Chap Lxxxi If attaine the Philosophers Stone

An ingenious ma with much seriousnes propounded the Question above, viz. Whether he should obtain the Philosopher's Stone? or, that Elixar by which such wonders are preformed? that there is such a thing in being I verily believe; that it may be attained I am confident: but as it is a blessing beyond all blessings upon all manner of QUESTIONS.

earth, so I hold, that it is given but to very few, and to those few rather by revelation of the good Angels of God, then the proper industry of man. This Question must admit of this manner of proposall; Whether the Knowledge of the querent is so able, or he so cunning, as to produce to effect by his Art what he desires?

The Querent is signified by the ascendant, and Mercury Lord thereof; his knowledge by Mars Lord of the 9th, and the aspects which may be cast unto him from the other Planets.

I find Mars Lord of the Querent's Science in a cadent house, but in his owne Terme and Face.

Mars is in a Square aspect both of Mercury and Saturn, and they and he in fixed Signes, they in the Terms of Saturn, falling into the 9th house; I find Mercury lately Retrograde, and in Square or Mars, now moving slowly in his direct motion, and applying againe to a second Square of Mars: From hence I judged, the Querent had formerly spent some time in the search of this admirable Jewell the Elixar, but in vaine and to no purpose; his second application by Square happening not long after, while Mercury was in Gemini, and in his owne Terms, intimated a stronger desire, greater hopes and resolution to endeavour once more the attaining of the Philosopher's Stone, but I advised the Querent to decline his further progresse upon that subject; and in regard of the former reasons, advised him how incapable he was, and the improbability of the thing he intended, according to naturall causes, and advised him to desist: I also said, that he erred in his materials or composition, working upon things terrene or of too grosse and heavy a substance; part of which judgment I collected by Saturn his Square unto Mars, part by the affliction of Mercury, his intellective part by the proximity of Saturn, both cohabiting in an earthly Signe, for in any operation where Mercury is corrupted, there the fancy or imaginative part is imbecill; but where the Lord of the Work it selfe is unfortunate (as here Mars Lord of the 9th is,) there the ground work or matter it selfe of the principall part of the operation is defective, as here it was: and that the Gentleman should think I spoke not in vaine, I acquainted him, he had more necessity to cure himselfe of a Consumption, he was entring into (nay entred) then of advancing his paines further in the scrutiny of this Laborinth.

The Resolution of

For seeing Mercury Lord of the Ascendant, and Saturn in Conjunction in Taurus, Saturn being Lord of the 6th, of evill influence naturally, and finding Mars afflicting Mercury out of the 12th, and Mercury not receded from, but applying to a further evill Square of Mars, no Fortune interjecting his benevolent aspect betwixt Mercury and the two Infortunes, but that he stood single of himselfe without any assistance, and thereby was incapable of resisting their malevolent influence, I advised to have a care of his health speedily, &c.

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