Chap Lxxiv Of good or ill in questions concerning this House

If in this house good Planets have either government, or are in possession thereof, or aspect the same without the testimonies of the Infortunes, it signifieth good, or is an argument thereof in all questions concerning this house.

Of a Voyage by Sea, and Success thereof.

Look to the 9th house, if it be good and strong, and aspected of good Planets, or good Planets in the said house, especially if the Lord of the ascendant and the 10th be well affected, it is very good: but if thou findest Saturn, Mars or the South Node there, then is the way evill, if the Lord of the 9th be with an evill Planet, it is evill, and he shall not speed well in the way, or get any wealth by that Voyage: Mars in the 9th, :intimates danger by Theeves or Pyrates; Saturn threateneth losse of Goods, or sicknesse; the South Node doth import the same that Mars doth, but most part with cozenage and deceit.

The substance of the Journey is from the 10th, because it is the 2nd from the 9th: Fortunes there, expect Wealth; Infortunes, losse: the 9th infortunate, many hardships in the Voyage; Fortunes there, a happy passage. Together with this, see to the Lord of the 8th, or 8th house; for if he or it be strong there is Wealth to be got; Saturn, Mars or South Node in that house, nothing to be had, or not worth labour.

What wind you shall have.

Behold the Lord of the ascendant, if he be with a good Planet or Planets, and they strong, and in friendly aspect, it signifieth good winds; but if with evill Planets, or they in cadent houses, the contrary; if the Significators be in Opposition out of fixed Signes, and neer violent fixed starres, the Traveller may expect impetuous stormes, sudden blasts, contrary winds often driving the Passenger this way, and sometimes that way; as also, that he shall await many dayes, weeks or moneths for a comfortable wind before he shall gaine it: Gentle gusts of wind are signified when the Significators are in Trine aspect out of Signes ayery, viz. Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.

Of him that taketh a Journey, and the successe thereof.

Behold what Planets are in the angles, if you find in the ascendant a good Fortune, judge then that he shall have good successe, before that he removeth from the place he is in, or in the beginning if his Journey; if that good Fortune be in the Mid-heaven, he shall have much happinesse in his Journey, and after his entring the Ship, or upon the way as he goeth on his Journey: but if the Fortune be in the 7th, he shall have content in the place whereunto he goeth: if that Planet which is the Fortune be in the 4th, it shall be at his returne, or when he shall come to his owne place or home back againe.

If that Fortune be Jupiter, the benefit he expects, or the Means to advance him, shall come from or by meanes of a religious person, or Judge, or Gentleman, in quality and kind according to the power, quality and nature of the Lord of the house of that Fortune, or by a person of that description; as if it be the house of the Sun, it shall be by the King, a Magistrate, or some noble Person, or by a Solar man of noble disposition.. If Saturn be Significator, it shall consist in things and Commodities of his nature, or else in things of antiquity, or Ground, Corne or Tillage; or by meanes of an ancient man: describe Saturn exactly, and let the man apply to such a one in his Affaires. If Venus, it shall be as touching Women, Joy and Sport, or by meanes of Women, Friends, or in Linnen, Silks, Jewels, or pleasant things. If Mercury, it shall be by writing, or by wit and discretion, or merchandize, Accounts or Letters testimoniall, or by the Merchant. If it be the Moon, it shall be by Services or Masteries, much imployment by some Woman or Widdow, or Saylor, or by carrying Newes, or playing at Dice, Sports or Pastimes, Tables, or such like.


If the Fortune in the 10th house, is Venus, he shall have good, or make great benefit in his Journey, by dealing in such things as bring joy, or cause delight and pastime, by Jewels or Silks which are of the nature of Venus: If the Lord of that house be Saturn, and he be strong, say then of Saturn as in the preceding part, and so of the rest: If a Planet who is an Infortune be Lord of the 12th and he be Saturn, it is to be feared there shall happen unto him some sicknesse comming of a cold and dry cause, or by much trechery, but if Saturn be in a Signe Bestiall, it is to be feared, some ill fortune or mischance shall happen to the Traveller by meanes of some Four-footed Beast; if he be in a humane Sign, it may be by some deceitfull men; if that ill Fortune instead of Saturn be Mars, it is to feared he may incurre some sicknesse that is of a hot nature, or fall into the hands of Theeves, and shall have feare of himselfe touching hurt to his body, &c. and so of the rest.

Of the short or slow returne of him that taketh a Journey.

