Chap Lix A Lady if marry the Gentleman desired

Judgment upon the Figure above-said.

The true state of this Ladies cause stood thus: A Gentleman had been a long time an ernest Suitor unto her for Marriage, but she could never master her affection so much as to incline to Marriage—thoughts with him, but slighted him continually; and at last, to the great discontent of the Gentleman, she gave him an absolute deniall: After which deniall so given, she became passionately affectionate of him, and did sorely repent of her

The Resolution of folly, and so churlish a carriage, wishing she might againe have former opportunities. This was her condition at what time she propounded the Question unto me.

The ascendant and Sun are for the Querent; Saturn Lord of the 7th, is for the man Quesited after, The Querent was moderately tall, of round visage, sanguine complexion, of a cheerfull, modest countenance, gray eyed, her haire a light browne, occasioned, as I conceive, by Sun Lord of the ascendant, in the Termes of Mars, she was well spoken, and sufficiently comely.

Finding Saturn in an angle of the South, and in Conjunction with Mars, and both in Taurus, a fixed, earthly Signe, I judged the corporature of the Quesited party to be but meane, and not tall, or very handsome, his visage long and incomposed, a wan, pale or meagre complexion, dark haire, or of a sad, chestnut colour, curling and crisp, his eyes fixt, ever downward, musing, stooping forward with his head, some impediment in his going, as treading away, &c. [ this was confessed.] Finding Saturn so, as abovesaid, elevated, and in Conjunction with Mars, I judged the Gentleman to be sad, angry, much discontented, and scorning his former slights, (as ever all Saturine people doe;) I judged him much incensed by a Kinsman or Gentleman of quality, signified by Mars, Lord of the 3rd, in part, from the 7th, and of the 4th, being the 10th from the 7th; and that this Gentleman and he lived either in one house, or neer one another, because both Significators are angular and fixed, [and so it was,] I said the Gentleman had no inclination or disposition unto her, finding the Moon separated from voyd of course, and applying to Opposition of Sun, Lord of the ascendant, it did agrue there was small hopes of effecting her desire, because she her selfe, by her owne perversnesse, had done her selfe so grand a mischiefe, Whereupon she told me the truth of all, and not before, and implored my directions, which way, without scandall to her honour, it might be brought on againe, if possible: and indeed she was lamentably perplexed, and full of heavinesse. Hereupon, with much compassion, I began to consider what hopes we had in the Figure: I found Sun applying to a Sextile of Saturn; this argued the womans desire, and the strength of her affections toward the all manner of QUESTIONS.

Quesited, because she is signified by the lighter Planet; but there was no Reception betwixt the Significators, therefore that application gave little hopes: but finding Reception betwixt Jupiter and the Moon, and betwixt Sun and Moon, she in his Triplicty, Sun in her House; observing also that the Moon did dispose of Saturn in her Exaltation, and of Jupiter in her House, and that Jupiter was very neer a Sextile Dexter of Saturn, still applying, and not separated; as also, that Jupiter was in his Exaltation, and a fortunate Planet ever assisting nature and the afflicted, and that he was able by his strength to qualifie and take off the malice of Saturn: besides, the neernesse of Jupiter to the Sextile of Saturn, made me confident that the Quesited was intimately acquainted with a person of quality and worth, such as Jupiter represented, whom I exactly described, and the Lady very well knew: Unto him I directed to addresse her Complaints, and aquaint him fully with her unhappy folly: I positively affirmed, in the Gentleman described she should find all honour and secrecy, and I doubted not but, by God's blessing, he would againe revive the businesse (now dispaired of) and bring her to her hearts content: But finding that Saturn and Sun came to Sextile aspect the 27th of the same moneth, I advised to hasten all things before the aspect was over; and also gave direction, that the 19th of June neer upon noon, the Gentleman should first move the Quesited in the businesse: and my reason was, because that day Saturn and Jupiter were in perfect Sextile aspect..

