Chap Lxvii If the absent party be alive or dead

The true resolution of this Question depends much upon a right understanding, what relation the Querent hath to the party enquired of, for you have oft to read in the preceding judgments, that in every Question great care is to be taken, that the intentions of the Demandant and Questied party may be carefully apprehended, that thereby one Significator be not mistaken for another; wherefore for better satisfaction of this part of judgment we now are handling, you must enquire whether he, viz. the Querent, enquire of the death of a Friend, or of his Wife, or a Father, or a Child, or of a Servant, &c. Give the 1st house and his Lord for the Significator of the Querent; but for the party Quesited, give the Signe of that house he is signified by, the Lord thereof and the Moon for his Significators: if you find the Lord of his ascendant in the 4th or 8th, either from his owne ascendant, or of the Figure, that configuration is one argument that man or woman enquired after, is deceased; (this must be all manner of QUESTIONS.

judged where the party hath been long absent, and in remote parts, and strong intelligence concurring therewith.)

Together with this, consider if the Lord of his ascendant or the Moon, be in the 12th from his owne house, with any evill Planet, or if he be in the 12th, in aspect of any unfortunate Planet, either by Square or Opposition, or if the Sun be unfortunate or afflicted, or the Moon in like manner, for then the absent is dead: If the Significator of the absent man or woman be in the 6th from his owne house, or 6th of the Question, or in any Square or Opposition or affliction of the Lord of the 6th, without Reception, or the benevolent aspect of a Fortune, the absent is then sick: but if he be going from the Conjunction of evill Planets, wither by body or aspect, so that he be surely separated from them, or is departing from Combustion, it argues the party enquired of hath lately escaped a danger or sicknesse, or perill equivalent; the greatnesse of the disaster or infirmity you shall judge according to the quality if the Signes the Significators are in, and manner of aspect afflicting, having relation to the house from whence the aspects are.

It's considerable, that you poyse in your judgment, whether the Significator of the absent party be in the 6th, or to any unfortunate Planet afflicting him, or whether he be in any amicable aspect with either of the Fortunes, or if he be strong in the Signe, you must not then judge the man sick, but rather weary or drowsie, or perhaps he hath let blood of late &c. or taken some Physick for prevention of a disease which he feared.

I doe onely observe, of the Significator of the absent be strong, and separated from a Fortune, and in a good house, the absent lives; if he be afflicted, or was lately in Square or Opposition of the Infortunes, he was perplexed, or suffered much misery, according to the nature of the house from whence afflicted; but I judge him not dead, unlesse together with that mischance, the Lord of the 8th doe unfortunate him.

The Resolution of

Whether one absent will returne or not, and when?

Consider by what house the absent party is signified, and what Planet is his Significator; then see if his Significator be in the 1st house (let his Journey be whither it will,) yet if it be a long Journey, and beyond Seas, then see if he be in the 9th, or if in the 12th, if a very long Journey was undertaken; or if he be in the 5th, if a moderate Journey was intended, or in the 3rd, if a short Journey. If he be in any of these houses, or do commit his disposition to any Planet in any of these houses, it signifies the absent will not dye in that Voyage, but returne: if he be in the 7th, he will returne, but not in hast; nay, he will tarry long; and he is at time of the Question in that country unto which he first went, nor hath he hitherto had any thoughts of returning; however, now he hath: If he be in the 4th, he will stay and abide longer then if he were in the 7th:

if his Significator be in the 3rd or 9th, and in any aspect with any Planet in the ascendant, the absent is preparing to come home, and is fully resolved thereof; or if he be in the 2nd, in aspect with a Planet in the 9th, he is endeavouring to provide moneys for his Voyage homewards, nor will it be long are he be at home; but if he be in a Cadent house, and not behold his owne ascendant, he neither cares for his returne, or hath any thoughts thereof, nor can he come if so be he would: if he be cadent and also afflicted, and behold not the ascendant, but is otherwayes impedited, there's no hopes of his returne, nor will he ever come; but if either his Significator be Retrograde, or the Moon be joyned to a Retrograde Planet, and behold the ascendant, it imports his sudden returne when not expected: if you find his Significator impedited, see what house he is Lord of that doth unfortunate him; if it be the Lord of the 4th, the man is detained and cannot have liberty; if it be the Lord of the 6th, he is ill; if the Lord of the 8th, he feares he shall dye by the way, or before he gets into his owne Country; if the Lord of the 12th, he is as a prisoner and cannot procure liberty: such configurations as these seem to impede his returne.

Having considered the Significator of the absent, now have all manner of QUESTIONS.

recourse to the Moon, the generall Significatrix, for if she be in Conjunction or Good aspect of the absent's Significator, or commit her disposition unto him, and he posited in the ascendant, it argues his returne; the nearer the aspect is to the degree ascending, the sooner he returnes; the more remote, the longer it will be.