Behold the Signifier of the Journey, if that Planet be swift in Course, Occidential, and Moon and he in movable Signes, it signifieth his Journey to be short, and not much tarrying from home, or a quick, speedy passage, yet with trouble and pain; but if he be swift, (viz. the Significator) in motion and Orientall, all manner of QUESTIONS.

it shall be quick, short, and without any labour or much trouble: when the Lord of the ascendant doth apply unto the Lord of the house of Journeys, or when the Lord of the Journey applies to the Lord of the ascendant, or any Planet carryeth light of one to the other, or when the Lord of the house of Journeys is in the ascendant, or when the Lord of the 7th is in the ascendant, or the Lord of the ascendant in the 7th; all these doe signifie short returne, or good speed according to the length of the Voyage: But if none of these be, or the greater part of the said Significators be in angles, especially in fixed Signes, it signifieth either destruction of his Journey, or else slow, or to be a great while absent: If a Fortune be in the house of Journeys, it signifieth health of body; a good Fortune in the Mid-heaven signifieth mirth and jollity, or gladnesse in his journey, or that he shall have good company: in the 7th and 4th, it signifieth prosperity, and a good end of the Journey or Voyage.

If the Lord of the house of Journeys be in a fixed Signe, it signifieth continuance and long tarrying: in a common Signe, it signifieth he shall change his mind from his first intended thoughts, or remove from one journey to another.

If the Moon in questions of Journeys, be in the 6th, or in Opposition to the Lord of the 6th, it shewes sicknesse to him that travels, and impediments in his occasions, and that his businesse shall be for the most part feeble, weak and slackly handled, his endeavours and designes shall be much crossed; yet if the Lord of the ascendant be fortunate, or in the house of trust, or not opposite to the same, it signifieth successe and prosperity, and the accomplishing of his businesse, though with many difficulties and obstructions.

When he shall returne that is gone a long Journey.. [You must ever have regard to the proper Significator.]

Behold the Lord of the ascendant, if you find him in the ascendant or mid-heaven, or giving his power to another Planet being in any of those places, it signifieth that he shall returne and is thinking of it; but if the Lord of the 1st be in the 7th, or in an angle of the earth, it signifies, that his returne is

The Resolution of prolonged, and that as yet he is not gone far from the place he went unto, nor hath he yet any desire thereunto.

If the Almuten of the 1st be in the 9th or 3rd from the ascendant, applying to a Planet in the ascendant, it signifieth he is in his journey homewards: the same also doth the Lord of the ascendant signifie if he be in the 8th or 2nd, applying to any Planet in the 10th; yet notwithstanding, if the Lord of the ascendant be cadent, and doe not apply to any Planet in an angle, or behold the ascendant, it is a token of tarrying.

But if at any time the Lord of the ascendant or the Moon doe apply unto a Planet Retrograde, or the Lord of the ascendant himselfe be Retrograde, (viz. the Significator of the absent) and doe behold the ascendant, it is a token he is comming: but is the Lord of the ascendant be infortunate, it doth signifie some let or hinderance which makes him to tarry, or that he cannot come: If you find not in the house of the ascendant any of those things which I have said, behold the Moon, and if she doe give her power or light to the Lord of the ascendant, being in the ascendant or neer the ascendant, it signifies that he shall come shortly or intends it: also, if the Moon be in the 7th, 9th or 3rd, applying to the Lord of the ascendant, it signifies that he commeth: If the Moon be separate from a Planet which is in the left side of the ascendant (that is, under the earth) and applyeth to another Planet on the right hand of the ascendant, (that is, above the earth) it doth signifie that he commeth.

If the Moon be on the right hand of the ascendant, and apply to a Planet in the mid-heaven, it signifieth that he commeth, yet with slownesse, for the Moon being in the right hand of the ascendant, doth show so much; which if she had been in the left hand, she had shewed his comming sooner. If the Lord of the house of the Moon be infortunate, it signifies tarrying, and let or hinderance in comming home.

You must ever consider for whom the question is asked, for if he that demands the question ask for a Sonne, then from the 5th house look for the Significator: If for a Brother, then to the 3rd: If for a Father, the 4th, &c. Behold the Fortunes and Infortunes carefully placed in those places, and by them and their position, judge the estate of him that is absent in his journey, both for health and hinderance, for according to the estate or place of the Fortunes or Infortunes in the Figure, and their dignities or imbecillities, so you may judge.

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