If One Shall Find the Party at Home He Would Speak Withall

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The Ascendant and his Lord are for the Querent, the 7th house and his Lord from him you would speak withall; this is understood, if you goe to speak with one you familiarly deale withall, or are much conversant with, and is not allied unto you, &c, but if you would goe speak with the Father, you must take the Lord of the 4th; if with the Mother, the Lord of the 10th; if the Father would speak with his Child, the Lord of the 5th, and so in the rest; vary your rule and it serves for all.

If the Lord of the 7th house be in any of the 4 Angles, you may conclude the party is at home with whom you would speak with; but if the Lord of the 7th, or Lord of that house from whom judgment is required, be in a Succeedant house, viz. 11th, 2nd, 5th or 8th, then he is not far from home; but if his Significator be in a Cadent house, then he is far from home.

If you find the Lord of the Ascendant applying to the Lord of the 7th house by any perfect aspect, the same day that you intend to goe visit him, you may assured either to meet him going to his house, or heare of him by the way where he is, for he cannot be farre absent; or if any Planet, or the Moon, separate from the Lord of the 7th house, and transfere his light unto the Lord of the Ascendant, he shall know where and in what place the Party is, by such a one as is signified by that Planet who transfers his light; describe the Planet, and it personates the Man or Woman accordingly; but whether it will be Man or Woman, you must know by the nature of the Planet, Signe and quarter of Heaven he is in, wherein plurality of masculine Testimonies argue a man, the contrary a woman.

The Resolution of

Of A Thing Suddenly Happening, Whether it Signifies Good or Evil.

Erect your Figure of Heaven at what time the Accident happened, else when you first heard of it; then consider who is Lord of the Signe wherein the Sunne is, and the Lord of that Signe wherein the Moon is, and the Lord of the house of Life, which is ever the Ascendant, and see which of these is most powerfull in the Ascendant, let his position be considered, and if he be in Sextile or Trifle with the Sun, Jupiter or Venus, there will no evill chance upon the preceding Accident, Rumour or Report; but if you find that Planet weak in the scheame, combust or in Square, Opposition or Conjunction of Mars, Saturn or Mercury, there will some misfortune follow after that accident, in one kind or other; if you consider the Planet afflicting your Significator; his posture and nature, it may easily be discovered, in what nature the evill will chance or upon what occasion; as if the Lord of the 3rd, from or by some neighbour or Kinsman; if the Lord of the 2nd impedite them, then losse in substance; if Lord of the 4th, expect discontent with one of your Parents, or about Land or Houses; if the Lord of the 5th, some difference or discord in an Alehouse or Taverne, or in Company keeping, or by meanes of some child, &c. and so of the rest.

What Mark, Mole or Scarre the Querent Has in Any Member of His Body.

I have many times admired at the verity hereof, and it hath been one maine argument of my engaging so farre in all the parts of Astrology, for very rarely shall you find these rules faile,

When you have upon any demand erected the Querent's Figure, consider the Signe Ascending, what member of man's body it represents, and tell the Querent he hath a Mole, Scarre or Marke on that part of his body represented by that Signe; as if the Signe Ascending be Taurus, it's on the Neck: if in Gemini, on the Arms, &c., also in which of the 12 Signe of the Zodiac the Lord all manner of QUESTIONS.

of the Ascendant is in, and in that member represented by that Signe, he or she hath another.

Then observe the Signe descending on the cusp of the 6th house, and what part of man's body it personates, for in that member shall you find another; so shall you discover another in that member which is signified by the Signe wherein the Lord of the 6th is.

Last of all, consider what Signe the Moon is in, and what member of mans body it denotes, therein shall you also find a Mark, Mole or Scarre; if Saturn signifies the Mark, it's a darkest, obscure, black one; if Mars, then it's usually some Scarre or Cut if he be in a Fire Signe, or else in any other Signe, a red Mole; and you must always know, that if either the Signe, or the Planet signifying the Mole, Mark or Scar, be much afflicted, the Mark or Scarre is the greater and more eminent.

If the Signe be Masculine, and the Planet Masculine, the Mole or Scarre is on the right side of the body.

The contrary judge, if the Signe be Feminine, and the Lord thereof in a Feminine Signe.

If the Significator of the Scarre or Mole be above the earth, (that is, from the Cusp of the Ascendant to the Cusp of the 7th, as either in the 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th or 7th) the Mark is on the fore part of the body, or visible to the eye, or on the out-side of the member; but if the Significator be under the earth, viz., in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th, the Mole or Scarre is on the back part of the body, not visible, but on the inside of the member.

