Chap Xlii

Judgment upon the preceding Figure.

The Ascendant is here Virgo a barren Signe, as you may see page 89 and 96, the Signe of the 5th is Capricorn, a Signe of indifferency in this nature of judgment; the Moon is in a barren all manner of QUESTIONS.

Signe; Saturn Lord of the 5th house is Retrograde, and in Sagittarius; Mercury Lord of the Ascendant in Gemini; both Saturn and Mercury being in Signes rather barren then fruitfull: the Moon in the Termes of Mars, in Square of Saturn Lord of the 5th, Mercury Lord of the Ascendant in the Termes of Saturn, afflicted by the presence of Mars, and going to Opposition of Saturn, who is Lord of the 6th, as well as of the 5th; South Node also possesseth the Ascendant; a strong argument of barrennesse: for these reasons in Astrologie above recited, I delivered this Judgment, viz. That the Querent neither had been ever yet conceived, or for any reason in Art that I could find, ever would conceive, and that she was naturally barren; for finding the 5th, 10th and 4th houses, being the principall Angles of the Figure, Afflicted, I was certaine, the evil impediting her Conception had been long upon her, and would also continue.

Had I found Jupiter either fortunating the cusp of the 5th house, or in any aspect to the Lord of the Ascendant, or unto Saturn, or if any reception had been betwixt Saturn and Jupiter or Jupiter and Mercury, or any collection of light from Mercury to Saturn, and that Planet so collecting had received Saturn or Mercury, I would not have been so peremptory; but when I found no one promising testimony, I gave my judgment in the negitive, viz. she should not conceive or ever have any children; for whoever considers the positure of Heaven exactly, shall find it is a most unfortunate Figure for having children: as the Moon was in Square of Saturn, Lord of the 6th, and Mercury Lord of the Ascendant, applying to his Opposition, so was the Querent very sickly, and extremely afflicted with the Wind and Chollick in her Belly and small Guts; the South Node in the Ascendant shewed very great paine in the Head, so did Mercury in Gemini, being afflicted by both the Malevolents, represent extreame grief in the Head, for Mercury in Gemini signifies the Head. (see page 119)

Shee affirmed, that the Moles of her Body did correspond exactly to the Figure of Heaven, viz. one Mole close by the Navill, one upon the right Ancle, signified by Aquarius on the cusp of the 6th; one towards the right Knee on the inner side of the Thigh, represented by Saturn, Lord of the 6th in Sagittarius, one in or neer the member signified by the Moon in Virgo; and as Mercury Lord of the Ascendant is in Gemini, so had the Querent a Scarre or Mole on her right Arme, on the outside thereof, &c.

When you find a Question that is so peremptory in the negative, you shall deale discreetly to enquire the time of Birth, and set the Figure thereof, and see what corresponding there is betwixt the Radix and the Question propounded, and help your selfe in your judgment by discretion; for if the Radix affirrme Barrennesse, it's impossible any promising Horary Question can contradict its signification: and usually I have found, that whoever propounds a Question to the Astrologer, I meane in their first Question, they have a Signe of the same Triplicity Ascending in their Question, agreeable to the nature of the Ascendant in their Nativity, and many times the very self same Signe and degree is ascending upon an Horary Question which was ascending in the Nativity, as I have many times found by experience; for if Gemini ascend in the Nativity, it's probable upon an Horary Question, either Libra or Aquarius may ascend, which are Signes of the same Triplicity.

If one were with Child of a Male or Female, and about what time she should be delivered.

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