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Whether a Woman be with Child or not.

When a woman asks this Question, have respect to the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon who shall signifie the person of the Querent, the 5th house and Lord thereof shall show the Conception, if any be: If the Lord of the Ascendant be in the 5th, or Lord of the 5th in the Ascendant, free from all manner of impediments, it argues the Woman is conceived with child; so also if the Lord of the Ascendant his vertue or disposition be translated to any Planet in an Angle, the more certaine you may judge; if he to whom the Lord of the Ascendant commits his Disposition, be received of the Lord of the Ascendant by him; but if the Planet to whom the Lord of the Ascendant hath committed his Disposition, be in a cadent house, it notes the Woman hath taken griefe; and whereas she thinks she may be conceived of a Child, it's more like to be a Sicknesse; and if the Conception should hold, t'will come to no good end, especially if the Ascendant be Aries or Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, or if any of the malevolent Planets be in an Angle, or else South Node, for usually South Node in the 5th, shewes abortion, in the Ascendant extreame feare and mistrust of it; but if the ponderous Planet to whom the Lord of the Ascendant commits his Disposition be in good house, viz. in the 2nd, 11th or 9th, not in Conjunction with the Infortunes, and the Moon be free, it notes the Conception shall come to a good end, and the Woman safely delivered: so as also if the Lord of the 5th, who is naturall Signiticator of Children, be in the Ascendant free from misfortune, viz. Retrogradation or Combustion, or not with South Node,

If a Woman doe Conceive with Childe of more than one?

To resolve this Question, see if either Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces be ascending, then see if both Jupiter and Venus be in the Signe ascending, or in the Signe of the 5th, or be in any of the 12 Signes (except Leo) it's probable she goeth with 2 Children; and if the North Node be with Jupiter and Venus in the Ascendant or 5th, it's possible she may have 3; but if none of these be in the Ascendant or 5th, behold if these Planets cast their Sextile or Trine to the degree ascending, or to the cusp of the 5th house; it's also probable she may conceive, or is with Child with more then one: but if a fixed Signe possesse the Ascendant or 5th house, or any moveable Signes, and the Sun and Moon be therein, viz. either in fixed or moveable Signes, and in the 5th or 1st house, it's a certain argument the Woman is with child but with one: The Astrologer must not rashly adventure his Judgment without well considering his rules, or without knowledge had, whether it be not naturall or usuall for some of her family to bring at one Birth more than one.

If Male or Female.

See to the Ascendant, the Lord that Signe, the Signe of the 5th and Lord of the 5th, and whether the Signes be Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius; these Signes import a Male, the other 6 Signes a Female: If the Lord of the Ascendant be in a Masculine Signe, and the Lord of the 5th in a Feminine, then have recourse to the Moon, and see what Signe she is in, and if she apply to the Planet in a Masculine Signe, then she gives her testimony to that Significator who is in a Masculine Signe, and you may judge the party is with Child of a Boy or Man-Child.

Masculine Planets.

Masculine Planets are always Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Sun; Venus and the Moon are Feminine, and Mercury as he is in aspect or Conjunction with a Masculine or Feminine Planet, so is he of either sex accordingly; but when he is Orientall of the Sun, he is reputed Masculine; when Occidentall, then Feminine.

How long the Woman hath been Conceived?

In this case have regard to the Moon and the Lord of the 5 th and the Lord of the hour, and see which of all these is neerest from the separation of any Planet, and well consider him, and from what manner of aspect this separation is; if he be separated by a Trine aspect, say, she is in the 5th moneth of her Conception, or the 3rd, if the aspect was a Sextile, say, she is in the 2nd or 6th month; if the separation was by a Square aspect, she is in the 4th of her Conception; if is was by an Opposition, she has been Conceived seven moneths; if it were by a Conjunction, then she hath beene Conceived one moneth.

Of the time when the Birth will be?

In judging about what time the Querent may be delivered, you are to consider, When Mars and Sun are in Conjunction with the Lord of the 5th, and with the Moon and Lord of the houre, or the more part of them, and that time of their Conjunction shall shew the hour of Birth; help your selfe herein by that Fortune which in the Question shall behold the "Part of Children",viz. when he shall Apply to that Quarter of Heaven where the "Part of Children" is, and direct that 'Part of Children', by the Ascensions to the degree of the 5th house, and to the degree of Jupiter, and to his aspects, especially if Jupiter is between the Part of Children and the 5th house, because when that Part doth apply it self to the degrees of ascensions, and when it is within the Orbes of those degrees, is the time of delivery, giving to every degree one day.

Behold also the Disposition or application of that Planet to whom the Part of Children is directed, before the Conjunction of the Lord of the 5th with the Lord of the ascendant, in the ascendant or in the 5th house, because about that time will be the time of birth. See also when the Significator of the Question doth

The Resolution of change his form, viz. when he removes out of one Signe into another, then is also like to be the time of the birth: or behold the Lord of the 5th, how far he is removed from the cusp of the 5th, and give to every Signe 1 month, and help yourself with your other testimonies, and judge according to the major part of those Significators that do most nearly concur.

The Part of Children is taken day and night from Mars to Jupiter and projected from the Ascendant

Whether the Birth Shall be by Day or by Night?

