opposition, for then assuredly the Querent shall receive prejudice thereby in one kind or other; usually crosses or afflictions to his person: But if the Lord of the 9th afflict the Lord of the 2nd, he receives from prejudice by one or other in point of Estate, &c. and so doe in all the other houses, (consideratis considerandis.)

A good Planet in the 9th, no ill shall happen by the Dreame; a good Planet in the ascendant signifies the same; or the Lord of the ascendant in Trine of Sun, Jupiter or Venus argues the same, the Infortunes the contrary. I hold it vaine to be more large upon this Discourse.

The Resolution of

CHAP. LXXVIII. Terrible Dreames.

Jupiter and Saturn are Lords of the 9th accidentally posited in the 12th casting a Square aspect to the cuspe of the 9th: their position in the 12th according to the best Authors, intimates the vanity of the Dream, and rather a Person or fancy oppressed with various perturbations and worldly matters, then any other matter: But according to our judgment, Mars being the onely Planet in an Angle, shall best expresse the cause of the Dreame, and whether it will tend to good or evill; if we observe what house Mars is Lord of, we shall finde he is Lord of the ascendant and disposer of Part of Fortune, it being angular, I therefore acquainted him that the occasion of his Dreames might be construed two wayes; one, by his too great care of his Estate and Fortune intrusted out, and now desperate; because Mars was in Opposition to Part of Fortune; and that his minde ran so much thereupon, that his Fancy was disturbed, so that he could not enjoy that quiet and rest by night which nature affordeth all Creatures, In the next place, because Saturn is Lord of the 10th, which signifies Office, Command, &c.. and did afflict Jupiter Lord of the 9th, or did Impedite him at least; I told him I doubted he had lost the benefit of some good Place in the Commonwealth, and that now he was solicitous how to live in that credit he formerly did: howsoever, because Jupiter and Mars all manner of QUESTIONS.

were in Sextile, I judged no matter or perill to his person should come thereby, onely some dammage in Estate; and this really proved true.

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