The Significator onely posited in the 8th, without other impediments, prolongs his returne, but at last he will come: but if unfortunated therein, he dyes and never returnes: Moon separating from the Lord of the 4th, 7th, 9th or 3rd, or any Planet under the earth, and then joyned to the Lord of the ascendant, or a Planet above the earth, the absent will returne.

The time when he will returne.

You are herein with descretion to consider, first, the length of the Journey; then the Lord of the ascendant and Significator of the party absent, and to observe, whether they are of the superiour Planets or not, or whether the Journey was long or short, or according unto discretion, in what space of time a man might come and goe, or performe by water or land, such or such a Journey or Voyage; if you find both the Significators applying by Sextile or Trifle aspect, observe in your Ephemeris when the day of the aspect is, and then much about that day or near unto that time, shall you heare some newes of the party, or have a letter from him, or concerning him; this supposes the party so neer, that a possibility thereof may be, for if the distance be very farre, then you may judge within a fortnight or more of the day of the aspect: But if you be asked, When he will come home, or when the Querent shall see him? then it is very probably, when both the Significators come to Conjunction, he will come home and the Querent shall be in his company; if the Significat.or of the absent be in any Signe preceding one of his owne houses, observe how many degr. he wants are he get out of that Signe and enters his owne house, and put them into dayes, weeks, moneths or years, according to discretion, and the nature of the Signe and place of heaven he is in; for movable Signes argue a short stay in the place; common ones, more long; fixed doe prolong and shew long time.

The Resolution of

Of the death of the Querent, or space of his owne life.

If one is fearful of death, or feels himselfe ill, or would be resolved, Whether, according to naturall causes, he may live a yeer, two, three or more, the better to dispose of some matters concerning his owne private affaires, and shall demand such a Question of you, give the ascendant, his Lord and the Moon for his Significators, and see in what houses they are in, and how dignified essentially, unto whom they apply, or with what Planets associated: if the Lord of the 1st be joyned with any of the Fortunes, and commit his vertue unto him, and that Planet is well dignified and commit his disposition to no Planet, then see if that Fortune be Lord of the 8th; for if he be not, then assuredly the Querent out-lives the year, or two or three, or time by him propounded; but if the Planet to whom the Lord of the ascendant is in Conjunction with, or commits his disposition unto, be Lord of the 8th, then whether he be a good or an ill Planet, he kils (for every Planet must doe his office,) and signifies, that the Querent shall dye within the compasse of time demanded; and this judgment you may averre with more constancy, if the Moon be then impedited, unlesse some other Planet be joyned with the Lord of the ascendant, who receives either him or the Moon, for then he shall not dye in that space of time enquired of by him.

Consider if the Lord of the ascendant be joyned to an Infortune, who receives him not either by House or Exaltation, or by two of his lesser Dignities, and the Moon also at that time unfortunate, it signifies the Querent's death.

If in like manner you find the Lord of the 1st joyned to the Lord of the 8th, unlesse the Lord of the 8th receive him, and so notwithstanding, as that the Lord of the 1st receive not the Lord of the 8th, though he receive the Lord of the 1st; because if the Lord of the 8th receive the Lord of the 1st, and the Lord of the 1st the Lord of the 8th, whether Fortune or Infortune, you may justly feare the Querent's death; but if the Lord of the 8th receive the Lord of the ascendant, so there be not mutuall Reception, it hinders not.

all manner of QUESTIONS.

Having considered judiciously that the Querent shall not dye, behold when or in what time it wil be are the Lord of the ascendant is joyned to that Planet who receiveth him with a compleat Conjunction, untill that time and year or years signified by that Conjunction, the Querent shall be secure, and so may ascertaine himselfe, that at this time he shall not dye.

But if you find just grounds in Art the Querent shal dye, behold when and at what time the Lord of the 1st is joyned to the Lord of the 8th, or to the abovesaid Infortune, who receives him not, but afflicts him, and is the interficient Planet; for when their perfect Conjunction is, whether by body or aspect, at that time he is like to dye.

But if the Lord of the 1st is so disposed, or he is such a condition, as you conceive that by him alone, without other testimonies, you cannot sufficiently judge of his death or life, then doe you consider the Moon, and judge by her position, as you did of the Lord of the 1st: but as I related before, if the Lord of the 8th and the Lord of the 1st be joyned together and each receive other, or at leastwise, the Lord of the 1st receive the Lord of the 8th, it prenotes his death, as aforesaid: when the interficient Planet comes to the degrees wherein the two Significators were in Conjunction, or if they were in Square or Opposition aspect, then when the malevolent Intersector comes to the degree of the Zodiack wherein the Lord of the ascendant was at time of the Question; or when the unfortunate Anareta, transits the degree ascending, and there meets with the malevolent aspect of the Lord of the 6th, or when an Eclipse, or its opposite place fals to be either the degree ascending or the degree of the Signe wherein the Lord of the ascendant was, or of the Moon, if you judged by her, and not by the Lord of the ascendant.

When, or about what time the Querent may dye?

