Chap Xcii If one be Bewitched or not

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If the Lord of the 12th be in the 6th, or the Lord of the 6th in the 12th, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 12th, or the Lord of the 12th in the ascendant, or the Lord of the 8th in the ascendant, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 8th, in a Question where suspition of Witchcraft is, it is probable; otherwise not so: But the Judgment succeeding I have found more certaine.

It's a received, generall Rule amongst those Artists that know the Cabalisticall Key of Astrologie, that if one Planet be Lord of the ascendant and 12th house, that then the Sicknesse is more then naturall: when Saturn is Lord of the ascendant and 12th, and in the 12th Retrograde, or in the 7th or 8th house in the same condition, and the Moon being Lady of the 6th, apply to Saturn, we constantly judge the party enquiring is Bewitched or Fore spoken, or that an evill Spirit hath power over him, and that the Infirm will be sore oppressed and disturbed in his Fancy, if not distracted.

If the Lord of the ascendant be Combust, or infortunate in the 12th, or joyned to the Lord of the 12th, there may be great feare, that the party enquiring or enquired for is Inchanted or Bewitched, or else some evill Spirits doe hant him, If the Lord of the ascendant be Lord of the 12th, and Combust, you must observe of what house the Sun is Lord, and in what Signe and quarter of Heaven he and the Lord of the ascendant are, and judge the Witch liveth that way; describe the Sun Sign as he is, and it represents the person.

If the Lord of the ascendant be Lord of the 12th, Combust, or all manner of QUESTIONS..

unfortunate by the Lord of the 3rd, it's a Neighbour hath procured some Witch to doe this act, or one of the Kindred; see in what house the Lord of the ascendant fals to be in, and in what house the Lord of the 3rd is in, and infortunates him, you may judge the cause of the malice to proceed from something of the nature of that house; as if either of them be in the 6th, it's for Pastorage of Cattle, or some difference about small Cattle, or for one hiring the others Servants, &c. and in like manner consider all twelve houses.

If the Lord of the ascendant be infortunate, as aforesaid, by the Lord of the 5th, it's some Ale-wife, Nurse, or some drunken companion that occasions it, or hath procured this Witchery.

If the Lord of the 10th afflict the Lord of the ascendant in the 12th, it's doubtlesse the hand of God, or by some supernaturall power or cause.

If the Lord of the ascendant be an unfortunate Planet, as Mars or Saturn, and be in the 12th house, Combust and infortunated by the Lord of the 12th, it imports the man is bewitched by a common Witch..

If the Lord of the 12th be in the ascendant it argues Witchcraft, or that some evill Spirit doth molest the party, or that some that are neer him or about him have evill tongues, or in plaine tearmes, have bewitched him.

In places where people are troubled with Witches, as in many places of this Kingdome they are, these Rules will hold: as also, if the Moon be in the 12th, in Opposition to the Lord of the ascendant or 12th. If people suspect their Cattle Bewitched, if they be great Cattle, make the 12th house their ascendant, and the 11th their 12th house, and vary your Rules with Judgment.


Having by the Figure discovered and described the Party, either by that Planet who is Lord of the 12th, or posited in the 12th, and doth behold the Lord of the ascendant with a malicious aspect, you must let one watch the party suspected, when they goe home to their owne house, and presently after, before any body goe into the house after him or her, let one pull a handfull of the Thatch, or a Tile that is over the Doore: and if it be a Tile, make a good fire and heat it red hot therein, setting a Trevet over it, then take the parties water, if it be a man, woman or child, and poure it upon the red hot Tile, upon one side first, and then on the other, and againe put the Tile in the fire, and make it extreamly hot, turning it ever and anon, and let no body come into the house in the meane time.

If they be Cattle that are bewtiched, take some of the Haire of every one of them, and mix the Haire in faire water, or wet it well, and then lay it under the Tile, the Trevet standing over the Tile: make a lusty fire, turne your Tile oft upon the Haire, and stir up the Haire ever and anon: after you have done this by the space of a quarter of an hour, let the fire alone, and when the ashes are cold, bury them in the ground towards that quarter of heaven where the suspected Witch lives.

If the Witch lives where there is no Tile but Thatch, then take a great handfull thereof, and wet it is the parties water, or else in common water mixed with some salt, then lay it in the fire, so that it may molter and smother by degrees and in a long time, setting a Trevet over it.

Or else take two new Horse-shooes, heat them red hot, and naile one of them on the Threshold of the Door, but quench the other in Urine of the party so Bewitched; then set the Urine over the fire, and put the Horse-shooes in it, setting a Trevet over the Pipkin or Pan wherein the Urine is; make the Urine boyle, with a little salt put into it, and three Horse-nails untill it's almost consumed, viz. the Urine; what is not boyled fully away poure into the fire: keep your Horse-shooe and nailes in a cleane cloth or paper, and use the same manner three severall times; the operation would be farre more effectuall, if you doe these things at the very change or full Moon, or at the very hour of the first or second quarter thereof. If they be Cattle bewitched, you must mix the Haire of their Tailes with the Thatch, and moysten them, being well bound together, and so let them be a long time in the fire consuming. These are naturall experiments, and work by sympathy, as I have found by severall experiments: I could have perscribed many more, Multa creduntur ratione experintia, non quod videntur vera vi rationis.

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