Chap Lxxx If Presberty shall stand

Christian Astrology Charts

Judgment upon the Figure abovesaid.

The angles of the Figure are common, and not fixed, but the Signe of the 9th, from which at present judgment must be naturally deduced, is Taurus, a fixed, stable Signe, and from Saturn in the Terms of Jupiter, who is therein posited, a slow and ponderous Planet; a generall Significator in Religion, Religious Rites and Ceremonies is now standing to Direction; and is departing out of his Exaltation, having been a long time Retrograde therein, and now at present impedited by mars: after his transit out of Cancer, he enters the fixed Sign of Leo, and into the Terms of Saturn; but in the first six degrees thereof he meets with severall obnoxious fixed Starres, and thence passes into the Termes of Mercury, who is now in the Signe Pisces his Fall; yet angular, entred into the Decanate of Mars.

We find Venus Lady of the 9th house in Aries her Detriment, and in the 8th of the Figure, but 12th house from her own viz. Taurus, now the cusp of the 9th: and if you observe Venus well, she hath 21 degrees to passe through the Signe of Aries, and these degrees all in the 8th house, ere she get into Taurus where she may possible fix, or at least would; but before she fully gets out of this movable Signe Aries, she first hath occurse to the sinister Square of Jupiter, (The Gentry of England will oppose it.) then of Mars, (Mars Lord of the ascendant of England, the generality or whole Kingdome will distaste it.) all three in the Termes of Saturn: this might have produced some materiall effects, if Saturn had been essentially Fortified where he is, or if Presbytery had any relation to Monkery, or if it had been the first beginning of a Religious Order.

Let us take all the Planets as posited, and there's not a Planet fixed except Saturn, not any essentially dignified but Jupiter, and he impedited by Mars; the Moon is entring Via Combusta, Mars is in his Fall, Mercury in his, Venus in her Detriment..

We have the Moon separating from Venus in the 8th, then going to be Vacua Cursus afterwards she Squares with Mars, (The Presbytery will struggle hard, and wrangle stoutly.) then with Jupiter: From those configurations we shall naturally frame our judgment, not positive or affirmative, but conjecturall, onely out of a desire that posterity may see there's some verity in Astrology, and the Clergies just cause to carp at the Art if I lye: and we hope herein, that we shall no more offend in writing the Astrall intention of the heavenly bodyes, (deduced from reasons in Art) then those who daily (pleno ore) and publickly deliver amongst hundreds their conceptions, though repugnant to the opinion of very many now alive. The posture of Saturn in the 9th who is naturally of a severe, surly, rigid and harsh temper, may argue, the Presbytery shall be too strict, sullen and dogged for the English Constitutions, little gentle or compliant with the natures of the generality, and that there shall spring up amongst all manner of QUESTIONS.

themselves many strange and fearfull opinions and distractions even concerning this very Presbytery now mentioned, that they shall grow excessive covetous, contentious, and desirous of more then belongs unto them, worldly, envious and malicious one against another; that amongst them some Juniors represented by Venus, shall be but of light judgment, wave and decline the strictnesse of this Discipline; that the Elder, represented by Saturn, shall not be respected by reason of their too much rigidnesse, or shall their Orthodox opinions be consented unto.

Saturn is Peregrine, Occidentall, &c. fortified by no essentiall Dignity, or supported with the favourable aspect of either of the Fortunes; there's Reception betwixt the Moon and him, but no aspect: Mercury Lord of the 10th signifying Authority, is separated and separateth apace from Saturn, as if the Gentry, or supreamest people of this Kingdome, doe in part decline from the severity of the too too austere Clergy or Presbytery, mistrusting a Thraldome rather then a Freedome to ensue hereupon.

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