Any man committed to Prison whether he shall be soone Delivered

[You must know your ascendant exactly, and what relation the party enquired of hath to the Querent, &c.]

Behold the Moon, if she be swift or slow of course: if she be swift, it shewes short tarrying in prison; the contrary if she be slow of course: if she give her strength to a Planet in the 3rd house or 9th, this shewes he shall soon come forth of prison; if she give power to the Lord of the 9th or 3rd, and be not in one of the angles, idem: and as you judge by the Moon so judge by the Lord of the ascendant.

You shall also note, that the Quarters of Heaven in the Figure, are of great strength and force; for the Significators in Quarters feminine, doe signifie a swift going out, the other more slow: so also common Signes shew a time betwixt both; for is the Significator be in one of them, it signifies he shall be imprisioned againe.

If you find the Lords of the angles in angles, he shall not come out of prison; and so much the worse, if the Lord of the ascendant be in the 4th, or that he give power to the Lord of the 12th, or the Lord of the 12th to the Lord of the ascendant; and yet worse, if the Lord of the ascendant give power to a Planet being in an angle; which if he be an ill Planet, it's so much worse; if it be the Lord of the 8th house, he shall dye in prison: If the Moon give power to the Lord of the ascendant, it's an evill Signe; and the worse, if a Planet being in an angle, and slow in motion; if he be swift, it diminisheth part of the evill, and shortneth the time.

Every Planet that is Retrograde, sheweth slownesse: If the Lord of the ascendant be Combust, he shall never come out; or if he be not then received of the Sun, he shall dye in prison.

Of the Imprisoned.

Moon and Mercury in movable Signes, aspecting a Fortune, or Mercury in aspect of a Fortune, notes enlargement: this is when Mercury is Lord of the ascendant.

Jupiter in the ascendant, or Mars or Moon at time if Arrest, or Venus in the ascendant with the Moon, or Mercury with Jupiter, aspecting the Moon, or Moon applying to Jupiter or Venus notes enlargement.

The Dispositor of Moon in aspect with a Fortune; any of these notes he shall be delivered in a short and convenient time.

If a Question be asked for a Captive or Prisioner.

Behold the Lord of the ascendant, and if he be separated from the Lord of the 4th house, or the Lord of the 4th house from him, it signifies he shall quickly goe out of prison: if the Lord of the ascendant in separating himselfe from the Lord of the 4th doe apply unto a Fortune, and he himselfe remove from an angle, it is a more sure and certaine signe that he shall escape and come forth of prison; when the Lord of the ascendant shall be in Cadents from the Angles, it is likewise a signe of escape.

If the Lord of the ascendant doe escape himselfe from the Sun, or if the Moon shall be existent under the Beames, it signifies escape and that especially if he be in the King's Prison.

If at any time any of the ill Signs, viz. fixed, be ascending at the house of Imprisonment, or when the Question is taken for the Prisoner, or the Lord of the ascendant or Moon be unfortunate in any of these Signes Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, it signifies long time of imprisonment, or in danger thereof by quarrelling: If the same Infortune be Saturn it signifies great Tortures, Irons, and grievous punishments, amongst us it notes wants, hard measure, small or no mercy, sicknesse: If an Infortune be in the all manner of QUESTIONS.

two latter Signes, it signifies long endurance in prison, but shortest time if in Pisces. If the Lord of the ascendant be cadent from his House or his Exaltation, and Moon in Aquarius, it signifies long imprisionment: The Lord of the ascendant or the Moon in the 8th, doe signifie the same. If Mercury be with any of the Infortunes, he addeth evill and misery to the Incarcerated, and an ill end to the Prisoner.

To be short, there can be nothing better to be wished for the Prisoner, then if the Moon be in her wane, descending unto her Septentrionall part, and applying unto Fortunes, and the ascendant and his Lord fortunate.

Note also, that Venus is more to be wished for the Prisoner then Jupiter, and delivereth sooner out of Prison; especially if she be joyned in signification with the Moon or Mercury: If the Moon be with Saturn, and Jupiter behold them with a Square, and Mars with a Trine, it signifies that after long imprisonment and misery, he shall break prison and escape.

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