Chap Xxxviii If I should purchase Master B his houses

The Inheritance of the house wherein at this present 1647, I live, and some others being proffered me to buy 1634. I had a desire to know if I should deal with the Seller and procure Moneys in convenient time to pay for the Purchase, (my owne Money being in such hands as I could not call it in under six moneths warning) being desirous, I say, to purchase the said houses, and fully resolved upon it, I took my own Question my selfe, at what time I found my mind was most perplexed and solicitous about it; the time of my Quere to my selfe fell out according to the position of Heaven aforesaid.

The Signe Ascending is Libra, the degree of the Signe is the same wherein Jupiter was in my Radix; I looked upon that as a good Omen in the first place..

Venus is for my selfe, the Sun locally placed in the 7th is for the Seller; the Sun receives Venus in his Exaltation; besides, Venus is neer the cusp of the 7th, and no other Planet in the 7th Sun excepted, which signified, there was at present no other purchaser about it but my selfe: the Sun so exalted and angular prenoted the Seller to be high in his Demands, (and so he was) nor was he necessitated to depart with it: finding, I say, my Significator received of Sun, and so neer to the cusp of the Angle of the West, it was an argument I should proceed further in the matter, notwithstanding Venus her many Debilities; for as I found Sun Lord of the 7th, so also was he Lord of the 11th, signifying my hopes should not be frustrated: besides, Venus was Applying to a Trifle of Saturn, Lord of the 4th, viz. the houses enquired after, and had no abscission or frustration ere the perfect aspect; a main strong argument I should buy the houses: and indeed both Significators strongly applyed to a Trine aspect viz. Saturn and Venus, for Saturn is Retrograde: I also considered the Sun was in perfect Trine with Saturn, the Sun being, as I said, Lord of my 11th, and he of the 4th; Saturn has also signification of me, as Querent, because he beholds the Ascendant, and therein has exaltation: now whether you consider him, as having Dignities in the Ascendant, or as Lord of the 4th, the Lord of the 11th and he Applying unto each other by a Trine, argued, assuredly I should proceed further in the matter, and in the end conclude for them: The Moon in the next place translating the influence of Mars, who hath Dignities in the 7th, to Saturn, having vertue in the Ascendant, though by a Square aspect (yet out of Signes of long ascensions) did much facilitate the matter, and argued my going on, and probability of contracting, but with some leisure, and slowly, because of the Square aspect; for as the Moon is afflicted, and Venus unfortunate, so had I much to doe, and many meetings about it; the Seller not abating one penny of the five hundred and sixty pounds, being the first penny he demanded: As the Sun is neer to a Sextile aspect of Jupiter, so did a joviall man endeavour to procure the purchase unto himselfe (this was after I had begun and before I had concluded); but Jupiter is cadent, and in detriment, shewing he should not prevaile, Venus angular and in aspect with Saturn Lord of the thing sought after; and as Sun is Lord of the 11th, which is the 5th from the 7th, so a Daughter of the Sellers was my very good friend in this businesse, and suffered no interloper to intervene, though some offered fair (to hinder me); for Mars in my 2nd house Retrograde, argues I should get none of my owne Monies to supply my occasions; nor did I: Jupiter Lord of the Part of Fortune in Sextile with Sun no wayes impedited, but by being in detriment, in Sextile Platick with Venus Lady of my Ascendant, shortly entering his exaltation, gave me such hopes as I doubted not of procuring Monies when he entered Cancer, and Mars became direct, which he did 12 days after, at what time a friend lent me 500 L. The quality of the houses are signified by Capricorn the Signe of the 4th, and Saturn Lord of the 4th, who having no materiall debilities, except Retrogradation and Cadency, also being in Trine with Sun; the houses were really old, but strong and able to stand many yeers. When Venus and Sun came to Conjunction in Taurus, that day I bargained, viz. die Venus 25 Aprill following: the 17 of May Venus and Moon in Conjunction; I paid 530 £, and my conveyance was Sealed. So that as Venus wanted 6 degrees of the body of the Sun, so was it 6 weeks and some dayes from the time of the question ere I perfected what the Figure promised; as to the Moles and Scars of my body it does exactly agree: for as Venus is in Aries, which represents the face, so have I a Mole on my Cheek about the middle or it; and as Libra Ascends, I have one on the reines of my backe, the Moon in Virgo Afflicted by Mars, I have a red Mole below my Navell, Jupiter Lord of the 6th in Gemini a Masculine Signe, I have a Mole neer my right hand visible on the outside; so have I on the left foot, as Pisces the Signe of the 6th does represent. Many things might be considered herein, besides what is written; but I feare this book will increase beyond my first intention: Ergo. The truth of the matter is, I had a hard bargaine, as the Figure every way considered doth manifest, and shall never live to see many of the leases yet in being, expired: and as Venus is in Aries, viz. opposite to her owne House, so did I do my self e injury by the Bargaine, I mean in matter of Money; but the love I bore to the House I now live in, wherein I lived happily with a good Master full seven yeers, therein obtained my first Wife, and was bountifully blessed by God with the Goods of this World therein, made me neglect a small hinderance, nor now, I thanke God, doe I repent it; finding Gods blessing in a plentifull measure upon my Labours: yet was I no Taylor or Scriverner, as Wharton affirmes, or indeed any profession at all; nor was my Master a Taylor, or my Wife a Scriveners Widdow.

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