The inward cause and condition of the Disease we require from the ill disposition of the Significator, in Signe, House and place in Heaven, his good or ill configuration with the malevolent Planets: where generally observe, any Planets may in this case be malignant, if he be the Lord of the 8th, 12th or 6th, &c.

The Outward cause is required from those Infortunes that doe afflict the Lord of the Ascendant, or from the principall Significators in the Figure, or the Moon; for if you find the Lord of the Ascendant sufficiently strong in essentiall Dignities, swift in motion, in a good house of Heaven, you may then judge the Querent is not naturally ill, but accidentally and outwardly afflicted, and if you find notwithstanding the strength of the Lord of the Ascendant, that either Saturn or Mars have some Square or Opposition aspect unto him, and neither of them be Lords of the 6th, or Dispositors of the Moon, you may judge some outward cause hath happened to the party, whereby it comes to passe he is not well, yet not perfectly sick; doe you then observe in what house that Planet is, or of what house he is Lord, and from the judgments belonging to that house, require satisfaction in Art; as for example:

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