When the Question is absolute, and without limitation, and the Querent shall propound unto you, being an Astrologian, his Question in this manner of way, viz. When shall I dye, or how long may I live? In this demand, you are to behold the Lord of

The Resolution of ascendant, the ascendant it selfe, and the Moon, the Lord of the 8th or infortunate Planet in the 8 th, and that Planet unto whom either the Lord of the 1st or the Moon is joyned by body or malevolent aspect, and you shall determine the death of the Querent according to the number or distance of degrees which are betwixt the Lord of the 1st and the Lord of the 8th, or of that Planet to whom either the Lord of the ascendant or Moon is joyned, for those number of degrees shall shew either moneths or years: If the Lord of the 1st be in Conjunction with the Lord of the 8th in an angle, it notes so many years; for in these judgments, angles do not accelerate death, but shew that life and nature are strong, and a possibility of overcoming the malignity of the humour afflicting: if the abovesaid Conjunction be in a succedant house, it notes so many moneths; but note, if the Signe be fixed, it gives halfe years, halfe moneths: if in a cadent house, so many weeks: you must understand this Question with mature judgment, and well consider whether the Significators are extremely afflicted, or have sufficiently manifested that according to naturall causes, the Querent cannot live long, or that death is not farre from the Querent.

If the Significators doe not presage death at present, then aquaint him, it's possible, he may live so many yeers as there are degrees betwixt the Conjunction of the Lord of the ascendant and the Lord of the 8th, or of that Planet at time of the Question afflicting him. The Ancients have ever observed, that the Lord of the ascendant is more in this judgment to be considered then the Moon, and therefore his affliction or Conjunction with the Lord of the 8th, or Combustion with the Sun is especially worth consideration, and most to be feared; for naturally the Lord of the 1st doth signifie the life and body of the Querent, and not by accident.

If the Lord of the ascendant be separated from the Lord of the 8th, or the Lord of the 8th from him, or from that Planet who did afflict him, it's not then probable the Querent shall dye, in so many years as there are degrees betwixt them, viz. from that their separation: where observe, the Conjunction of the Moon with the Lord of the 8th, doth not much hurt, unlesse the Lord of the 1st be also joyned with him; for let the Moon be afflicted, all manner of QUESTIONS.

yet if the Lord of the ascendant be strong, it's no great matter; but if the Moon be well Fortified, and the Lord of the ascendant be weak and afflicted, the strength of the Moon afflicts nothing for the evasion of the Querent; for although in the Querent's affaires she hath much to do, yet in this manner of judgment little, where life or death are in question.

Whether the Man or Wife shall dye first?

This doth more neerly depend upon the Nativity of either party, then upon an horary Question, and therefore I would advise in the resolution of this Question, that first the Artist doe demand of the Querent, his or her Age, or if they have it, the time of their Birth, and that he erect the Figure thereof, and see what possibility there was in the Radix, of the length or shortnesse of the Querent's life if time give you leave, see if the Sun or Moon in the Radix, or the ascendant of the Nativity, doe near the time of the Question, come to any malignant direction, or whether the Querent be not in or neer a Climactericall year or years, which are the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, 35th, 42nd, &c. or whether you find not maleficall transits of the infortunate Planets either by their near Conjunction to the degree of the Sun, Moon or ascendant in the Radix, or whether they cast not their Square or Opposition aspects to the degrees of the Sun, Moon or ascendant of the Radix, now at this instant time of the Question; this I would have well considered: and then erect your Figure according to the time of the day given, and behold who asks the question, and let the Lord of the ascendant be for him or her, the Lord of the 7th for the quesited party; see which of them is weakest, or most afflicted in the Figure, and whether the ascendant or 7th house hath any malevolent Planet posited therein, or whether there arise with the ascendant, or descend with the cusp of the 7th, and maleficall fixed Starres; for in this manner judgment they shew much: Behold whether the Lord of the 7th, or of the ascendant goe to combustion first, or to the affliction of any malignant Planet, or to the Lord of the 8th; for it is an assured rule, that if the Lord of the ascendant be

The Resolution of most afflicted, or first goe to combustion, and the 1st house it selfe be unfortunated by the presence of an Infortune, that then the Querent dyeth first: and so judge for the Quesited, if the same misfortunes befall to the 7th house, and his Lord, &c.

What manner of death the Querent shall day.

in this manner of judgment observe the Lord of the 8th, if he be therein posited, or what Planet is nearest to the cusp of the house, and hath Dignities therein; for you must take signification of the quality of death from either of these, or from that Planet who afflicts the Lord of the ascendant, and have Dignities in the 8th: If the Planet signifying death is either Venus or Jupiter, you may assure the Querent, he or she shall dye a fair death: and observe what Diseases they or either of them in the Signe they are in doe signifie, and what part of mans body they represent in that Signe, and you may certifie the Querent, that the disease or infirmity he or she dye of, will be of the nature of the Planet, and in that part of the body they signifie in that Signe. Usually, good Planets in the 8th, a fair, gentle death; malevolent ones, either strong Feavers, or long continued Sicknesses, and much afflicting.

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