In this manner of judgment, behold the Ascendant and his Lord, the Moon, Planet in the Ascendant, Lord of the 5th, Signe of the 5th; if the major part of the Significators be in Diurnal Signes, the birth will be by day; if the contrary happen, then in the night. If the Significators disagree amongst themselves, take him that is Essentially most strong, and judge by him; or else consider the number of degrees that the Planet you judge by is distant from the cusp of the 5th house, so many degrees as is their distance each from other, do you project from the degree ascending, and see where your number determines; and if it end in Diurnal Signe, she will be brought to bed by day; if contrary then in the night: by this means also you may judge of the quality of the sex, by considering the Lord of the 5th, the Moon, the Lord of the Hour, and the Part of Children before mentioned, and his Dispositor; if the major part hereof be in Masculine Signes, it's a Male the woman goes with, and the birth will be by day; but if the testimonies be equal, the birth will be by twilight.

Some say if the Question be, Whether a woman be with Child or not; consider the Lord of the Asc, Lord of the 5th, and Dispositor of the Moon, and the Moon herself; if any application be between these Planets, and the Moon be in a Common Signe, and the Ascendant one, and the Significators in Angles, or if in the Ascendant or 2nd there be a Fortunate Planet, she is with Child, otherwise not.

Or if by chance a Planet Direct be in Conjunction with the Moon, it shews the same; Jupiter and Venus in the 5th, or Moon in the all manner of QUESTIONS.

5th, applying to Jupiter or Venus, or a Planet in Cazimi of the Sun, the Planet being a Fortune, is a strong argument of being with Child; but if instead of Fortunes you find the Infortunes so placed as abovesaid, it's no signe of Conception; or if there be assurance of Conception before the Question be asked, it's a pregnant proofe of abortion, and if you find Mars to be the

Infortunate Planet afflicting, she will miscarry by a Flux of blood; if Saturn afflict, then by Sicknesse, Feare, Frights, or by too much aboundance of wind and water.

If you are demanded of the state of the Mother, and how, or in what case she shall be in after the Birth? behold the Moon, and observe to what Planet she applies, and according to the last application she hath before she goe out of the Signe she is in, it shall be with the Mother; so observe that Planet she last applies unto, his Nature, place in the Heaven and Fortitude, so shall it be with the Mother after Birth: I have in my practice observed this concerning the safety of the Mother, and her condition at the Birth, if it were evident she were with Child; and I found the Ascendant free, and the Lord of the Ascendant neither separated from a bad aspect of the Lord of the 8th or 4th, or applying to any aspect of the Lords of those two houses, or if I found the Moon Fortunately Applying to either of the Fortunes, or to the Sun, or indeed to any good aspect of the Infortunes, I never doubted the life of the Mother, and I remember not that I ever failed.

If the Lord of the 5th were in the 8th, and had no essential dignities in the Sign, and had any aspects good or ill to the Lord of the 8th or 4th, I usually judged the Infant would not live long after the Birth, and I ever found the prediction true; and you shall very seldome observe any Infant borne upon the very change of the Moon, but he dyes shortly, seldom outlives the next full Moon; or if he or she be borne at the moment of the Full Moon it's very probable the Infant dyes upon the next New Moon; for as there is no light in earth but what these two Planets give, so neither doe I beleeve any life can be permanent, when both these at the time of birth are either of themselves, or by Infortunes afflicted, &c.

Whether Unity is like to be betwixt the Infant and the Parent, or betwixt the Parent and any of his Children of elder Yeers.

This were better resolved from the Nativity, but because few among us are capable of judging one, I adventure somewhatby an Horary Question: The Question being then demanded as aforesaid, behold the Lord of the Ascendant, the Moon, the Lord of the 5th; if you find reception and application betwixt the Lord of the 5th, and Lord of the Ascendant, and this in the 10th, 11th, 5th, 3rd, 9th, 1st or 2nd houses, there will be Love and Unity betwixt them; or if Jupiter or Venus doe behold the cusps of both houses, there will be Unity and Concord betwixt them.

I doe in these manner of demands observe onely thus much; I presently consider if either Saturn, Mars or South Node be in the 5th, for if those two Planets, or any Planet who is posited in the house be Peregrine; I say, that the Childe will be untoward, very averse, and not easily regulated by his Parents directions, and that the fault is wholly in the Child, or young Man or Maid, according to the Question propounded. If I find Saturn, Mars or South Node in the Ascendant, I tell the parents that enquires, the fault is their owne, that the Child is not more observant unto them; and if Mars be there, I say, they are too much lordly over him or her, or their Children, and over-awe them, and keep them in too much subjection; if Saturn be the Planet impediting, I say, they are too austere, dogged, and too much close-fitted, and expect more service, duty, obedience or attendance from them then is fitting in a Christian liberty, that they give their Children no encouragement, or shew them any countenance, &c. If South Node be there in the Ascendant, I blame the Parent enquiring, and tell him, he is too jealous, and too mistrustfull of the actions of his or their Children, that he believes lyes and calumnies against his or their Children, that simple people foole him in his humour, and besot him with vaine reports, &c.

You may apply the last part of Judgment to any other Question as well as this, with very good successe, as I have done many times, and thereby have reconciled the father or mother and their Child.

But by all means I desire all Astrologers to deal fairly and honestly, let the fault be where it will be, &c.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

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