If few degrees of a Signe doe ascend, or if the Lord of the Signe be in a few degrees, the Mole, Mark or Scarre is in the upper part of the member; if the middle of the Signe ascend, or the Lord thereof in the middle, or neer the middle of the Signe, the Mole or Mark is so in the member, viz. in the middle: If the latter degrees ascend, or the Moon, or Lord of the 1st or 6th house be neer the last degrees of the Sign, the Mole Mark or Scarre is neere the lower part of the member.

If your Question be radicall, the time rightly taken, and the party enquiring be of sufficient age, or no Infant, you shall rarely find error in this rule: I have many times upon a sudden

The Resolution of in company, trying this experiment upon some of the company, and ever found it true, as many in this city well know. In November and December, when Signes of short ascenscions are in the Ascendant, you must be wary, for in regard many times the Sun is not then visible, and Clocks may faile, it's possible to be deceived, and misse of a right Ascendant, for Pisces and Aries doe each of them ascend in the space of 3 quarters of an hour, and some few minutes; Aquarius and Taurus in 1 hour and some odde minutes; but if you have the time of the day exact, you need not ever mistrust the verity of your Judgment: which will infinitely satisfie any that are students herein, and cause them to take great pleasure in the ART, and make them sensible, that there is as much sincerity in all the whole ART OF ASTROLOGIE, when it is rightly understood and practized, which at this day I must confesse it is by very few.

As these rules will hold certaine upon the body of every Querent, and in every question, so will they upon the body of the quesited, (mutatis, mutandis;) as if one enquires somewhat concerning his Wife, then the Signe of the 7th house, and the Signe wherein the Lord of the 7th is, shall show the Woman's Marks; so shall the Signe upon the Cusp of the 12th, for that is the 6th from the 7th, and the Signe wherein the Lord of the 12th is in, shew two more Moles or Marks of the woman.

Usually an Infortune in the Ascendant blemishes the Face with some Mole or Scarre according to his nature, for the 1st house signifies the Face, the 2nd the Neck, the 3rd the Arms and Shoulders, the 4th the Breast and Paps, the 5th the Heart, &c.. and so every house and Signe in order, according to succession; for what Signe soever is in the Ascendant, yet in every Question the 1st house represents the Face: Many times if the Moon be in Conjunction or Opposition of the Sun, the Querent hath some blemish or the like near one of his Eyes; and this is ever true, if the Opposition or Conjunction be in Angles, and either of them have any ill aspect to Mars.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Whether One Absent be Dead or Alive.

If a Question be demanded of one absent in a generall way, and the Querent hath no relation to the party; then the 1st house, the Lord of that house and the Moon shall signify the absent party; the Lord of the 8th House or Planet posited in the House or within five degrees of the Cuspe of the 8th House shall shew his death or its quality.

In judging this Question, see first whether the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon and the Lord of the 8th House or Planet in the 8th house be corporally joined together; or that the Moon, Lord of the Ascendant and the Lord of the 8th are in Opposition either in the 8th and 2nd, or 12th and 6th, for these are arguments the party is deceased, or sick, and very neer death.

See also if there be any translation of the light of the Lord of the Ascendant unto the Lord of the 8th, especially in degrees deepe, lame or deficient; or on the contrary, that there be any translation or carrying the vertue or influence of the Lord of the 8th unto the Lord of the Ascendant; or if the Lord of the 8th be posited in the Ascendant, or if the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon be placed in the 4th house, these are testimonies the party absent be dead.

If the Lord of the Ascendant be separated from a bad Aspect of the Lord of the 6th, you may say the absent hath been lately sicke; if from the Lord of the 8th, he hath been in danger of death, but is not dead; if from the Lord of the 12th, he hath been lately much troubled in mind, in feare of imprisonment, arrests, &c., if from the Lord of the 2nd, he hath been hard put to it for money, or in distresse for want; if from the Lord of the 7th, in some quarrell or contention; if from the Lord of the 9th or 3rd, he hath been crossed in his journey (if he was at Sea by contrary windes or Pyrats) if at land by Theives, bad Ways &c., and so of the rest. In judging this question, I have ever found, that if the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 9th, 10th, or 11th (though many reports went the absent was dead) yet I have found him to live. Now if you find the absent alive, and you would know, when happily you may heare of him; see in your

The Resolution of

Ephemerides when the Lord of 11th and the Lord of the Ascendant come to a Trine or Sextile Aspect and about that time, if not that day, newes will be had of him; or if the Moon apply to a sextile or trine of the Lord of the Ascendant See how many degrees shee wants of the Aspect, and give dayes, weekes or moneths, viz. For every degree in MOVEABLE Signes -- DAY, in COMMON Signes -- WEEKS, in FIXED Signes -- MONTHS.

A Further Explanation of the Preceding Judgments by the Figure Succeeding.


1. If find the party inquired of at home.

2. A thing suddenly happening, whether good or bad is intended?

3. What Moles or Marks the Querent has?

4. If one absent be dead or alive?

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