Chap Lv Of Partnership

The Lord of the ascendant is for the Querent; Lord of the 7th for the Partner intended: but herein be carefull that you observe what Planet is in the 7th, and neer the cusp of the 7th, and whether the party enquired of be more like to the description of the Planet posited in the 7th, or to the Lord of the 7th; take that Planet for his Significator who is neerest to his description, and consider him as you would otherwayes the Lord of the 7th, and as you ought to doe of the Lord of the 7th, no other Planet being in the 7th.

Let the Moon be partner in signification; the 10th house shall shew what credit there may come of the Partnership: but whether the Partnership will extend to good or ill, you must expect that from the 4th house and his Lord, and the Planet therein posited, and the Planet to whom the Moon applyes.

If the Lord of the ascendant and the Moon be in movable Signes without Reception by House or Exaltation, or Triplicity or Terme, then there will happen Contention, and they will disagree, but

The Resolution of matters will againe reconciled, and the Partnership will hold, but still they will be mistrustfull of one another, nor will much good come of it: but if the Significators be in fixed Signes, their society will continue long; but if no Reception be, little profit will come from thence accrew to either party if they buy any thing, the Commodities will lye long on their hands; if the Significators be in common Signes, it promises a gainfull Partnership, and that they will be faithfull to each other; If one Significator be in a movable Signe, and the other in a fixed, the disturbance arising will be lesse then at first may be feared: If ill Planets aspect both the Significators, viz.. Lord of the ascendant and Lord of the 7th, the Partnership will be ill for both, neither the one party or other will deal fairly; see where, and in what house or houses the evill Planets are posited, and from thence you may discerne the cause: I have oft acquainted you with the signification of the houses: an evil Planet in the ascendant, the Querent is a false companion; judge the like if an evill Planet be in the 7th.

If the Moon separate from one Fortune and apply to another, they will begin well and end well, though neither of them get any Wealth; but if she be separated from a good Planet, and apply to an ill, they begin well, but end in strife and hatred; and so the contrary: but if the Moon be separated from an ill Planet and apply to another, they will begin Partnership with muttering and repining, continue it with feares and jealousies, end it with Law-suits.

A good Planet in the 10th, shewes they will obtaine reputation, and will rejoyce and delight in their mutuall Society.

A good Planet in the 2nd, best for the Querent; in the 7th for the Partner.

An ill Planet in the 2nd, or South Node, the Querent will get little, but be cheated, or entrust much, and get in few Debts.

If the Lord of the 4th apply to the Lord of the 11th by Sextile or Trine; or if a good Planet be in the 4th, or if the Lord of the 11th and 4th be in Reception, or if good Planets cast their Sextile or Trine to the Lords of the ascendant and 7th, a good end may be expected by the Partnership intended: observe the

Part of Fortune, how dignified, how aspected; if the Lord of the 7th or of the 8th cast a Square or Opposition to it, the Querent must expect no great good from his Partner, for it's like he will embessell the Estate, or their common Stock.


Whether a City, Towne or Castle, besieged, or to be besieged, shall be taken or not.

The ascendant and his Lord are for the Querent, and those that doe or shall besiege; the 4th house shall signifie the Towne, City or Fort besieged, or to be besieged, the Lord thereof the Governour; the 5th house, Planets therein, and his Lord, the Ammunition, Souldiery and Assistants the Governour and Towne may expect to relive or assist them: [in the Town and are in Garrison.] If you find the Lord of the 1st strong and fortunate, or joyned to the Lord of the 4th in the 1st, or with the Moon or Lord of the 10th, or in any house except the 12th, 8th, and 6th, conditionally, that the Lord of the 1st receive the Lord of the 4th, or the Moon receive the Lord of the 4th, though she be not received againe, it's an argument, the Towne, Fort or Castle shall be taken: or if the Lord of the 4th be in such houses as behold not the 4th, (except the Lord of the 7th be in the 4th, then it will not be taken;) if the Lord of the 4th be with the ill Fortunes, and impedited, it's probable the City shall be taken, and the Governour wounded, or if Infortunes be in the 4th without some strong aspect of the Fortunes, It will be taken, or can it hold out long, or there may be treason in Towne: If South Node be in the 4th, it will be taken, and there will be some goe about to betray or deliver it, or some principall Work or Fort therein; the Signe shewes which part of the Towne; nor doth the Governour think himself able to preserve it.

If none of these Accidents or Configurations before rehearsed be, then have regard to the Lord of the 4th; if he be in the 4th strong and fortunate, and not Retrograde or Combust, or besieged of the Infortunes, or if the Lord of the 7th be there, free from all impediments, or if Jupiter or Venus or North Node be therein,

The Resolution of and no reception between the Lord of the ascendant and 4th, then the City, Fort or Towne at that time surrounded or besieged, shall not be taken or delivered to the Army now besieging it; nay, if there be both a Fortune and an Infortune in the 4th, the Towne shall not be taken, if the Fortune be neerest to the cusp of the house, or first of the two Planets which shall transit the degree of the 4th; and this you may averre with greater confidence, if the Lord of the ascendant be any thing weak, or a light Planet and unfortunate; but if the Lord of the ascendant be fortunate, and a Fortune therein, and he or the Moon behold the 4th house, it notes surrendring or taking the City, Towne or Castle besieged: but if he be unfortunate and otherwayes impedited, and an Infortune in the 2nd, or the Lord thereof Retrograde, or in Square or Opposition to the Lord of the ascendant, it signifies the Querent's Souldiers will desert him, and will not continue the Siege, they have no mind to the work, or the Querent wants to fit instruments or materials for a Siege, or his Ammunition will not come opportunely, or the Souldiers will depart discontented for their pay, or their duties are too hard, so that he may expect no honour at this Siege.

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