If a Report or common Rumour were True or False

In the yeer 1643, His Majesties Army being then Rampant, severall Reports were given out, that his Majesty had taken Cambridge, &c. a wel-affected person enquires of me, if the newes were true or false? Whereupon I erected the Figure ensuing, and gave Judgment, All that we heard was untruth, and that the Towne neither was, or should be taken by Him or his Forces.

A Report that C A MB RID GE was Taken by the King's Forces; if true?

First, I considered that the Angles were all moveable, and that Mars did vitiate the cusp of the 10th, and Saturn the cusp of the 7th, one argument the Report was false.

Secondly, I found the Moon cadent, and in Gemini, a Signe wherein she nothing delights; a second strong evidence of a false rumor.

Thirdly, I found North Node on the cusp of the Ascendant, a Signe of good to the Parliment, for the 1st house signified that honorable Society: I found Venus Lady of the Ascendant, and our Significatrix, in her Exaltation; but Mars, Lord of our Enemies Ascendant, viz. the 7th, entering his Fall, viz. Cancer, and afflicted by Square of Saturn; I saw the Moon seperating from Jupiter, placed in the 7th and transferring his light and virtue to Venus, which gave me reason to expect, that there would come all manner of QUESTIONS.

good to us or our side from this report or Rumour, and no benefit to our Enemies: I saw Mars and Saturn in a Square, which assured me our Enemies were so full of division and treason, and thwarting one anothers Designes, that no good should come unto them upon this Report; and so in short, I judged Cambridge was not taken, and what we heard of its taking were lyes.

Had this question been propounded, Whether the Querent should have Brothers or Sisters? Then you would have converted the Judgment thus:

Scorpio -The Signe of the 3rd is a fruitfull Signe.

Cancer -Wherein the Lord of the 3rd is posited, is a fruitfull Signe.

Moon applies to Venus who is placed in a fruitfull Signe, as you may see page 89, where all these Signes are noted Prolifical, or Signes arguing fruitfulnesse; from hence you might have assured the Querent, he might have expected both Brothers and Sisters, or a plentifull numerous kindred; but more Sisters than Brothers, because all the Signes are Feminine, as you may see page 88, and Mars, Lord of the 3rd, is in a Feminine Signe; yet in regard the Moon who is Dispositor of Mars, is in Gemini, a Masculine Signe, and in Sextile platick with Jupiter, a Masculine Planet, Angular, and in a Masculine Signe and House, it's an argument of the Demandant's having a Brother or Brethern..

It was too nice a poynt in Art, to predict of the certain number, if we onely intend to satisfie our selfe in generall, leaving the disposing and determination of their certaine number to divine Providence.

The 3rd house is no wayes afflicted, or any ill aspects betwixt Venus, Significatrix of the Querent, and Mars Lord of the 3rd, both being in Signes of the same nature, and Moon Applying by a Square Dexeter in Signes of short ascensions, to Venus; Moon haveing been lately, and yet being within Orbs of the Sextile of Jupiter; there argue an agreement, concord and unity betwixt this Querent Kindred and him, and betwixt him and such Brothers or Sisters as he should in future have.

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