My counsell was followed, and the issue was thus: By the Gentlemans meanes and procurment the matter was brought on againe, the Match effected, and all within twenty dayes following, to the content of the sorrowfull (but as to me unthankfull) Lady, &c. In Astrologie, the true reason of this performance is no more then, first, an application of the two Significators to a Sextile, viz the Lord of the 7th and 1st: Next, the application of the Moon to the Lord of the ascendant, though by Opposition, yet with Reception, was another small argument; but the maine occasion, without which in this Figure it could not have been, the application of Jupiter to Sextile of Saturn Lord of the 7th, receiving his vertue which Saturn did render unto him, and again transferred to the Sun Lord of the ascendant, he, viz. Jupiter, meeting with no manner of prohibition, abscission or frustration untill his perfect

The Resolution of

Conjunction with the Sun, which was the 29th of June, so that no difficulty did afterwards intervene, I did aquaint this Lady, that very lately before the erection of this Figure, her Sweetheart had been offered a Match, and that the Gentlewoman propounded, was such a one as is signified by Venus, one not onely of a good fortune, but excellently well descended: I had her follow my directions, with hope and expectation of a good end, and told her she should not fear his marrying of Venus: Which judgment I gave, by reason Mars was neerer Venus then Saturn, and so interposed his influence, or kept off Saturn. I judged Mars to be some Souldier, or Gentleman that had been in Armes: this I did the more to enlighten her fancy, which I found apprehensive enough. She well knew both the Gentlewoman and man, and confessed such matters were then in action.

Had the Quere been, Who should have lived longest? certainly I should have judged the woman, because Sun is going to Conjunction of Jupiter, and Mars afflicts Saturn by his presence.

Had she demanded, Whether the Quesited had been rich? I must have considered Jupiter Lord of his 2nd house, whom I find in his Exaltation, Direct, Swift, &c. only under the Sun-Beames; I should have adjudged his Estate good.

For Agreement, because Sun and Saturn are applying to Sextile, I should have conceived they would wel accord; yet doubtlesse Saturn wil look for much observancy, for as he is ill by nature, so is he vitiated by Mars, and made thereby chollerick as well as melancholly, so will he be naturally jealous without cause; yet the gentle Sextile of Jupiter to both Mars and Saturn, seems by education, to represse that forwardnesse naturally he may be subject unto.

If it be demanded, Will the Querent be honest? I answer, her Significatrix, viz. Sun, is no way afflicted by Mars: her Signe ascending being Leo, and Reception betwixt Jupiter and Moon, are arguments of a vertuous woman.

In this nature you may examine any Figure for discovery of what is necessary, &c.

CHAP. LX. If she should marry the man desired?

The Judgment.

The Querent was of tall stature, ruddy complexioned, sober, discreet and well spoken, &c. The quesited was very tall, slender, leane, and of a long visage, black haire: His talnesse I attribute to Jupiter, as being in the Termes of Mercury, and the cusp of the 7th being also in his Termes: and indeed the being of a Significator in the Termes of any Planet, doth a little vary the party from his naturall temper and constitution, so that he will retaine a small or great tinture from that Planet according as he is dignified: The sadnesse of his haire, I conceive to be from Jupiter his aspect to Saturn, and the Moon her Square unto him, being her selfe subterranean.

Mercury is here Significatrix of the Querent, Retrograde, under

The Resolution of the Sun-beames, was in some distresse and feare that the Quesited would not have her; and she might and had some reason for it, for Jupiter was in his Exaltation, and neer the Sextile of Venus, an argument the man stood upon high termes, and had been tampering with another; yet were both Significators in a Semisextile, and in good houses, from which I gathered hopes, that there was some sparks of love betwixt them; but when I found the Moon seperating from Square of Jupiter, and carrying his light by a Trine aspect to Mercury the Lord of the ascendant, and he in an angle, receiving willingly, by his Retrograde motion, that her vertue which she brought from Jupiter. I was confident the Match would suddenly be brought to passe by such a one as Moon was, or represented by her, who did much interpose in the businesse, and who at last, with a little difficulty, produced the Marriage to effect, to the content of both parties.

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