Prisoner escaped out of Prison which way he went If Recoverable

The person of the Prisoner is represented by Sagittarius the cusp of the 12th, and Jupiter in Leo.

The way he went and intended to go, is from the Signe of the 12th, viz. Sagittarius, and the Signe Leo wherein Jupiter is.

Quarter of Heaven & Sign where Moon is in.

All of them considered, they signified unanimously that the Prisoner would goe Eastward, or Ful East; [and so he did..] The neernesse of Moon to the ascendant, shewed he was not yet out of Towne, but Eastward from the Prison he brake out of; at least, that he could not be farre from Towne: and as Jupiter is in the 8th house, so I judged he lay obscurely for a while, viz. a night, but then would go away; [so he did.]

I confidently affirmed, he should be recovered againe, and taken by some man of authority; for the Moon separated from Trine of Jupiter his Significator, and applyed to Opposition of Sun, both in angles; for it never failes, but if either the Moon or Significator of the Prisoner or Fugitive be afflicted by an infortunate Planet out of the 7th, but that the Fugitive or Prisoner is againe taken.

In the next place I found Jupiter and Mercury in Sextile; Mercury in his owne house, and applying to Jupiter, therefore I judged the Querent should have newes of the Prisoner by Letter, or by some young man within six or seven dayes, or when the

Significators came to a Sextile aspect, which was six dayes after. The truth is, the Friday after, he had a letter where he was, and the Sunday after apprehended him againe by authority, &c. This manner of judgment is the same with that of Fugitives, (Consideratis, considerandis.)

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