Chap Lxxxix Of Secret Enemies not named

If a Question be asked, concerning Enemies, and none named, see to the Lord of the 12th; but if any be named, then to the 7th house and the Lord thereof; diligently considering their applications to and with the Lord of the ascendant, and by what aspect, and out of what houses; for if the Lord of the 12th behold the Lord of the ascendant with Square or Opposition, out of the 8th, 6th or 12th, or out of those houses which have a Square aspect to the ascendant, or no aspect at all, then there is some that privately and secretly wish him ill, and doe him mischiefe, or some secret enemy unto him.

To know some Secret Enemy who he is.

If any man demand the state of a secret Enemy, behold the Lord of the 12th house, and how he is affected, and whether he be with good or evill Planets, and behold the ascendant or Lord thereof, for if he be in the 6th, or joyned to the Lord thereof, it shewes the secret Enemy is afflicted with some secret Disease or Malady; as also, if the Lord of the 6th be in the 12th: but if he, viz. Lord of the 12th, be with the Lord of the 10th, he is in favour with the King, or is a man of good quality, or lives with some man of quality, and it is not good for the Querent to meddle with him, especially if at such time he behold the Lord of the ascendant with Square or Opposition: but if the Lord of the 12th be in the 4th or 8th, or with the Lord thereof, judge him sickly, or neer to dying, or even pining and repining. Consider and judge with discretion in such like cases, according to former Directions.

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