A LADY of her Husband imprisoned when he should be delivered

Judgment upon this Figure.

This Question belongs to the 12th house; Jupiter Lord of the 7th signifies the Ladies Husband, in Cancer Retrograde, lately, or the day before, in Trifle with the Sun, the Moon applying to a Sextile of Saturn, Retrograde, then to a Trine of Jupiter, with a most forcible Reception; from hence I made not many words, but told the Lady, she should neither care to make Friends to his

Majesty or any else for delivery of her Husband, for I was assured he either was or would within three dayes be discharged of his imprisonment, by meanes of a Solar man, Commander, who would release him and furnish him with what was convenient for his necessity. The very truth is, he was released, and the Garrison where he was prisoner taken the same day before the Question was asked, by an honest Parliament-Colonell, who plentifully relieved him with Money, and all convenient necessaries .

Jupiter In Exaltation Retrograde, in a movable Signe, in Trine to Sun, short imprisonment, because Sun is Lord of the 4th, and in so perfect a Trine.

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