All manner of Questions Chap Xciii A Horse lost or stolen neer Henley if recoverable or not

Mercury Here Lord of the 12th signifies the Horse whom you see Retrograde, & hastening to a Conjunction of the Sun, Lord of the Querent's House of Substance; forasmuch as Mercury did by his Retrograde motion apply to the Lord of the Querent's house of Substance, and that the Moon was locally in the 2nd and both Jupiter and Mars Retrograde, neer the cusp of the 2nd, I judged the Querent should have his Goods or Horse quickly and unexpectedly, within a day to two from the time of the Question asked; and because the 7th house was afflicted by South Node, I judged the Thief could not keep him.

I was asked, Which way he went? I considered the Signe of the 12th was Gemini, viz. West; the Signe wherein Mercury Lord of the .12th was in, was Aquarius, viz. West; though the quarter of Heaven was South, but much inclining to the West; and the Moon was in Leo, a North-east Signe: Besides, Mercury as he was Lord of the 4th, was in a West Signe. From whence I concluded, the Horse was gone Westward; but because Mercury was Retrograde, I judged the Horse would not proceed farre, but return againe to his proper owner; [and indeed the Horse did come home three dayes after, and had been full West.] However, I judged the Horse would have been at home a day sooner; but who shall more exactly consider of the Scheame, shall find, the Mercury Significator of the Horse, although he came to the body of Sun Lord of the Querent's house of Substance, the same night the Question was

The Resolution of asked, yet because the Sun had no Dignities where he was, the Horse came not home untill Wednesday or Thursday the 13 th or 14th of January, at what time Mercury and Venus came to a partill Conjunction.

I must confesse, here were many good significations that the Querent should recover his lost Horse: first, North Node in the ascendant: next, Moon in the 2nd, arguing he should be discovered: thirdly, Mercury Lord of the thing lost Retrograde, importing a returning of the thing againe casually: fourthly, two Retrograde Planets upon the cusp of the 2nd, which usually shews quick and unexpected recovery; Jupiter and Mars peregrine, I took them for those that rode away the Horse, Jupiter especially; [and it was very true.]

Wee must first consider if Mars Lord of the 12th afflict Mercury Lord of the ascendant, or if Mars afflict the Moon; or whether Mercury be Lord of the ascendant and 12th, or if Saturn Lord of the 8th doe mischieve the ascendant; for without the Lord of the ascendant or ascendant itselfe, or the Moon be afflicted by the Lord of the 12th, there's no strong Witchcraft: Here finding the Moon going to Opposition of Saturn, both Planets in the 6th and 12th houses, it gave suspition of Witchcraft, and there seemed to those that asked for the Querent some reason for it, in regard

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