Chap Xci Of a Captive or Slave

Behold the 6th house or 12th, and if any Planet be therein, he is the Signifier of the Captive, because those houses are the houses of Captives or imprisonment. If you find none there, behold the Planet which is under the Sun-Beames, he is the Signifier.

Behold the hour at what time the Captive is taken in, and if the Lord of the hour be an Infortune, it signifies long imprisonment or Captivity.

The Ancients say, he that is taken in the hour of the Sun, shall escape within a moneth; in the hour of Venus, in 40 dayes; in the hour of Mercury, long imprisonment; in the hour of the Moon, his state shall change according to the applications of the Moon hath with the Planets, fortunate or infortunate; according to which you shall judge easie or slow deliverance: he that is

The Resolution of taken in the hour of Saturn, shall be long in prison; in the hour of Jupiter, he shall soon goe out, but he that is taken in the hour of Mars, much trouble shall happen unto him in prison, for he shall be put in Fetters or beaten; this you must understand of Fellons, or Souldiers, or men that break Prison, or of mad men, &c.

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