Chap Liv Of Buying and Selling Commodities

The Buyer is signified by the Lord of the Ascendant and the Moon; the Seller by the Lord of the 7th, see if the Moon be joyned with the Lord of the 7th, the Querent may then buy the thing or Commodity he desires, and this quickly; if the Lord of the ascendant be a more light Planet then the Lord of the 7th, the Querent will occasion the sale of it, & e contra, if the Lord of the 7th be the lighter Planet: if the preceeding Significators have no aspect to each other, behold if the Moon or some other Planet transferre not the light of the one to the other, a Friend shall then appeare who will drive on the bargaine for them both, so that the matter will be done: In this manner of Judicature, you must distinguish what you are to buy; as if a Servant or Sheep, Hogges, Coneys, &c. the 6th house and his Lord are then considerable: if it concerne Horses, Asses, Camels, Oxen or Cowes, Judgment must be drawn from the 12th house and the ascendant: if a House, Towne or Castle, then the 4th house and his Lord, and so consider in any Commodity..

If the Lord of the 7th be in the ascendant, the Seller will importune the Querent to buy; the contrary if the Lord of the ascendant be in the 7th, for then the Querent hath most mind to buy: if either Jupiter or Venus be in the ascendant, the Buyer performes his work suddenly without any labour; so if the Sun be in the ascendant, and not corporally joyned to any other Planet; if Mercury or the Moon be in the ascendant, not infected with the evill aspect of an Infortune, they fortunate the Buyer, and he performes what he intended; Saturn, Mars or South Node in the ascendant, argue labour and difficulty, and that the matter will all manner of QUESTIONS.

not be had without much labour, & that the Buyer is a cunning companion, and means deceitfully, and will deceive the Seller, if possible: if the Infortunes be in the 7TH, have a care of the Seller, he will find out one trick or other to delude the Buyer; he is a crafty Fellow, &c. If the Moon be voyd of course, unlesse the Significators apply strongly, there's seldome any Bargaine concluded, or Commodity at that time, and yet both parties wrangle, and have some meetings to no purpose: If the Planet from whom the Moon separates enters Combustion, he that sels his Land or House at that time, shall never recover them againe: but if the Planet from whom the Moon did last separate, be free from misfortune, and beholds the Lord of that Signe from whence the Judgment, or thing in question is required; it's then possible the Seller may in time repurchase the Lands or Commodities againe, or others of as good value.

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