Fish Stolen

Living in the Country 1637. I had bought at London some Fish for my provision in Lent, it came down by the Barge at Walton, on Saturday the 10. of Febr. one of the Watermen, instead of bringing my Fish home, acquainted me, their warehouse was robbed last night, and my Fish stolen: I took the exact time when I 'first heard the report, and erected the Figure accordingly, endeavouring to give my selfe satisfaction what became of my goods, and, of possible, to recover part of all of them againe.

I first observed, there was no peregrine Planet in angle but Jupiter whom I found upon the cusp of the 7th house, the thing I lost was Fish, therefore any Gentleman would scorne such a course Commodity; I considered the signification of Jupiter in Scorpio, a moyst Signe, and the Significator of my Goods, viz. Mercury that he was in Pisces, a moyst Signe, and that Part of Fortune was in Cancer, a moyst Signe. Discretion, together with Art, assisted me to think he must be a man whose profession or calling was to live upon the Water, that had my Goods, and that they were in some rnoyst place, or in some low rooms, because Part of Fortune was in Cancer, and the Moon in Taurus an earthly Sign.

The Resolution of

I was confident I should heare of my Goods againe, because Mercury Lord of my house of Substance, was applyed unto by a Sextile of Moon, who was Lady of my Part of Fortune; and yet without hopes of recovering them, but as he was in his own Termes, and had a Trine aspect to Part of Fortune, there was hopes of some of my Goods,

There being never a Waterman in that Town of Walton neer unto the description of Jupiter in Scorpio, I examined what Fisherman there was of that complexion; and because Mars Lord of the 7th was departing the Sign Scorpio, viz. his owne, and entring another Signe, I examined if never a Fisherman of Mars and Jupiter his nature had lately sold any Land, or was leaving his proper house, and going to another habitation; such a one I discovered, and that he was much suspected of theevery, who was a good fellow, lived neer the Thames side, and was a meer Fisherman, or man conversant in water; for all Significators in watry Signes, argued, he must needs live neer the water, or a watry place, that stole the Goods, or be much conversant in waters,

The man that was the Thiefe was a Fisherman, of good stature, thick, full bodied, faire of complexion, a red or yellowish haire.

I procured a Warrent from a Justice of Peace, and reserved it privately untill Sunday the 18th of February following, and then with a Constable and the Barge-man, I searched only that one house of this Fisherman suspected; I found part of my Fish in water, part eaten, part not comsumed, all confessed. This jest happened in the search; a part of my Fish being in a bag, it happened the Thiefe stole the bag as well as the Fish; the Barge-man, whose sack it was, being in the same room where the bag was, and oft looking upon it (being clean washed) said to the woman of the house, Woman, so I may have my sack which I lost that night, I care not: the Woman answered; she had never a sack but that which her husband brought home the same night as the Fish. I am perswaded the Barge-man looked upon the sack twenty times before, and knew it not, for the woman had washed it cleane I as heavily complained to the woman for 7 Portugall Onyons which I lost; she not knowing what they were, made pottage with them, as she said, The remainder of my Fish I

all manner of QUESTIONS.

freely remitted, though the hireling Priest of Walton affirmed I had satisfaction for it, but he never hurt himselfe with a lye.

So that you see the peregrine Planet in an angle describes the Thiefe, and that neither the Sun or Moon in the ascendant, and in essentiall Dignities, gives assured hopes of discovering who it was; the application of Moon to the Lord of the 2nd, argues recovery; a full recovery, if both the Moon and the Lord of the 2nd be essentially dignified; part, if accidentally fortified; a discovery, but no recovery, if they apply and be both peregrine.

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