Of Embassadours or Messengers.

The Lord of the 5th shall represent the person of the Embassadour, the Moon shall herein be admitted to have signification, that Planet to whom either the Lord of the 5th house or the Moon doe apply unto, shall shew the cause of his Embassage, or you may take judgment from both those Planets to whom they apply.

If you find the application is from a Fortune by a Square or Opposition or Conjunction, and if there be reception betwixt them, or collection or translation of light by any Planet, and that Planet be either Lord of the 10th, or in the 10th, you may say, the cause of his Embassage is unto the King upon a meer point of honour, or upon some high and great Businesse, or concerning a very great and urgent occasion: If the Planet who is received, or who collects or translates the vertue of one to another, be Lord of the 11th, he comes to renew the League of Friendship betwixt the two Nations: If the Lord of the 5th be Unfortunate in the 7th, and the Lord of the Ascendant and he be in Square or Opposition, and Mars have any malicious aspects to them both, or to either of them, there is then no likelihood of Unity, or to be any content in the Embassage to be delivered, or both parties will find triviall meanes to discontent one another, so that no solid peace may be expected from any act performed or to be performed by this Treaty or Embassage, rather probability of falling at varience; whether the Embassador will deal fairly or prove false, or shuffle in his Undertakings, you must know that Judgment from the well or ill affection of the Lord of the 5th house, and from that aspect he shall cast to the Ascendant or Lord thereof, or to the Lord of the 11th; observe also in what

The Resolution of house the Lord of the 5th is in, for if he be in the 10th, and there dignified essentially, the Embassador will stand too much upon the Honour of his owne Prince, and hath an overweening conceit of his owne abilities: If Mercury and the Lord of the 5th be in Square or Opposition, the Embassador hath not a Commission large enough, or shall be countermanded or contradicted either by some Missive from his Prince, or the Secretary playes the knave with him, &c. or his Message will be ill taken.

Observe this generally, if the Significator of the Embassadour have any Sextile or Trine aspect (or be he well dignified or not) either to the Lord of the Ascendant, or Lord of that Signe under which the Kingdome you are in is subject, the Embassadour himself wishes well to the Kingdome, and will performe his trust with much sincerity.

Of A Messenger Sent For or Upon Any Errand For Money.

Herein give the Ascendant and his Lord to him that sends, the 7th house and his Lord unto him to whom the Messenger is sent, the Message to the Moon, the Lord of the 5th to the Messenger and managing of the Business: If you find the Lord of the 5th separated from the Lord of the 7th, and applying to the Lord of the Ascendant, you may judge the Messenger has effected the thing he went about, is departed from him, and returning home againe:

If the Lord of the 5th be separated from the Lord of the 2nd house, he brings Money with him, whether a Fortune or Infortune be Lord of that house; and you must understand, that the answer which the Messenger brings is of the nature of that house, whose Lord is the Planet from whom the Lord of the 5th is separated, and of the Planet himselfe; so that if you find his separation from a good Planet, it gives hopes of a good Answer, the contrary when separation is from the Infortunes: If the Significator of the Messenger doe apply by Square or Opposition to an Infortune, before he is separated from the Lord of the 7th, you may then acquaint the Querent, the his Messenger has had some impediment in effecting his Businesse by the party to whom he was sent, and that he also sustained some hinderance in his Journey, ere he all manner of QUESTIONS.

came to the place to which he was sent: but if this application to an Infortune happen after that the Lord of the 5th was separated from the Lord of the 7th, the Messenger will have delayes or misfortune in his returning home againe; if you find an Infortune in the 9th, he will hardly travell safe for Theeves; if a Fortune be in the 9th, judge his going and returning will be safe.

Concerning the sending of Foot-Posts, Lackeys, &c. about any Message or Errand, whether they shall come to their Journeys end, or safe to the place unto which they are sent, behold the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon, and if either one or the other be in the seventh, or one or both apply to the Lord of the 7th, he then went safe to his journeys end; ever judge in this manner of question according to the nature of the Fortune or Infortune, and how he is dignified in the Heavens, what is his Vertue, what his Debility, and accordingly frame your judgment according to Fortunes, or they dwelling or being in Significant Houses, portend good, the Infortunes the contrary.

If there be reception betwixt the Lord of the 5th and 7th, and any amicable aspects, your Messenger was well received and entertained by him to whom he went, though the application be by Square or Opposition, yet he was well received; but the party sought after, framed some excuse, or framed some matter in his owne defence, concerning the thing sent unto him for. For your Messengers returne when it shall be; behold if the Lord of the 5th be receded from the Lord of the 7th, or applying to the Planet who is his Dispositor, say, he commeth; the time when, is found out thus; according to the number of degrees of the application, give Days, Weeks or Monthes, according to the nature and length of the Journey, and according to the nature of the Signes, viz., either Fixed, Common, or Moveable; if the Significator be Retrograde, the Messenger will returne when he comes to be Direct, or according to the number of degrees he wants ere he becomes Direct. I doe usually observe this generall rule, when the Lord of the 5th comes to a Sextile or Trine of the Lord of the Ascendant, that day, or neer it, the Messenger is heard of; or when the Moon separates from the Lord of the 5th to

The Resolution of the Lord of the Ascendant, the Querent shall have intelligence of his Messenger: You must know, the application of the Significator to a ponderous Planet, shews more certainly the day; use descretion in knowing the length or brevity of the Journey, and by what precedes you may be satisfied,

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